Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Alistair (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi, Alistair, I am glad to get your letter again, every day we start to learn each other better and as I told you before it is very imteresting for me. Yours e-mails help me to learn more about you. Even if there are not a lot information about yourself. Thank you for the pics, I like it very much... Alistair, I will send you another picture of me tomorrow. I hope, you like it as the previous one. Please tell me more about your family. How many memebres is has? What is relationship between you and them? How often do you have time together? We have very close relationship among members of our family. As you know I live with my mother and futher. We live in cosy flat, which has three rooms, kitchen, balcony. I have my own room. I am the only one child in my family. My Father's name is Vladimir, he is 52 years old and he Works as a builder. He loves fishing very, this his hobby. My mother Olga, she is 48 years old. She has not been working for some last years and now she housewife. In the summer we go to the country to our relatives. During the winter I like to go skating and skiing. This good time for me! I want to tell you about the last expirience in relationshos for me, I think you would like to know about it... I had a boyfriend one year ago, we brouk up our relationship. I understood that we had differnt interests and views on life. I took quastionary in the online dating serice to try to find someone I will be able to make happy with me. I don't care the career and his money. I am looking for a man who are older then me because when the man is older so he has some relationship in his life already and now he knows how to treat woman and take care about her.. I will be able to give my heart to such man and make our family the hapyest family in the world. Well, I am going to finish this letter, Alistair, Write me what you think about all this and I will be waiting for the letter from you Natalya
Letter 2
Hello, Alistar, It is great that you read the letter I wrote you before and now you have imagination about my thoughts about relationship and a man I want to be with. Alistar, I usually don't tell to anybody about this and about what I think, but I wrote it to you, because I has desire to open it to you. I am rather independent woman, but anyway I need someone near me, a strong man who I will be able to share everythig with... I am really glad that you unterstand me, because I know that it heppen not often. I have no any sisters or brothers and I have no children, but I want have my own family in two children in future. My ex boyfriend did not want have children. Then I have learnt he slept with other women. I am not like shopping.... But I need do it some times... Alistar, well, it is the time I need to go, I promissed to my friends to see them today, by the way, I told them and my parents about you... Natalya
Letter 3
Hello my dear! I have read your letter and it was so interesting for to learn what you think about the things I wrote you in my previous letter. Our exchange of opinions is very inetersting for me and it helps me to learn you better and better. Thanks for answering to my quastions, I agree with you and feel the same. I will send you another pciture of me, it was taken by my girlfriend and now I want to show it to you. I hope you will like this one as well. I would be so glad to get some pics from you as well, please do it for me if you have a chance, OK? I want tell you that it is not important for me where live in city or country... It is not my horse on pic. You know I live in city and it is not right place for horse. And I have no so much money for buy horse... Alistar, I would to know how do you spend your free time, what do you prefer to do during this time. I consider myself activ person and I like have some fun with my friends. There are some things I like to do: cinema, dancing and parties open air sometimes. But very often I dream about romantic evening with someone very special for me, it might be just a walk in the park holding each others hands. I think it is very romantic. Do you think about such things? Do you like to spend cosy evenings in the company of your family. I like holidays and weekends and I like to spend the time with my family, my mother and I cook something tasty, and all my family gather together and have a nice evening. What do you sually do on holidays and weekends? Who cooks for you? Please tell me more about it? Alistar, excuse me for the quastion, but I really want to know it. Do you have a woman in your life now? I think that you are very good and nice looking man and you are very popular among another women, becaues I think I have a good taste and I like you... What is your private life now and please tell me more about this. May be you have something to ask me, something important for you, and even if you feel that you are not ready to do it, I will answer you honestly. Tell me more about your feelings and thoughts, I like when you tell me more about yourself. Wait for your letter
Letter 4

Hi my lovely, Alistar! I am so glad to have a news from you. Thank you for the pics, but I had so much problem with receiving it. I ask you don`t send me so much huge pics.... I like some pics... Sorry I could not send you the letter yesterday becuase I did not have aportunity to conect internet. I don't have PC at home and I usually go my girlfrend, she lives near me, but yesterdy she was absent. I hope that you have not lost me.... I am here. Today I was thinking of you at work, and I am very glad to know that I have a person I think about even if we are so far from each other. A man who thinks about me and who I can share my deep thughts and feelings. What about you, honey? Have you ever thought about this? Tonight my friends and I are going to go to the disco or night club, to have some fun. I am so sad that I don't have a chance to invite you to go with us becuae you are so far. I think we could have very nice evening together. Anyway, I hopw we will do it in the future and we will have very nice time together. I think we will drink some wine and then little dance. Well, I think it is the time I need to go home but I will be waiting for your letter like usulal... Kisses, your Natalya
Letter 5
Hello my darling, Alistar! Happy to talk to you again. Want to tell you something about yesterday evening with friends. We were in night club. First we had good evening and some champagne, then we were playng bowling and were dansing. I have many good impressions about this evening. Yesterday during this evening I saw that some of my girlrends were dancing and kissing with thir boyfriends. I thought about you and I so wanted you were with me. I imagine that you hug me and whisper many gental and beutiful words to me. When I see couples of loving people, I feel that I need someone special in my life more and more. And I want to ask you, when you are in the bar or club, do girls try to qcquaintance with you? Men usually trying to acquaintance with me, it is not for me because I know that they are looking for from me and, I need something very serious and strong. I often read your letters over and over and I think and hope that you are serious about me. Our comunication is not a game or something funny for me and I alwasys write you very important and honest things for me. You became very close person for me and I feel very comfortable talking to you. Can't wait to hear from you again. Very gentla kiss for you only
Letter 6
Hello my dear! So happy to talk to you again. I am very happy that letter by letter we are becoming closer to each other. I told more about you to my friends and parents first of all. They told me that they really waned and hope to see you as well. I told them that I like you and our comunciation is very important for me. They told me that they are very interesting about it and that they would be very happy if I will be happy with you. It was so funny, my father told me that one day he will meet you to russian fishing with him... I told him that I am not sure if you like to do it, he told me that you will like it, it is very interesting and nice time spending. Alistar, have you ever told to somebody about me, to your friends or family may be? What they think about it, I think that thir opinion is very important for you and I want you to let me know. What do you think about possible relationship between us, I think it would very good to spend some time together. It will help us too much to get to know each other. Honey, I would like to know, may be it wuld be possible to meet each other next month, Now we have aportunity only to write each other but I think it would be very important for us to see each other, to stay one by one. I want to look in your eyes, touch you and see what you feel being near with me. May be we can talk about it, what do you think? I will be waiting for you thoughts and opinion about it. your Natalya
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