Letter(s) from Alena Wegenewa to Andy (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Andy!

How are you? I hope fine! I so was happy to hear yesterday your voice, it is very remarkable that we could to have a chat with each other. I to look forward to today to go to the Internet-cafe and to write to you the letter. It should is very a pity to me that I was to speak you that I have a problem with my trip. I know that I to speak you that I independently to arrive to you and then we shall be together. I really could not know that I should have at myself the certain quantity of money to arrive to you to the country. Now I once again shall try to explain all. I have arrived in Moscow and at once I have gone to embassy that I could have the visa to an input in yours the country. I did not think that it to borrow so a lot of time, but anything terrible, yesterday I to have my visa. Then I have gone on customs to prepare all necessary documents. When I to fill documents the worker has approached to me customs and have told that that I could go to other country to me it is necessary to have at myself the certain sum. To me have told that it is the law for the Russian citizens which leave for other country, it is a guarantee for our state that I can provide myself in other country, that I can pay to myself a place for habitation and I can that that to eat when I shall be in other country. I have told OK not a problem I to have at myself 1300 American dollars and it will be enough that I could lead the holiday in other country. Then to me have told that it insufficiently, that my visa will work in current of 30 days from the moment of arrival and so I should have at myself 60 dollars for one day. It is necessary for me to have at itself 1800 American dollars that I could fly to you. I to speak workers customs that it very much a greater sum for me, that I cannot take such money, that to me will be enough 1300 that I could live in other country. But to me only spoke that the law is the law and that it one for all. They spoke me, that do not worry you should not spend this money you should show and have only at itself when I shall pass customs. To me speak that you can to take it from somebody and when you to arrive to another the country that you give it back and lose nothing. Then I did not know that to me to do and have decided to call to you to ask you about the help as I do not have other variants. My dear, I shall be very grateful to you if you to help me as I do not wish to cancel my travel as I very long prepared for it and I very much wish to see you in the person, I wish to be with you and the nobility is better than you. If you to send me this money that I shall buy at once tickets for flight to you and when I to arrive and we to meet each other in the person that I shall give back your money and we shall be together. Today I to go to bank to learn the information as you can send me of money. To me have told that the most reliable system of remittances is the system western union, it is very reliable system and it already exists more than 100 years and it is very simple in use. That you could send me of money you should know only my name, it is Ewgenewa Alyona, also you should specify the country Russia and then I can receive money in any nearest branch western union. For this purpose you should me give the full name which you to specify by transfer of money, the address and control number which will give you after departure of money. Also to me have told that you can take advantage web-site to transfer me of money, it is www.westernunion.com, there can be it will more conveniently for you. I hope that all will be well and soon we shall be together and we can see each other in the person. I shall find in the Internet-cafe and with impatience I shall wait for your letter.

With love, yours