Scam letter(s) from Kristina Maleeva to Michael (UK)

Letter 1
Please,write me back to my user name is kri_stinkaml after
r/ u/

tell me can you read It?
Letter 2
Hello my dear ****!!!
Thank for your letter. I am glad that you are interested me and you answered me. If to speak the truth am very interested in you. You know i use Internet for the first time and i have never had such experience, i mean talking through the Internet. I find it very interesting and i am sure that Internet unites people , who far from each other. You know, i like to talk to you and i am pleased to receive more information about you. Now it is important to know each other. You know it is good to communicate with each other. I am sure that communication will help us to be closer and find out if we really need to each other. Do you agree with me? Regarding your letter i feel that you are not like other. I feel that you are interesting , nice , frank honest and your heart is really opened for me. I really appreciate it. You know , i don't want to be with any man from my country , because our men stopped appreciate our women! They don't want to be polite and tender! it to speak the truth once, my heart has been broken, i don't want to feel this again. That is why i decided to search for love in the Internet. Is it bad? I don't think that it is bad or strange. Do you agree with me? I think that you are very good person and i would be happy to receive one more letter from you.Thank you for the poem! Did you compose it yourself?
It so speak the truth it is so beautiful!! it touched my heart very much!
Will send me more? Please do it!
I am looking forward to your letter.
Have a nice day
Letter 3
Hello Michael!!!
Thank you for your letter. Your letter really touched my heart, because i was waiting for it. More over it is very lovely. I like you very much and it is great that we can talk and learn more from each other. When you like someone , you want to build relations and try to be devoted, you need to talk as often as possible! I prefer to be as i am! I don't want to pretend. I like you very much and i don't want to hide it from you. Of course we should to communicate with each other in order to understand what we need. Do you agree with me? I want to tell you more about me! I hope that it will be interesting for you. My full name Kristina Maleeva.I live in Ukraine,city Lugansk,i live alone in a rent flat. My family live in Lygansk region, town calls Zimogorie.I was born on March,11 in 1982. I am 25.The next thing,maybe a little about my appearance:I'm 168cm ,and 52 kg., brown hair and hazel eyes!!!!!! About my family:I have my beloved mother and father . I am really close to my family, because this is all I've got now.The relationship between members of my family is really friendly and loving. Several year ago i graduated from university and now i am working as a hair dresser! I like my job , because i always need to create something new. I miss student's years. I am sure that student's years are the best and the most interesting. I like music,maybe except rap and heavy metal..some of my favorite is Barry White and Sting! I adore reading books. Specially about history and Egypt.By the way i have just read book calls the "The curse of mummies". Very interesting book. I also like sport and i am active person. I like to smile and my friends say that i have good sense of humor. Now you can read more information about me. If to speak about search. I am searching for love and my second half, i am searching for a person with whom i can share daily life, as problems as happy moments.I want to feel that i have a strong shoulder next to me and whom i can give all my love and care! I am a giver and it is important for me to open my heart and be devoted. My dear, maybe you are right person for me ? Maybe, it is destiny. Who knows...
Please write me back!!!
Hve a nice week-end!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my dear Michael!!!
I really glad to get a letter from you again, because like you very much You know , talking to each other , we are trying to know more and more. Is it bad? Of course no. We are far from each other and letter is the one way how to learn more from each other. When you don't see person it is easy to be frank and honest! As for me i prefer always to tell the truth! Of course, as you as me , think about the meeting, but first of all lets try to talk in this way! Ok? I always believe in relations between people through net but your letter convinced me more that it is possible to like person talking through the letters. it is wonderful that we found each other in this big world. I told you , it can be miracle and destiny. I truly belive in miracles! What about you? Do you belive in miracle and Destiny? When you meet somebody you like, everything changes and you feel like you are flying. You are happy just to be with this person who you like without any words, because you can read everything in his eyes! I dream about such relations and feeling and my heart is opened for love and it am ready for serious relations! I remember my last relations. it was full of lie, but i was blind I didn't notice that person whom i loved always lied me! I don't want to feel it again. I like you so much that i want to receive your letters everyday , more over i like the way you write me! Thank you for the flower! it is very beautiful!I fond of flowers! I like every woman! Do you like to give flowers? I yes! In any case it is not the main , more important what you feel and what you do!
Do you agree with me?
I want to wish you happy week!
With many kisses
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Michael!
sweetheart thank you for your letter. Please forgive me that i didn't tell you anything about your poetry! of course it is wonderful and i like it very much! it touched my heart! Did you compose it yourself? Please tell me. It is very interesting and you could write me one more poem i would be very happy to read it! I send you million kisses!
Write me back!
Your Kristina
Letter 6
My dearest Michael!!
Thank you for your letter. I am happy to receive it today!More over before week-end! I like that you talk about the meeting today! I don't mind to meet you here and February of march it will be good months, but don't you think that we should know each other better? I think that we should talk and continue correspondence, but today , my talk will be very serious and very important for me! Well sweetheart , i don't know how you will react on this letter, but i need to talk to you!The matter is there are a lot of girl from my country want to find men abroad. I think that you know this. I am lucky person , i found you , person whom i like very much,with whom i want to be!Sweetie , we should be together, but there a lot of girls who doesn't know English and then they turn to the translator firms. Please understand that our women are tired of the men from my country! Sweetie , i want to be honest right now , i also don't know English! So sweetheart , i also use the service of the translator firm. I paid for each letter which i wrote you , but it is not important. More important that now i don't have opportunity to do it and it makes me very sad! sweetheart , i want to ask about help! I know that it can sounds suspicions , because i suppose there are a lot of girl needs to use translator and pay for it. But I don't want to lose you! I want to be with you and continue this talk. I need you in my life. Sorry that i didn't tell you from the beginning, because i was afraid to lose you. My dear, please tell me that we will not lose each other! Please tell me that you want to help me and we will continue correspondence with each other!My love , i am looking forward to your letter. Please lets stay together!
Please answer me as soon as possible!
Your Kristina
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