Scam letter(s) from Natalia Allure to Gino (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello again my dear Gino, how is going your day today? How are you? I am so-so! I have a problem..... to me have told that everything is ready for the visa and I can receive it at any time, but the problem in..... I should have proofs of my solvency. I should have a minimum 50 euros for each day of stay in your country. I should have travel-checks at the rate of 50 euros for each day of stay there! I should prove that I have money to be in Belgium for my holiday. This is necessary conditions for reception of the visa................... I do not know why to me have not told about it before in agency?!?! I should show that I have 50 euros for each day of stay in Belgium! If I will come to you for 30 days, I should have 1500 euros!!!! I very much worry about it and I do not know what to do now! To me have explained that this money is necessary for having only for passage of customs house to your country, I should prove my financial ability. To me have told that nobody will take this money, this money does not need to be spent, this money is necessary for the proof of my solvency. But I can not find this money in such short term! And I am in confusion! I think I should cancel my trip........ I am very upset... I very much wanted to meet you..... I thought of it each second! I am so disappointed....
I should come back home, because I can not come to you.................................. I am so sad.................. I will go now. Please take care!
Kisses!!! Natalya
Letter 2
I can not even take the credit in bank here in Moscow, because I am from another city..... What I can do???? I know that 1500 euros is only formality but where I can find this big money??? I can not find 1500 euros therefore I can not come to you... I am in a panic, I will lose all my money spent for trip, I am very much disappointed. I have made all to be with you! Now I write to you and I understand that I have no another choice, I can not prove my solvency... I do not see sense to be here... I think I should come back home... All seems against me and my desire to see you... I really do not know what to do...
Letter 3
Hello Gino, how are you? I am so-so, I slept just 3 hours today.. I think about our meeting all the time... I so want to be with you... I do not know what to do.. I can not find money here in Moscow, therefore I can not have the proof of my solvency. Oh, I am so very upset... I'm so angry about the agency!!! What you mean??? I do not understand you! Hm... to play with someone's feelings????? you play with my feelings????? or what? How you can speak me about games when I am in this hard situation? I should have proofs of my solvency! But I can not find 1500 euros in this short time! I very much want to be with you!... It is too late for me to cancel trip.. I will lose all money spent for trip.. I do not want to lose them and I want to be with you!!!!!!!!! I have paid services of agency, I have paid cost of passport, visa and I have paid ticket. I have spent about 700 euros for travel!!! And I do not want to lose this money! Now to receive the visa I only should have proofs of my solvency for stay in your country (1500euros!) I should not spend this money. If I will cancel trip I will lose 700 euros.... I very much want to be with you and I want to have serious real relations with you!!!! We have the correspondence for a long time and I saved money for this time and now I do not want to lose an opportunity to be with you!!!!!!! If we will not meet now, I do not know when we will be together. Because it is not so easy to save money, I know you understand me. I want to see you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waited this for a long time! I am so sad.......... And I have been disappointed to receive just a few senseless words from you instead of elementary support.....
Bye, lonely Natalya
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