Scam Letter(s) from Marina Nowik to Joaquin (Spain)

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Letter 1

Full name: Marina Nowik
Address: Radyanska Street, 23/80
Settlement: Belogorovka
Country: Ukraine
Place of work: engineering plant
Occupation: storekeeper

Full name: Anna Lazareva
Address: Lenin Street, 33 ofice 30
Settlement: Belogorovka
Country: Ukraine
Place of work: translational firm
Occupation: head manager


I am writing to claim the current impossibility to continue covering my translational and Internet usage fees for writing to Mr. Joaquin, and ask you to forward the note to the e-mail address . So Mr. Joaquin is aware that I am under hard financial circumstances now and unable to get the account refilled. I believe that Mr. Joaquin is aware about the fact that I am truly interested in him ad I will be really happy to continue our communication.

With lots of respect,
Marina Nowik

Dear Mr. Joaquin,

You have just got the appeal letter Marina has brought to us today, if you are ready to assist your lady in her difficulties and have the account refreshed. Marina will be truly grateful to you. If not we will inform her about your lost of interest in the lady.

With hope for our further cooperation,

Head Manager BestTranslations
Anna Lazareva



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