Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Mardanova to Sandro (Italy)
Letter 1

My name is Lena. I am interested your person. And I think that we could try to learn each other better. I have many interests. I shall not write much about me here. But if you are interested my person. I could leave to you my e-mail address. I shall be glad receive news from you. And I think that we could continue to learn each other there... My address I shall wait your answer soon. Lena
Letter 2

Hello Sandro
Thank you for your first letter to me. I am glad that you show interest to me. And I hope that we shall have acquaintance with you. My name is Lena. I am 29 years old. I think that in this letter I shall speak you a little about me. Then you will know more about my person. My height is 171 centimeters and my weight is 54 kg . I live in Russia. name my city is Kazan. I have work. I finished university of trade. And now I work as manager on sales female cosmetics. I have interesting work. And I like my work. I have many interests. For example I love sports and good rest. I try to hold my body in the form always. Because I like to look perfectly. I have no any family here. And and so I started search for my future man from other country. I have my sister. But she lives in other city. And we are see each other seldom. My parents were died some years ago. And I would like meet my man that in the future I could leave Russia. Because much to remind me about my past here. And about my parents. And it happens awfully sometimes. I have good girlfriend. she is person who many years were near me. she is person to whom I can trust on 100 percents. And we are together always. You know, I would like meet the correct person. With which we shall continue our life. I think each person have his second half in the world. And I hope I shall meet my man. I like animal (dogs of a cats ). But I have no any. I spend my basic time on work. But I have 2 days off. But I like spend my free time for rest. I like to read, look DVD TV. I visit special rates for improvement my English. I learned English in university. And I can speak English freely. I have no phone. Therefore I ask do not ask me about it. If we shall decide speak on the phone sometime. I think that I could call you from the public phone. I like visit pool frequently. Also I visit sportshall two times in one week. I think you can notice it on my pictures. I would like warn you at once, you should not ask me to do porno picture for you. I shall not do it. I have many pictures of me. And I shall try send you each day new. I think that I shall finish on it. If you have questions, you may ask me and I shall answer you with pleasure. I wish you good day. And I shall wait your answer soon. I hope that you have interest to me after this letter. And we can continue. I shall wait yours the letter Elena (lena is my short name)
Letter 3

Hello Sandro
I was very glad receive your letter today. And I hope that it's not last letter which I receive from you. I am fine today. and what about you? how are you today ? I hope everything is alright with you. I am glad very much, that we begin acquaintance with you. And I shall be glad, if we can continue. I did not want spend my time vainly. And I hope that you are serious person. In this letter I would like speak you a little about my plans for the future. You know, I would like meet good the man. I think that it is dream each woman. I am not girl already. And I think that I should have reliable and serious man in my age. I respect some qualities in the man. 1 I am respect honesty. If man is honest, then relations will be a success. 2 trust. I think that all relations should have trust between the man and the woman . But I think these 2 qualities, which men are respect in the woman also. I present my man so. He should love and respect me. And I shall be mutual with him. I shall give him mutual love. I would like give myself completely to my man. I am not against if my man will smoke. I am smoking itself. And consequently I am not against. I began to smoke when my parents died. It was heavy time. And then I started to smoke. that to cope with my stress. And I hope that my man will not be against if I shall smoke. And even if he is not smoke, I do not want that he to forbid to me to do it. I would not want that my man to use alcoholic drinks much. I think that alcoholic drinks can be drunk in holidays, or for a raising of mood. I do not like when man is drunk as if a hose. I live in Russia many years. And I saw much drunk people. And it no better quality. Russian men have weakness to alcohol. I would not like have relation with Russian man because the most of Russian men do not respect and do not appreciate woman. I would like that my man have feeling of romanticism. I am romantic woman. And I like to dream. And I hope my future man will be romantic also. I like when man is able court after his lady. And I love when man to do it beautifully. I do not speak about expensive gifts or about money. I do not like when man tries to buy the woman. I am not prostitute that man to buy me. And consequently I do not like when man tries to show his love with the help his money. for me is important his relation to my person. That as he will show his love. For me it is important that man have inside. His soul - not his pocket. because a lot of men are think, that if they have much money - then any woman will belong to him ... No.. It not so. I hope that we with my man shall have understanding in all. If we shall decide to build family then it is important for me that my man have reliability . he should be able to keep and appreciate his family. Children.. if we shall want children, I will not against. But I would not like hurry up with it. I do not know, may be I want much... But I think that it is elementary things. And if man has serious intentions then it is real qualities and things which I would like to see in my man. And I shall give to my man all what he) want. I like to travel. And I shall be happy, if we shall do travel together with my man. But it will be that person to whom I can entrust my life and my love. what about sex. Yes my man will receive full sex. Because I love sex. And I would like, that man could to satisfy woman. And then our relations will be ideal. I think when relations have 1 honesty 2 trust 3 understanding 4 prosperity 5 respect 6 romanticism 7 sex - then relations will have big success. I am ready to do all for my love and for my relations . But I would like that man to do also many things for his love. because if one from partners don't doing anything for relation then relations can not have success. For good family and for good relations needs efforts two person. And I am ready to do all for my relations . And if my man will do all for our relations. Then we can build good family. And then we shall have a lot of happiness. And we shall enjoy our relations only. I forgot to tell, when two persons try to do relations. relations is fluent not always. And I think that sometimes between man and woman could quarrels. I can not forgive my man never if he to raise a hand on me. Russian man can strike woman easily. And consequently I do not respect Russian men. And if my future man will try to strike me or try to raise a hand on me, I can not forgive it.. I think that if man - the man then he should not offend the woman physical never. Well.. I think that I shall finish this letter.. . I hope that you will be glad read these things about me. And I hope that it is real things which I would like to see in my man. And if you are interested continue our acquaintance I will glad only. I shall send you some pictures of me. And I hope you will love it also. If you can send me some pictures of you, I shall be glad to see it. Now I wish you good day. And I shall finish here. And certainly I hope receive your new letter. Lena
Letter 4

Hello dear Sandro
I was glad read your new letter for me. And I am glad that we can learn each other all better. I have received your new letter, and my mood became better. Thank you for words which you write to me. I am glad that our interests to coincide. And I think that we should learn each other better. I would like speak you some more about me. So that you could know about my life here. I working 5 days in week. As all people I have days off. My work consists in distributing as much as possible female cosmetics. I think that structure of this business is known for you. I work in network marketing. And my earnings depends from me only. All women are need in cosmetics daily. And I have big commodity market. Also I involve other people who wishes to sell cosmetics. And I receive some interests from it. I come in office each day. And I am engaged with orders. By which to do many women. I order cosmetics and when I receive cosmetics, I give it to the customer. I receive 15 percents from each bargain. And then more orders I have , then more my salary. Also I have 5 percents from each new worker. I think that it is not difficult , but Quite normal work. I like that than I earn. And I have career growth. I spend my basic time for a work. I should know all novelties which invent on factory. And I should give to women all new and interesting to them. And then women are doing much orders. I give catalogue to women in which they can see assortment and prices for cosmetics. And everyone women is choose what kind of cosmetics in which she needs. Evenings I spend in houses usually. I finish my work in 18 00 evening. And I come back home, and I wait when come back my girlfriend Tatyana. we cooking supper, and then we look DVD. I visit sports hall 2 times in one week. And 1 time in one week I visit swimming pool. I go in for sports, because I like to look beautifully. And I look for my body. I like play tennis. But in Russia is rather expensive pleasure. In summer when it is warm, we with Tatyana to go on lakes. And each base for rest has tennis court. I love volleyball also. Earlier I had run each morning. But I have learned that it harms for heart more than to give benefit. You know, I shall be glad, if you will tell me more about your life also. I think that we should know many things about each other. My days off I spend miscellaneous. I think that I shall speak about my days off in the other letter. I wanted that you knew little more about my work and about that I do each week and each day. If you will have some questions then you can ask me. And I shall answer you in my following letter. I wish you good day. And I hope to receive your new letter soon. Kisses from Lena
Letter 5

Hello there Sandro
I was glad receive your new letter today. And I want tell thank thank. I am glad that we are continue to write each other . And I hope that we shall learn each other better in each letter. A thank you for good words about my picture. I shall send you more pictures. And I hope you will be glad see each my picture. I thought, what I can tell to you about me still??? I think that you will be interested know about how I spend my free time. You know, I have poorly free time. But when I have free time, I spend this time perfectly. Usually, I finish my working week. And we with my girlfriend Tatyana to go in cafe. We go in cafe frequently. You know, I spoke you that I like to be engaged in sports. Usually I have a training hall and pool in a day off, I look behind my figure. And I am engaged in sports frequently. In current working week, I visit a sports hall also. But in day off I have more occupations. After a sports hall and pool, I love to visit cinema or something else. We with my girlfriend to go in cinema. Also, if we have novelties in a theatrical hall, we go there. I like theatre. But we are more often spend free time of a house. We look DVD and to drink coffee. also I love visit a sun deck. I love when my body have of sunburn. And I hope that you like it. I have much different interests. I like read in the evening before dream. But I give not enough time for reading. Because I get tired much when I finish work. I like ski. And we with Tatyana to go on a ski resort. It is near our city. Usually we visit this place 1 time per one month. Because this rather expensive pleasure. Therefore we can not visit it each day off. You know, I am glad that I can speak you about my life. And I hope that you will ask me some questions. And then I can inform you more about me. I shall be glad, if you will write to me still letter. And we can continue. I shall finish here. I hope that you will write to me back soon. I would like know about you more also. And I hope you will tell to me about your life also. I shall wait yours answer soon.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Sandro
thank you for your new letter to me . I am also so glad when i see your new letter in my e mail box. and I am glad that we are learn each other all the better. and I hope that we can learn more about each other, I was not in Italy never, I think that it's beautiful country and I will glad see it one time. I want tell you more. What concern my individuality. I want that you knew some features of my character. You know I have got used be the leader. There is no it does not mean that I want be the chapter my family. I think that the head of the family should be the man. But I the girl which to have rather difficult character. I have got used when people to carry out which they give the promise to me. If you will be that that to promise me then you I to wait should know that performances of this promise. As I like to argue. Not on trifles. Dispute in good sense of this word. I can challenge you in this or that action. If I feel that I can challenge the person then I do it. But if I know that I shall be not right in relation that men, it means that I shall not argue. my character and age I love dances. Is not present not constantly. But I would like that my beloved danced with me. Even if we to not go restaurant or on a disco in club. I like to dance even houses. And if the man will show mine such care to me, I am thank him very much. Not all that I would like speak it to you about me. But it is a small part of my private world. You will learn much about me in due course. You know I shall speak you more about yourself in each letter. To that knows. Probably at us really good relations will turn out. Also there can be sometime we shall meet in the person. Dear I would like to hear your voice as. And I have huge desire speak with you. Yes now people have cellular telephones much. But while I think that we shall keep in touch only on mail. And if you not against, we shall write only letters. But sometime later, we shall speak necessarily. I hope as this letter was pleasant for you. Now I say goodbye to you. And I wish you good night. Good-bye Lena
Letter 7

Hello my Darling !!!
How are you? I hope that everything is alright with you ! I am very glad read your letter again. I miss you Very strongly. I am so happy when I have Opportunity to speak greetings to you again! It - such remarkable To know what feeling you have for me. It so is fine!!! always I am happy when I read you letters you letters gives pleasure to me .. frequently I re-read your old letters. And everyone causes in me so much Pleasures.. Yesterday I have carried out one idea. I have unpacked some Your letters on the printer. And now I carry them with myself everywhere. Now I can read them at any time. And it does me more happily! I am very happy that we have met. I seemed that I simply existed before acquaintance to you. But all my life has changed when you appeared in it. You Has forced me to begin a new life - the present life. You are always Near me. You live in my heart. I think about you! I feel You. Every day brings to me more and more pleasures and Happiness. With each letter we are learn each other more and more. We do happiness! And only our life depends from us.. My Darling My Dear I am miss you very strong. And I am sure that you are man who remember me always Thinks you. And you are dear for me. Because you are closely for me! And I becomes very good from it. I wait for your letter with Impatience. Take Care of yourself. Kisses!!! Only Yours Lena.
Letter 8

Hello Sandro
I did not receive your letter already long time. And I do not know what happened. May be you do not want to continue our acquaintance. Maybe you were ill. May be you in travel in this time. I do not know it, because I did not receive yours mail long. I can think that you lose interest to me. But I am not sure precisely. I want write to you this small letter. And I hope that you will receive it soon. I hope that we can continue our acquaintance. And who knows what will be farther. But if you do not want have acquaintance with me. Or my person do not arrange you in what that parameters or attitudes . I ask you inform me about it. Then I shall not wait for news from you never more.. I shall be glad, if you explain to me some reasons why you did not write to me. I hope that it will be not difficult for you to write me the letter. Because I shall wait your letter with impatience. I hope that everything is alright with you. I wish you good day. And I wait your answer very much. Lena
Letter 9

Hello my dear Sandro !!! How are you? I have not so good mood .. Weather became worse. today was small snow. And in the street cool weather. today I have put warmly on my body. I am pity that You are not together with me. I would be warmed in your embraces. What weather do you have ? II receive mail from 2 men also. But they are .. I don't know words that tell you. I am not interesting in relations with them. I want that we with you learn each other better and who know may be we can love each other. you know I want so sun. yesterday I have come home after Internet-cafe and looked from a window at the sky .. I liked one star. It is near to constellation of the Big she-bear. I have named its your name. now I will look at it before dream every night . Also I shall think about that you too look on it. And we shall be more close to each other. It will be ours star with you !!! Do You agree that this star will our star? I hope you will see on it too. Today I shall look at it again. I have lead all day today on study as always. I have a rest at home and in the evening I visit Internet cafe to write to you the letter. I feel that I cannot live without you. I am glad as the child when I see your letter. I read it with big interest. Our correspondence helps me to live. in my life appeared new stimulus. When I come in Internet-cafe and I receive your letter My heart is beaten faster. And this condition covers all my body and soul!.. I think about us with you destiny is reduced. I had never such feeling in my life from dialogue with man. May be because I have not been strongly in love never in anybody .. And now I feel that something in me varies .. I am grateful to you very much for our correspondence with you. I have such strong enthusiasm!!! I think of you constantly .. All the day! How do you think what it means? You have the same feeling? Now we have bad weather .. It I wrote you already in the beginning of letter. I write it because my mood has improved! I write you letter and I feel as my soul starts to be pleased! I want to see you really so strongly .. But we live so far from each other .. I hope that we will meet with you sometime.. And we can talk with you. It is a pity that I have no phone. I would like to talk to you .. But it is impossible .. would you like see me really? Now I have gone home. I shall look from a window at ours star with you ! And I shall think about you .. I miss very much .. hope that tomorrow when I shall come to Internet-cafe I shall see your message! And I shall have fine mood! I wait your answer very much.. I kiss you very strong !!! I live with ideas about you! .. Bye, my darling!!! Kiss-kiss-kiss!!! Your Lena.
Letter 10

Hello my love !!!
How are you? I hope that all perfectly. That at You today new? How has passed your yesterday? That has delivered To you pleasure? What you has not pleased? Tell me.. To me it very much Interestingly. To me all is always very interestingly that concerns you. Very interestingly!!! I very strongly miss on you! When I wake up in the morning that the first idea Which comes in my head... IT YOU!!!! And this idea does not leave my head all the day long! And then I lie down to sleep. And you pass in my ream. In My fine dream. We together in this fragile dreamland. Therefore I 24 hours per day can safely tell that we together!!! Let even not in Real life. But together!!! And I would be very happy if this fairy tale will turn in a reality! I am sure that we became most Happy people on a planet!!! You too so think? Today I hav come from work at once to Internet - cafe. I have decided to come here on foot. I went about an hour. Because to go very far. I went and thought of you! As our attitudes quickly develop... I do not know why so it turns out. Because I had no never in a life of serious attitudes. I at all had no never strong love. Because I had no a number of the person... Which would be my related soul. And now I have understood why I have fallen in love with you! Because you my related soul!!! Therefore I have got used so to you! Simply it is important for me that you knew that I love you! And I Very much I want that we were together. My darling I am very strong I miss! But I believe that we shall be together! And then all will be excellent! I love you!!! I with impatience wait for your letter! I love you! I kiss you! kiss-kiss-kiss!!! Your Lena .
Letter 11

Hello my love !!! My heart is overflown with tenderness when I read Your letters. Thanks for that that I have you!. And thanks for that that you do me happy. All that is connected to you does me happy! We sometimes do not appreciate that that we have. But it not about me. I know that I have you! Only one mention of your name forces mine Heart to beat faster. You have presented me many fine minutes. But I hope that it only the beginning.. I believe that ahead of us expects many the fine moments. And I want that these moments last eternally! And I am happy from these ideas!!! I can take my holidays when you want. may be very soon don't know now. Many people do not trust in the present love.. They Speak that it is a myth and hat the present love is not present. But I always trusted that It not so. I always knew that there will come the moment when I meet the love.. I Trusted that of which meeting of the person I shall grow fond more than a life. Also that it Will love too me.. Also it will be ready for the sake of me on all.. I always knew that Heart will prompt me where my love. Speak that is necessary to listen to the heart. And it Never will deceive you. And when I have learned you closer I have understood that it You. You which person I so long waited. We still more few Are familiar. We never saw each other! My heart has prompted me! It so is fine That I have you! And you have me. I love you! I and never spoke anybody this phrase. And I speak you it! Because I love you!! I never felt it! I recently began to understand that gradually I start to fall in love with you. My feeling of me has not deceived! I have fallen in love with you! I love you my lovely! I do not know as such it has turned out. I at all did not see you. I at all did not hear your voice. But I cannot live without you! There was a miracle! And I am again convinced that it is destiny! It is destiny that we with you have found each other!.. I have such good mood that I to you have admitted! I have opened to you the soul and heart! I would present you all! But it is a pity that we not together.. Today I have lead all the day long on work. For me such happiness that I at last have come to Internet - cafe. I even have come running. I have arrived on wings of happiness! I all the day long with impatience waited for your letter. I all the day long thought of your letter! To me even the reluctance to leave from here. Because here I feel rather happy! If the Internet-cafe costed more cheaply I would sit here till the night... Now it is time to me home. I very much love you and I tender kiss! I hope that I knowingly have opened to you the heart. I hope that my love not meek.. I shall wait very much for your answer. Also I want that has faster come tomorrow! Your and only your Lena. Kiss-kiss-kiss!!!
Letter 12

Hello my love !!! Thank you for your letter for me. Yes I am glad receive your mail also. And I am glad that you find time for me. A thank you for your good words about me. I appreciate each your word, which you write to me. And I am grateful to you, that we continue our relations . I would like present you 1000 kisses. And I hope I shall have such opportunity sometime. I shall wait your new letter soon. With love yours Lena
Letter 13

Hello my love Babino!!! I am very happy! You know why? Because I have you! I miss you very much on. Your letters give me Pleasure. In your letters I feel love and tenderness so much . It is So much Kindness and caress. It does me by the happiest on a planet! It gives me big rise of forces! My head is overflown so much with thoughts. thoughts about you! I have so many Feelings to you.. I cannot speak all my Feelings in words. I want To tell that I feel to you. I feel love! I feel that I love you so Strongly ! I did not represent that it is possible loving so strongly at all. I would want that you have understood. That you understand all my emotions and feelings. And I hope that you understand! My thoughts are difficult for expressing in the letter. But we have no other means of dialogue. And we are not together yet. I want to appear near you! I want feel you, to embrace you... I want that you knew.. You are all for me ! All the best is connected with you! You have appeared in my life Anywhere. we did not have any opportunity for our meeting may by we Will meet. But it has taken place! I think that this miracle! We are created for each other. Also there not such force which can separated us ! I believe in it... Speak that person is given birth for love. And I know that I can love only you. Because only With you I feel myself so happy ... When I think about you I have feeling of calmness. And I feel as for stone Wall. Because I know that you present man! I love you! I love you very strongly! And I miss you so strongly ! I hope that we shall meet sometime I will pray god that we meet each other because I love you so much ... I finish this letter there. I love you very much you are my best man in the world ! I shall wait your letter with impatience! Bye my darling! Bye my love! I very strong kiss you! I hope that sometime it will be a real kiss.. Bye! Kiss-kiss-kiss!!! Your Lena!
Letter 14

My love, I has forgotten ask you one question. Can I name you "my Babino". I name so my plush bear. It is my toy. With which I lie down to sleep each night. And my bear it always near to me. And when I shall be in a bed, I shall think, that it is you near me. I hope that I can call you "my love Babino" I love you And I wait each your letter for me. With love yours Lena
Letter 15

My love, I shall have my vacations very soon ! I shall go to the agency tomorrow and buy my ticket to fly to you ! What is the closest airport ?
I cannot wait to meet you, when we shall lie down in a bed together. And I shall embrace gently you. And we shall have love. We shall have so a lot of passions. I hall kiss you. And we shall love each other gently. We shall be fondle each other. And we shall have hot night.
Letter 16

Hello my love
My love, I am sad today, my mood on a minus, I have no what mood. And I did not want to write to you at all today because I should calm down all over again. I was in travel agency today. And I have nasty news, I do not know how begin it at all. I was in travel agency today. I learned much about travel to your country. I have some variants for travel. But the most good and easy it travel to you under tourist visa. This visa to receive easily. Registrations will borrow some days, probably 1 week. It not those bad news. Bad news consists that I can not pay this travel. When I learned cost of this trip, I sit down on a chair. Because I at once started think of to whom I can address for financial help. I had only one chance, it to ask money my parents. But how you know, my parents died some years ago ... I am in despair. I really do not know as I shall pay for travel. I have no this sum of money. I can not ask this money you. As I simply can not do it. But I do not know to whom to go for financial help. If I can not pay my travel it means that we can not meet each other in life. I cried. beads will not help me, I know it. I do not know that I should to do . I simply have nothing an opportunity to pay this travel. For this reason I have not what mood today. My dear, I did not think that this travel cost so many money. I am sorry about you. Because I gave you hope. And I gave hope to myself. But my dreams fall from for money. It is hurt to me speak about it. But as I have not money, I do not know that I shall do further. To have my travel high cost. And I was a pity to speak you about it. What we shall do now? My love, I hope that you will not leave me after that letter? I can not present my self , that I lose you. I do not want lose you, I can not lose you. My heart belongs you. And I want give you my love, and my heart. I hope that you will write to me soon. I do not want live without you. I thought that in one week we shall be together, but my dreams to fall. I can't allow to break money my and your happiness. My dear, I was bad now. I shall go home, and I shall cry in my pillow. But I hope receive your letter tomorrow. With love yours Lena
Letter 17

Hello my love
Thank you for fast answer. Is not present my love, I have no a credit card. And I have no bank account. You know, credit cards are not distributed in Russia. And do not know how use it. My love, I am pity that I should speak you this news. But I can not pay travel to you. I learned about visa in Italy. Unless is not correct? I would like meet you so soon. My love, but travel to you rather expensive. And I can not allow it myself now. I do not know what tell still. But may be you could help me pay this travel? I would be happy very much meet you soon. We could have good time together. and it will be best gift for my birthday I am not convenient to ask you. But I do not know as I shall pay my travel. I love you. I hope to receive your new letter soon. About love yours Lena
Letter 18

Hello my love
I told you in my firsts or second letters that i have no and I will not send naked photo I am not porno star. and if you want see my naked body you will se it when I arrive to you. I have sexy photo and i think that my pics is very beautiful. My love you know i want to be near you, and I hope that we can be together soon. i love you and we will have good time together. you know i will give you all my personal details and you can send me money for travel to you via Western Union. I received good recommendations about it . I will give all data which you need. and I hope that we will be together already so soon. it is my personal data for Western Union
country - Russia
City - Kazan
my address - Prospect Lenina 45-10
Full name - Elena Mardanova.
My love please tell me why you asked me naked photo ? you may see all my body when we will be together. My love you may see all information about transfer money there I hope that you may doing it soon. and we can be together. I love you so much. My love i can write to you tomorrow. also i will need in your personal data and secret code MTCN I love you . hope you love this pic Lena
Letter 19

Hello my love
travel to you will cost about 813 dollars USA I hope that everything will be alright and we will be together so soon. I love you my dear.
I wait our meeting so much and we will have a lot of sex together.
I will wait news from you tomorrow. I love you Lena
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