Scam letter(s) from Natalia Agagina to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1
Salut le mien par le chemin!!!
Sont gentils excuse me pour cela que je ne t'?crivais pas une telle grande quantit? de temps.
L'affaire dans cela que je temps tout cela me trouvais dans l'h?pital et ne pouvait pas en aucune mani?re avec toi ????????.
J'avais des probl?mes avec la sant?. Je suis venue ? l'h?pital et l? m'ont annonc?
Que chez moi la maladie sous le nom la grippe.
M'ont exp?di? d'urgence sur le secours d'urgence ? l'h?pital et temps tout cela je me trouvais l?.
Quand je suis sortie de l'h?pital cela je avant tout est venue ? Internet du caf? lire ta lettre.
Je m'ennuyais beaucoup de tes lettres. Je compte que tu liras ma lettre et nous recommencerons avec toi les relations.
Maintenant chez moi tout est bon je compte que tu ? moi r?pondras bient?t.
Je compte que tu ??????? ? ma position et pardonnera de moi.
Je veux entendre sur toi bient?t tienne Natalya
Letter 2
Greetings my heart sugar!!!!
I etais tres pleased to meet you the letter today.
I am pleased always to your letters, my prince.. They take away always my mood.
As me was the big happiness to meet such person as you my sweet.
You etes becoming mine ideal mine etoile charming happiness. And I am pleased, that it
You have taken a place in my big and a heat feminin heart.
Love mine (mine), I cannot etre without you for myself, it begins more torture.
I want etre, close to you, want to feel your fragile contacts and kisses.
Please, receive news of you fragile words of love.
I am dear want me preparer, has our meeting. Of what you think, has it my prince sugar?
I think, that we have studied one (one) another deja enough, and it has come time of us
To pass to a stage (stadium) following our attitudes(relations).
At mine, road I today went (operated), there is a travel agency and to learn(find out), what has, it I was necessary
To do(make) documents that I could arrive to you and make with you time, it is good.
To me have told, that I should make the visa, the passport and confidence medicale.
Without these all documents I cannot arrive to you.
To me have told, that all my documents couteront 369 euros.
My dear when has, I have told, that my documents couteront 369 euros I am affligee, has time.
As I do not have such money in Russia 369 euros of it of money much(many) the large sum.
You could send me mine road if 369 euros for my documents I, etait tres satisfy.
I espere, that you to me expedieras bientot money and I can make all documents and arrive to you.
When I shall arrive to you, I will be available the happiest girl in all Russia.
I espere with which we with you shall be, contain bientot and we shall make with you significant time.
I think, that we can study the friend to the friend on ****** if we conduct we (result)((bring)) some beautiful together my time.
My love of you is tres very much and I am serieuse not one, if the girl to play games (complete sets).
I want to meet to you a lot of my prince. And I espere, that ours desirs nineo?aeiue.
At my love, you want me to meet, whether there are you batiments?????
On it I shall finish this letter.
I expect your my prompt reply, grow fond.
I send you it(him) to kiss ieeeaaou and strong etreintes.
With all love your sugar Natalya!!!!!!
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