Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Bekoeva to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!!! How are you doing? My name is Tatyana. I am 32 years old. Live in Russia, city Kazan. I am cheerful woman, and like to do many things as sport, camping, go to the cinema, theatre etc. In a word I like to do all what like all people. I work in shop.
My dream this travel abroad. I know the english language well enough.
I began to study english language approximately one year ago.
I wish tell to you history which have pushed me write to you. 7 months ago I have got acquainted with the man from other country by name Anthony . During this time we had good relations. We have understood that our relations become serious and we have decided to meet in his country.
I wrote the application for reception the visa.
I waited reception of the visa approximately half of year. All time I kept in touch with Anthony through the internet and often called to each other. I and Anthony waited reception of the visa to our meeting. I have received the invitation from the ambassador for reception of the visa.
My director has given me long-term holiday from work and I have gone to Moscow to receive the visa. I informed good news to Anthony , but he has answered, that does not want our meeting.
He played with me. He has informed that has the wife with two children and at all has no plans to meet me. I was not ready to such turn of events. I could not think what even after one year of acquaintance he can so unscrupulously act with me. Now I am in Moscow
trip to Moscow and reception of visa. I do not want that all was gone for nothing and will be glad if my visa will be useful to our meeting.
I could arrive already through 4-5 days, but a problem in that that now I have no man which would like my arrival. Probable it will silly sound but if you will be interested in a meeting with the good woman I shall like to meet you sometime soon! As Anthony was dishonest with me I have decided to find the man which is interested to meet the woman from Russia. I do not know your ideas about my letter, but it would be fine if we could meet and have some weeks or months together. On my trip I want to receive rest from my work and a life in Russia. Also the basic purpose for the future it is search good men for serious attitudes which go to a marriage. I have no children, but I want to have children in the future.
I am the mature woman and ready to creation of family with good man. I do not know what you really search in the future but if we could meet I shall be happy to discuss with you more about our meeting. What are you going to do this time? It would be fine if we could meet, do friendship or more than simply friendship. I shall be happy if you also have a free time and we could meet soon. I do not know your interests, but anyhow write to me back and I shall tell to you more about myself.
Write to me all that you want. Maybe we have similar plans and it will be interesting to us together. You can write all that you want. Ask any questions which interest you.
Write to me back and I shall tell more about myself and send more my photos.
Have a good day, Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Chris!!!
How are you doing? I hope that all perfectly. I am very happy to receive your letter and to see that you really to be interested in my first letter.
Really it is very interesting to me to learn you more.
I would like to tell to you about that I really lonely woman and I very much would like to have acquaintance man for serious relations.
For this purpose I addressed in agency of acquaintances and gave them my letter. To me tell that I can really find man through their agency and they allowed me some e-mails. I choosed yours and it's very pleasant for me that you answered for my letter. I hope that we can learn more about each other. I'm understand that you is interesting where I took yours e-mail, but now I can not tell you it precisely because I not have contact with travel agency, and agency in Kazan and I'm in Moscow now, and I can receive the visa. It's good for you?
What do you think?
I want to have acquaintance with good man very much.
I have some questions for you.
How there is your life?
What you to think about our meeting? Would you like that I can arrive to you during a week?
I wish you good day and success.
I wait for your letter.
Your friend Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello Dear!!!
How are you? I hope, that all good.
It is pleasant for me to receive your answer.
Thanks you. It's very interesting and important for me!!!
Dear, I am pleased if you also want our meeting.
I will be happy to arrive to you!
I was in embassy and the ambassador has informed me that November,26 I will receive my visa of visitor. After reception of the visa I can fly to USA.
But we should discuss some things before our meeting. It so???
For example: what dates it is better for our meeting. I can arrive already November,26-27. It is good for you? These dates the most comfortable for me.
I have money for purchase of the ticket.
I have holiday from my work. I can stay with you for 2 months.
What you think of it???
I will be happy stay together with you. We will learn each other better.
If you want, that I stay in your house I will be glad to this very much.
It will be more economic for me.
Ok, November,26 I will receive the visa and can fly to USA.
Also I should know in what airport I should to fly.
It is the important detail for our meeting. I am right???
Well, I wait your answers to my questions and we may plan our meeting.
Also, I can buy the ticket in 2 ends, but for purchase of the ticket I should know date of return flight.
You inform time how many want that I remained together with you?
Ok, write to me more ideas about our meeting. Ask me all questions which you want.
I send some photo of me. I wait with impatience of your fast answer.
Letter 4

Hello Lovely Chris!!! I'm very glad to receive your letter. Thanks you.
It's very important for me.
Lovely, yes, we should learn more about each other.
But, I think also that 1000 letters can not replace 1 meeting. I'm right?
I will buy the ticket of the plane with adjustable date of return flight to Russia and I can take flight to Russia at any time.
I freely can move over territories and if we will decide to take trip far from city I will be happy to go everywhere where you will take me.
For me it is interesting to look beautiful places of your country.
Our countries have set of distinctions.
I think that I will be under constant impression as the small child.
I'm sociable woman with easy character and outlook on life.
I love the noisy companies, but also like to be on a nature.
I think that you have many beautiful places there.
After reception of the visa I will buy the ticket of the plane.
When I will have the ticket of the plane I will inform the full information of my flight.
I will inform you number of flight and an arrival time.
What we still should discuss before our meeting?
I am happy that we will together soon. Inform more ideas for our meeting.
I am excited our meeting very much and I wait with impatience of the moment of our first meeting. Ok, write to me few the information on you.
I think about our meeting constantly.
Letter 5
My dear!
Excuse me that I so long can't write to you!
I all day collect my things and prepare to receive my visa tomorrow!
Tomorrow I will have very difficult day!
I am very tired now so I want to go to bed because tomorrow I need many forces!
Tomorrow early in the morning I will go to embassy to receive my visa!
After that I will write you my dear and tell you everything!
Sweet dreams my dear!
Love Tatyana
Letter 6
Hi dear, Today I had difficult day. I received the visa today, but at reception of the visa there were some difficulties. When I have come to embassy the ambassador asked the many questions. He has asked a question on that who will bear the responsibility about me when I shall be in the USA. I informed to him that I can take care of myself itself. He has told that knowledge of English language it insufficiently to be in safety. The ambassador informed me that I should have relatives or the guarantor to fly in the USA. I informed the ambassador that I have no relatives living on territory the USA. I have told to the ambassador about our correspondence with you, but he has told to me, that we should be familiar long time that you could take the responsibility for me and informed that it will not work. The ambassador has found a way out of this situation and informed me that the guarantor for me can be the the insurance company which works with embassy. He has told, that in my situation it is necessary to insure my travel and then the insurance company will bear the full responsibility for me in territory the USA. It was a unique way to receive the visa and I went in insurance agency. After I have insured my travel I went in embassy and the ambassador have given visa to me. Reception of the visa is really difficult process. It takes many the efforts and money. I had money for purchase of the ticket of the plane and additional 300 $ for residing at the USA, but the insurance document costs 920 $. I could receive the visa, but now there are difficulties in that that now I have no enough of money for purchase of the ticket of the plane. It is a pity to me to inform, but I cannot arrive to you. I have money but to buy the ticket of the plane to me it is necessary still approximately 650 $. To me spoke that reception of the visa is difficult process, but I really did not know that it so difficultly. I was before a choice in which it was difficult to make the decision. Unfortunately I at all had no time to ask your advice, but I think that I have made a correct choice. I have made all necessary to fly in the USA and we could be together, but now I do not know can be we together or not. I want our meeting very much but to fly to you to me it is required approximately 650 $. I have got used to cope with difficulties independently, but unfortunately it will be really difficult to cope with this problem independently. To fly to you to me it is required approximately 650 $ and I want to ask your help. I want to meet you and to have bright days together, but without the help I cannot fly in the USA and we cannot meet. I would be happy to fly to you, but I want that you have understood that for me is necessary help. If you can help me, please transfer 650 $ through Western Union. To me informed that Western Union is unique system of remittances through which possible to send money from the USA to Moscow. I understand that we know each other some letters to speak about money, but I hope that you understand my situation. I do not know, that you think of my letter, but I hope that I have made a correct choice. This your decision. I hope that my letter will not push away you and you will not throw me in such situation. Please write to me as soon as possible, Love Tatyana
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