Scam letter(s) from Eolina Gromova to Harry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Harry
You corresponded with Galina. You sent her several letters she told me. I thought for a long time if I can use your postal address. One day when I felt to be very lonely I decided to write you. I did not read your letters and I have only a part of your letter where you write your address. Galina told me that you live in Maryville, have never been married, have two brothers and work as a building contractor. Galina stopped the correspondence with you because she went to work on the Black sea in the dancing club.
When I say that I am a real lady I mean that I am not one of the women who sending photos of pretty women to get the man's attention. I am better in the life then on this photo. I would try to send you another photo.
My son is 14 years old. I am divorced with his father about 6 years. I am the designer of the home decoration.
You ask me what made my think I would like to correspond with you. It is very difficult question. I think we do not know where we can find our happiness. I think that you are sincere and open man.
We have to learn more about each other more quickly. I can call you. I am ready for this. When it would be better to call you? Also can you send me some money for newyear party and our correspondance?
With kind regards. Olga.
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