Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Nikolaeva to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear,
I`m so happy now because i went to travel agency today in the morning, after i read your letter and i see that our meeting is not impossible as i thought before... They gave me answers:
1. They accept cash only, therefore I should pay for the ticket and necessary documents by myself...
2.I should sign the contract with agency on granting to me of services connected with this travel...
Under the contract they I make for me, all documents (visa, medical certifacate, foreing passport and insurance) and find for me the cheapest ticket...
I should pay these documents and ticket.
They will start to prepare it from the moment of payment...
They need 1 week for it....
When it will be ready i must go to the embassy for talking with ambassador
3. All what i must to pay it is 560 usd for all necessary documents and 640 usd for ticket.
I asked to find me "The special tariff for teacher" because i read some rule about it... At the moment of a prospective start i am not executed 26 year old and i am the teacher of High SCHOOL (Technical school) All what i need to make for it International Teacher Identity Card, ITIC If i will make, but they told me i can do it, i will have:
Functions ITIC
The international identification card of the teacher;
Discounts and privileges worldwide;
Free-of-charge telephone support service Help Line;
Home nursing of UNESCO. Discounts
Transport (including air tickets under special tariffs for teachers);
Residing (hotels, hotels);
A feed(meal) (restaurants, cafe, bars, pizzerias, oano ooau);
Leisure (clubs, theatres, cinemas, museums, showrooms, athletic fields, parks etc.);
Service (consumer services, insurance, health services);
Tourist services (excursion service, rounds); I want to write to you this ticket with price (tariffs for teachers) and route..
I want to write to you this ticket with price and route.. Moscow (MOW) - New York (NYC)
The price for 1 return ticket: $ 636,14 In total for 1 ticket: USD499,00 + USD137,14 = USD636,14
Start: Airline: Aeroflot flight: SU315
Departure: October 18, 15:35, Sheremetevo Arpt
Arrival: October 18, 18:00, John F Kennedy Intl Time in ways: 10 h. 25 m. Back: Airline: Aeroflot flight: SU316
Departure: November 18, 18:00, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrival: November 19, 11:05, Sheremetevo Arpt Time in ways: 9 h. 5 m.
I must pay for round ticket because it need for your country, if something will happen, i must have back ticket, but i know that nothing will not happen and we will be together, and we never will not lose each other...
But i told that i don't have this money and my friend can help me with it.... How can he give it???
They told me that i must to go to the bank and ask about it there....
I went to the bank. And i asked bank officer that i need money for trip to my good friend, but i am here and you are there.. How can he help me with it....
The bank officer told me that all what you must to do it is go to the nearest Western Union Office and send it to me... All what you must say it is:
"I want to send money to
Kseniya - first name
Nikolaeva - second name
Russian Federation, Nizhnii Novgorod"
And give there 1200. usd, it is all what we need for our meeting...
Only 1200 usd between us... this is all what you can make for you and me and for our meeting. I wish it so much, i wait it much day and now after your letter i see that you want it too...
And after it you must send me large number (code ot this transaction)....
Another information about you, i know.. You sent me before... Hahaha Well, write me please, what you think about it...
Well, i`m really trust that our meeting is possible, please, write me that it is really right...
I will go to my mom, and i will say her that i will date with you face to face, i like you so much, i know that my mother will be happy for us...
Dameon, write me that all will be ok... Our meeting with you is my dream now, it is so romantic....I want to be with you...
Yours Kseniya
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