Scam letter(s) from Jacqueline Tudowski to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

hi there,how are you?
i would love to get to know you better..i am from poland and study in england for 2years,,i just finished i have economics degree.
i love to go at gym,i like to swim,also dance..
i enjoy cooking very much, Let's see....the type of relationship I am looking for involves many things.
I think the description on my profile is a good overview.
I'm not a game-player. I am looking for honesty and trustworthiness because if you can't trust your partner 100% then the relationship isn't going to work.
I want the person I end up with to be my best friend...someone who I can love and who loves me as much when we're old and decrepit than we did the very first day we met. I want someone who is my teammate...
that we can count on each other through thick and thin, no matter what twists and turns life throws at us. I want to be with someone who is fun, silly, beautiful, family oriented, etc
do you have some more pics? tell me your email address.
Letter 2

thank you for the pic... you look very nice.i love the ski too I have never been married and have no kids. I live in the Poland but now i am in london for a 2 years. I found that people over is more freinly and kind I have ever seen.I would like to begin concerning you more very much.Just for you to knowI really want to find the right person for me, whom I can spend the rest of my life. I guess you understand me, because it is very simple wish. I am very choosy, so I don't want to make any mistake in this search.
For the very beginning I would like to know everything about you.i am looking my best friend, soulmate and lover for life. I feel that I have alot to offer that special man in my life.
I am honest, sincere, loyal, I have a sense of humor, and I use humor to make other people laugh and feel good, and I use humor to help me feel good also.
here i send you some pics..I will be waiting for your letter very much.
I will be happy if you send me some more of your photos. please write me back.
have a wonderdul day...
Letter 3

hi baby
i am so sorry i didn`t write because i dont have time.. i was very busy with my work ..
how are you doing? you look very nice here i send you some pics i really want to come to visit you... what do you thing?
i miss you.. have a nice day baby
Letter 4

how are you? thank you for the replay.Now I work in not big firma as a secretary but I do not know yet who I want to be. My friends tell me that I beautiful but I do not know, I not always complacent of as I look Some times ego I wanted to became a fashion model. But it is very hard. And here for this is pay too much.i live with my is very difficulty for me. She is the best mum all over the world.My sister is here in london. she is married for 6 years. she has one chidren. My father was died. At the localed a millitary airdrom, where tested a millitary plans. My father was a pilot. I will never forget that morning when someone called from the airdrom and said that my father plan is got a crash.
At that moment I could hardly understand what is going on, it almost killed me. Me and my mother loved him very much. We had a very happy family.for me .After my father death we moved to my sister here in london, because my mother had a relatives there.
I would like to begin concerning you more very much.Just for you to knowI really want to find the right person for me, whom I can spend the rest of my life. I guess you understand me, because it is very simple wish. I am very choosy, so I don't want to make any mistake in this search. For the very beginning I would like to know everything about you. My plans are very serious. When you write me , you can ask me about everything which you are interested about. .here i send you some pics with my sister and her husband and my mother.
have a wonderful day
kisses and hugs.
Letter 5

Hi baby, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but i had limited access to a computer. First of all, let me thank you for this e-mail, is it a poem or a story? Did you write it? If so, impressive, you have writter inclinations. Now, also thank you about your kind words and condolences, and the story about your familly really touched me. You seem like a nice familly guy and that is what i'm looking for. To answer your questions:
1. I was involved in a couple of relationships, one of them "serious", at least i thought so. I caught him with another girl and that destroyed my trust in men.
2. My last name is Tudowski.
3. The nicest thing someone ever did for me, was to help me come to the UK to study.
4. I would consider an adventure a trip around Congo and the Amazon, that is an adventure...
By the looks of it, you really have a hard job, and i don't know if i could ever do it, but i guess it takes a strong guy to handle this and i appreciate what you are doing.
You are flattering me with all the nice comments about me, and you make me blush .. what more can i say, you know how to impress a girl. I have closed my profile because i have found what i was looking for, YOU! I have a strong feeling that we will get along real nice. I would love to come to the US and visit, i asked around and it is quite expensive for me, around $1300 US visa and tickets. But i got a dream and maybe i can get this money. Hopefully i will get to meet you, your familly, your friends. I would love some pictures with you in your army uniforme. I'm quite tired right now, so i'll go and take a shower. I will eagerly wait for your e-mail! Lots of kisses and lots of big big bear hugs for my baby!
Letter 6

Hi sweetie, sorry for not replying to your e-mails for a day, but my computer had some problems and i had to get someone to fix it. I loved the pictures, you look great in uniforme, it suites you. You look like a strong man, one that can protect his loved one, and make her feel safe in your arms. I will try to reply to all e-mails you sent me.. so wait for the other replies :) kisses and lots of hugs!
Letter 7

I forgot to tell you in my previous e-mail, that i am sorry to hear what your wife did to you, and i personally hate that kind of womens, if she didn't love you, why she married you? anyway, i really hope you got over this. It is a very nice thing what you are doing for your familly and i will love to be a part of that movie, if you also include recent moments. Your mom's seems to be a nice person, and i would love to meet her one day. Maybe we can cook something together and maybe.. i don't know... i may be silly, but if we'll have a future together, your mom can bake the wedding cake It got the goose bumps when i read about your mom's accident, it was a real miracle that she escaped unharmed. i have to more messages to reply to, don't worry, i'll get back to you with replies to the other 2 messages you sent
Letter 8

These stories are amazing and i can't stop wondering, where do you have all this inspiration from? i'm starting to fall for you...
Letter 9

Well, now that i've got my degree, i am planning to become a company manager, but it is hard as i have no experience, but i hope that with some good recomandations i will get a job at a good company. What can i say about my familly, my sister is married here in London and has a little girl, my neice, Anna. My mom, she is a nice person, she currently doesn't work, and she does most of the stuff in the house, such as cleaning, laundrying and shopping. I have a good relation with my brother in law, he is a smart guy and a gentle person, he is the perfect guy for my sister. About the pictures, some were taken at a party, where mom celebrated her birthday. The one near the pool was made at the house of one my friends, a work colleague, Sarah, the best friend i ever had sine i came here. She is the one that understands me the most, and we talk about you all the time :) i drove her mad with my stories and of course, after reading her the stories you wrote, she figured out that you are a nice person and that we would make a great couple. I would love to visit you sometime, but i don't know how that will be possible, as financially i am not staying that good... but i keep my dreams, as no one can take them away from me... i'm going to eat now, so i'll eagerly wait for your message.. lots of kisses to your and your familly, all the best to your mom and dad!
Letter 10

hi sweetie
good morning .i want to wish you a great day..
this weekend i will not be able to write you til sunday i will be at my aunt in manchester..miss you..i will write you sunday when i got home.i wish you a great weekend and be good!
kisses and hugs
Letter 11

hi baby how are you? i am so sorry honey i am sorry i couldnlt write you a longer email but i was busy with work and i was not able to write you as much as i wanted to..:( want you to know that i am very serious about forming a long relation with you..i am very serious and sincere about us and you are the only one i want in my lifeI trust you and believe that everything will be fine because you are my prince and I am your princess. I close my eyes and dream about you. i see us together before the candlelight. It feels so right as I kiss you, caress you, and hold you tight. As you gaze into my eyes and tell me how much you love me, my kneew grow weak and my heart skips like a beat. honey i want to be with you.did you think about me?i have been thinking a lot about you also! you are very special to me soon do you think that we will be able to meet each other?i will come and see you if you can`t come and see me soon.i am so excited to come to visit you baby.i missed you so much.
sweetie i was checking with the embassy for the visa and they told it may takes around 6 month to get a visa..i asked my boss about that and he said he can help me with a bussines visa wich one it is easier to takes only 10 days..sweetie i can talk with my boss about when i can get off from work . i am very excited and happy..we will make our dreams come true i am very serious about us and i told you i am not writing to nobody else right now..i am thinking about you baby.
i wish you a great weekend and remember i am thinking about you..kisses
Letter 12

i with trembling heart waited your letter. Thank you for told all what you think. Thanks for your letter. You have written to me and it meansthat one more day I will be lived with good mood. I want to describe to you my day completely, since morning and tillthe night. At 6:30 rattle my alarm clock. I do not love my alarm clock. Becauseit so loudly rattle, that each time I jump as scalded. I rise with good mood because in dream I saw you. At 6:35 I go to a bathroom And I THINK OF YOU! I wash and I clean a teeth.At 6:45 I dress my sports suit, I go on street And I THINK OF YOU!
I jog. I run in the mornings always when it is not cold to support myself in the good form. When in the street coldly, I sleep till 7:00.At 7:20 I cook a breakfast, as a rule strong tea or coffeeand a sandwich. I drink tea and I THINK OF YOU!
At 7:30 I go to work. Usually, if weather good, I go on foot And I THINK OF YOU! I like to go on foot since morning. Air clean and fresh. To job I come vigorous and cheerful.
At 7:55 I go to a cabinet where works my girlfriend . As a rule she already on work at this time. If there is an opportunity I receive your letter. If the opportunity is not present I receive it later.
At 8:00 I start to work And I THINK OF YOU!
At 10:00 I go on street and I THINK OF YOU! I breathe fresh air of 10 minutes and come back to work.
At 12:30 a dining break. I go home for a dinner And I THINK OF YOU! I reach up to a house by a bus.
At 13:00 I eat and at 13:10 I go again for work And I THINK OF YOU! I go by a bus but I abandon a bus earlier, than it is necessary, to again take a walk on fresh air And TO THINK OF YOU!
At 13:30 I again work And I THINK OF YOU! (though in my work is impossible be distracted and think about something another except for work)(smile)
At 15:30 we with my employees do a small break and we drink tea for have a rest. I was not capable to drink tea because I THINK OF YOU! During the working day when there is an opportunity I answer your letter.
At 17:00 I go home. I go on foot, slowly. I feel itself perfectly because I THINK OF YOU!
At 17:40 I take a shower and I imagine that YOU WITH ME! (Smile)
At 18:00 I have supper, alone, but I smile, because I imagine that YOU SIT OPPOSITE TO ME!
At 19:00 I go for walk (but it happens seldom).I THINK OF YOU!
If I do not go for walk, I listen to music, I read the book, I watch TV, I knit, I make various homework And I THINK OF YOU! (of course not all simultaneously)(smile).
At 23:00 I lie down to sleep. Usually I fall asleep very quickly because I THINK OF YOU! Only do not think that all my days pass so. It is an approximate variant. Every day passes on miscellaneous.
But is that peculiar to each my day: IT'S MY THOUGHTS OF YOU!!!
Letter 13

hi baby how are you ? How is your family? How did you spend the week-end ?As for me, I was waiting for some free time because I can come to my sister to write you and tell you everything that I have in my heartand my soul. I consider you are my best companion and my best friend who I can share all my sincere thoughts. The most important thought is that I miss you very much.And now i found you there, you are so kind and heart-loving man !!! Man of my dreams !!! I like romantic intentions.I want to find in you the adherent, friend and husband.Baby I am dreaming about you as much as you are dreaming of me. I am really missing you. I think of us hand-in-hand standing there together and my body aches because I want you so much. Knowing that I have your heart,your hand,your devotion,your burning desire pleases me very much. i've asked around about this and everybody told me that i have to get a visa and if i travel with a visa i need to buy the tickets from here and show them at the embassy.
As you know, i am from poland and i need visa to travel to the US. So,the only way for me to get to the US is to buy tickets from England and also pay for a visa,which will cost another 1300dollars .I don't know how to tell you this, but i do not have this money. I would very much want to come to the US, i always dreamed of coming to the US but now it seems that i will not visit you for some time.I also asked my sister if she can help me, but she is having some problems of her own right now and cannot help me.i am so excited to come to see you baby, to see you family, you friends.
I will miss you, I LOVE YOU and I want to be with you for ever Thinking about you my love .
have a woundeful day baby. kisses and hugs
Letter 14

hi sweetie how are you my love?
ive been thinking alot about you last night when i went to sleep..
baby i guess we will need to get together and start our lifes together.
i asked my boss yesterday and he said i can get off anytime just to let him know with one week before i want to spend the holidays with you,what u think>?
my uncle told me that he can help me with around 250dollars do you think you can help me with the rest?
i am very excited to see you..
kisses and hugs
Letter 15

hi love
here i send you more and my mom was talking a lot about you..she cannot wait to see you..
i told her that we may get together and she wishes me the best love
Letter 16

hi love here i send you some more pics...
kisses and hugs
Letter 17

baby i want to come to see you and then to come back together to london..what u think? you don`t want to see me? :( i am so excited to come to visit you see your country. baby i told my mom i want to come to see you .tell me if you don`t want my visit. baby i really like you very much and i think we can have a nice future together.
have a nice day baby. kisses and hugs
Letter 18

hi baby
sweetie the visa normaly take few month to get it..but i told you my bos will help me to get the bussines visa in few days..less then one i can come in few days to see you honey i do have a passport sure..yes it is polish i can come there and we come back here after holidays what do you think? the visa it cost me nothing..i just need to buy the tickets..i have already saved 300dollars i need 1000more..
my mom name is sister is uncle victor and my aunt hellen my address is 6 WYLD WAY,WEMBLEY,HA9 6PS,LONDON,UK
sweetie i think i can go on monday to make the appointment at the embassy ok?
i miss you honey and i want to start our lifes together
Letter 19

hi sweetheart how are you?
baby the tickets and the visa included cost that much...
happy thanksgiving how was it? had fun?
ive been thinking about you a lot my parents are happy for me too..
i cannot wait to see you sweetie as soon as i can buy the tickets it will be more one week and i will be there what u think?you tell me when should i come and what should we do i will go at the embassy for the interview just let me know
i miss you
Letter 20

honey the visa it cost me nothing because my boss will help me..a normal visa cost a lot..i told you all is included because at the embassy i need to pay a fee no matter what..understand?
honey i told you that my uncle will help me with 300 and i still need around 900 ..that is what i told you baby..
have a nice day
Letter 21

sweetie how can you say that?
for me you are the most important right now..the money is nothing..i just want to be with you..not only letters..i want to start a life near you and to grow up near you my can you think that about me?
the money has nothing to do with my feelings..i really care a lot about you and i want that to work between us..
i am really sorry for asking you that but i was thinking this way we will meet soon..
anyway i will start to save the money and maybe meet you next year.....
i am thinking about you a lot..i told all my family about you honey..and i am feeling bad that you think that about me..i really care about you and i have strong feelings about us..
i would love to hear your voice
you can call me anytime honey
you have to dial 011-44-7040116646
kisses and hugs
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