Scam letter(s) from Sofia Chyrchenko to Gilles (France)

Letter 1
Dear Gilles ! Thanks your good letter. I was interested with your life. You live really good and worthy life. And me it is pleasant that you find time to write letters for me and to be interested in me. Probably we want from a life of the same? We can try. You can call with me as. My number of a mobile phone + 38 096 348 67 80 You are achieve end purposes. I very much liked your letter. You to interest and are frank. I shall answer with frankness, as. I live to Kiev with my daddy, his second wife and my brother (from the second family). My mum and my sister with two children live in other city. My sister is more senior, she has 33 years. I work as. I work in a beauty salon. My trade the manager, I work with cosmetic production, I select the personnel, I conduct records and I use the best efforts for comfort of clients. It very much to interest. I like my work, I am the social person. I spend my week-end with friends. We walk, we sit in cafe, we go to cinema, in a sauna. Sometimes I visit discos as. Sincerely. Sofiia.
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