Scam letter(s) from Kate Clement to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
hello Darling,
I was glad to read your mail.... sorry I sent you a pics you have seen earlier..... I just got the new ones to my PC....... it is my pleasure to send you some new ones and I hope you will love them........
I thought so much how lovely it will be to come to you and share nice moments together.... in this free time of mine... I hope you will take to beautiful places, give me all your attention and make me happy that i come to you.
I called the Heathrow Airport here to confirm the cost of the flight going through Chicago to XXXXXX by British Airways.... which is our airline here.... it cost $900.
there is limited seat so I will love to book and pay for the ticket earlier so that I can make my trip on the 28th of December.........
It will be ok that you send the money to me here through western union money transfer so that I can buy the ticket here without delay. it is safe I buy it here so that it can me confirm immediately.
The Information you need to send the money is my name and my adress:
Name: Kate Clement
Home address: 30 Park Row,
SE10 9LS

I hope you will get back to me soonest so I can begin proper schedule for my trip to you.
lot of kisses
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