Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Shamakova to Alfredo (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Alfredo
For me the large happiness to receive your letter.
I do not know, how you will treat this letter. Thank for your words of support when I read your letter that has understood that You never will disappoint me and I can be always sure and rely on you.
Now I have understood that in Raisa's words be no point as it is full lie.
You not such person as Raisa spoke me.
When we shall be together Raisa itself will understand that very strongly was mistaken when spoke such bad things about you, she recognizes the mistake and I am sure that her will be very a shame with it.
I hope, that you closely will listen and will understand me.
To me is very sad, that I have an opportunity to write to you the letters once a week.
I want to do it two, three or even five times per day.
Me very much pleases, that you as want our meeting.
Yesterday I have contacted to the company of travels what precisely to discuss with her all details of our meeting.
I have told him about that that want to arrive in USA and has told him about you.
The manager has told that the agency will help me and that all will be good. This agency works with the embassy in Moscow and many years is engaged in it. Now as to the visa. In agency I was told that with Russia and USA Have the agreement and therefore registration of the visa will not occupy a lot of time.
After all documents will be made out that I can fly to you.
USA Immigration will give to us two years and if we are married to me are allowed to become a USA citizen. Charges on registration of the visa will make 220 $ USD.
The sum will enter the following things:
1) Trip from Saratov up to Moscow by train.
2) Residing at the Moscow hotel during registration of the visa.
3) They has told that will take all work on registration of the visa on itself therefore as into this price enters
Payment of all services in registration of the visa and as consultation on all questions.
4) Passage of medical inspection. Alfredo, if that is fairly I was afflicted when has found out about cost as it is the big sum of money for me. My salary only 130 $ per one month.
As I have learned (found out) concerning cost of tickets. To me has told that under my visa it is necessary to buy tickets in both parties (sides.) They have offered me flight to 10-December and have told that which they may offer the cheapest flight. They as have told that if I shall order other tickets that it will cost more than 1000 $ USD
Also that it is the most favourable flight which at them was. It: 12:20 PM Depart Moscow(SVO)
07:30 PM Arrival Dallas(DFW)
Sat 10-December
Delta Air Lines 47 Cost of this flight will make 883,07 $ USD. The full sum for cost of tickets and will make visas 1100 $ USD, When I have heard this price that to me it became very bad.
I explained them, that Alfredo, he is that person without which I I can not to live, and I very much would like it to see, they have answered me, that anything do they may not, all of them understand, but rules are rules, on another in any way it is impossible, but they have told me, that I might ask this money to the visa for you, they me have told, that loving person should pay for the loved, I in him has told, that it slightly is not polite, but they to me have explained, that all of you will understand, I very much hope for your understanding.
In agency to me have told, that it will be the best to send me money through system of translations MONEYGRAMM.
They speaks that it very quickly and It is reliable. What to send money you should use my full name:
Nadejda Shamakova and my country: Russia.
Mine please be not disappointed in me as the god sees that I would do(make) all what to receive this visa And money for this purpose.
I have asked the mum to sell our garden, but She does not want it to do.
For me money do not play any value as it anything in comparison with love! If you tell That I shall sell the ring which I was presented by parents. It costs approximately 30 $ the American dollars.
It is the very large sum and I can not find her it soon.
My love I shall wait for your help tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. As you know all to me it is necessary 1150 $ USD.
As soon as I shall receive your money that I at once I would shall go to agency what to pay the visa and to reserve tickets.
And already 10-December we shall be together!!!
I constantly present our meeting. The first meeting this very significant event.
I see it so:
I fly in the USA airport also shall go from the plane. I carry a bag with a gift for you.
I look around many people and I search for you in crowd. Suddenly who that shouts to me Nadejda!!!!!!! Nadejda!!!!!!!!
I look there and I see you with the big bouquet of red roses. You run up to me, embrace and kiss me.
Also speak I love you Nadejda!!!!!!!!!!!!! From my eyes tears of happiness flow.
I whisper you we shall be together my honey!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we go to you home., you bear me on hands in my room.
And we are engaged in love!!!!!!!!!!
Alfredo, I will be very happy that in some days this dream a reality!
I to want be with you to become your wife and to be with you always.
And I very much want to arrive to you and to carry out with you a lot of time.
We shall go for a walk together, to talk about life, to have entertainments.
I dream of joint supper at candles, and then slow dance In your gentle embraces. I think, that you too dream of it my love.
I want to tell you, that at me such feeling, that I know you very long and for a long time.
There can be I shall be shown to you ridiculous, but with each your letter I feel, that I love you!!!!!!
Sometimes I can not to sleep on night and I have no appetite, I lay and I think of us much. My mum speaks, that I am in love.
I very much would like to see you, when I lie down to sleep and I rise in the morning.
But most of all I want to meet you my love. I live by this dream.
I want to live with you beside, to help you to do harvest in your house, to prepare to you to eat.
Favourite I very much miss without you. Now I I shall go home also shall think of you my prince.
I shall wait for your answer. Kiss and love. Yours for ever Nadejda
Letter 2

Hello my honey Alfredo.
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thank for your sincere and warm letters.
It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man, Which trusts me.
Yes, my lovely Alfredo, you can use the WESTERN UNION, but now everywhere I shall receive the day off and your money only on Monday, my honey How you?
How your days off have passed?
I hope, that at you all is good.
Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.
I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.
I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life.
I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you
Always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me.
That I have divided with you tAhe life.
I love you my prince.
Your bride in Russia.
Letter 3

Hello my love Alfredo
How are you?
I am indefinitely happy to receive your letter.
I always feel a lot of pleasures and happiness inside my heart when I read your letter.
They give me very much is warm and help to feel you during several minutes.
When I have met you I has changed.
You have opened the new world for me, world of love.
Now I rise in the morning with a smile on my person, because I know that not one. In this large world is The man, who thinks of me.
I want to tell you a thank. With you I feel myself by the woman, which wants to be happy to love. I have lost the hope on happiness, seeing the rough Russian men. When I have met you you have given me Hope for happiness.
My love even the colleagues at work speak, that I have changed.
They speak, that I more often smile also my eyes burn by light of pleasure. I am very grateful to you for it.
Alfredo I am very happy, that you do not leave me and estimate our correspondence.
You the present man, which is not afraid of problems, which can care.
I am very happy, that you have chosen me and have given me chance to give you all love and tenderness.
I think of you my love.
Alfredo I need in you in my life.
My honey Excuse for a delay of my letter to you. I went with parents to the grandmother in village and I did not have opportunity to write to you. I see that you have sent translation.
As soon as I have seen that you have sent me of money for the ticket and visas that I at once have gone to receive money at once to write to you that have received.
But in bank to me have told that you have not correctly specified city and so speak that translation is on me but I cannot receive as not true city. I want to inform you that you have changed city as have not correctly probably written. I shall give you the address of bank which near to my house and my full address where you will specify my translation. I can speak with you on Thursday this weeks. It will be pleasant for me to hear your voice and you as will hear my voice I so I wait for this Thursday to speak by with you to phone. Here my home address.
Nadejda Shamakova
Russian Federation.
street: Kyltyra 26 - 14 The address of the Western Union
country: Russian Federation
name of bank: VNESHTORGBANK
city: SARATOV ,
zip: 410052
my full name: Nadejda Shamakova My honey Alfredo I shall finish this letter, I wish to you all best and good mood.
I very much wait your answer and I send you the warm embraces. Love on always.
Your bride.
Letter 4

Hello my love Alfredo.
I am very glad to see your letter. The gentle wind is like has touched my person in hot weather.
At reading your letter I have a joyful smile and is very happy, that We have met each other.
Now I am precisely sure, that I not one, though we far apart yours The letters bring a lot of heat and pleasure in my life, that I feel yours The presence at my life is constant.
Honey, I constantly think of you where I would not be and that I would not do. You always with me in my heart.
My honey I have received your money. I went to bank next day to try again to receive and me distances.
You are right it employees had probably what that a problem and did not give me money.
Excuse that so I have left also to you have written that could not receive.
Now all is normal also I have your money. I shall call to you tomorrow on Thursday in the evening.
I shall be very much excited about that that I to speak by with you to phone and I shall hear your voice.
Yesterday I at work had very difficult day and I am very tired.
When I went home I thought of you. I miss without you each day.
I sat on a bed and read the book, but I have understood, that I can not concentrate The attention on it. My ideas came back to you again and again.
I thought as far as it will be wonderful it to wait for you from work, to meet You with a sensitive kiss and embrace to prepare tasty supper for you and to give To you all love and care.
Alfredo I want to give you everything, that I have, I want to do you very happy , As you make me. I feel myself very well, because We soon shall meet, but I am afraid to lose you. I hope, with all by mine By heart, that that will not interfere with our happiness.
Alfredo I hope, that for you our relations as roads as well as for me.
And I never shall lose you. On it I shall finish the letter.
Please inform, that you think of all it. I whole you Alfredo.
Your bride.
Letter 5

Hello my love Alfredo.
For me the very large happiness to see your letter. My love, many thanks for your help. Now I would have all necessary sum what to prepare for trip to you.
Alfredo, I am very happy that soon we shall together!!! Now I feel the happiest girl in the world.
I went to agency and have paid all necessary money and now all my documents already are in Moscow.
I shall reserve flight in Moscow. In it I will be helped by the agent from travel agency. It{he} will be To accompany with me in embassy and will watch{will keep up} that what all was good also I could without Problems to receive the visa. You simply do not represent my honey as I is strongly happy that soon we shall together!!! Thank for yours Care of me.
I am very glad that we could with you to speak on the phone.
For me it is first time to call in other country.
If it is honour, I did not expect, that I shall speak with you.
I love your vote he sounds very beautifully.
Now your voice constantly sounds at me in a head. I constantly recollect Which you have told each your word to me and from it it becomes very joyful and good me on soul. I thank the god for that that he has given me you!
You distances on the account of an electronic box that him to replace interesting idea but I think that it any more is not required to me because we soon shall together and we shall not write each other the letter as we shall be a number{line}.
My love Alfredo. today and I shall leave for Moscow to have interview For my visa. My train will leave in 16.00 and I have decided (solved) to write to you this letter.
Alfredo you set to me a very interesting question. Yes, we yet did not see each other, but During our correspondence I have tested to you special feeling.
Alfredo I shall write to you the new letter as soon as it will be possible.
As soon as I shall find out in Moscow the Internet of cafe I at once I shall write to you the letter and I shall inform About result of interview. I very much love you Alfredo.
I wish to you successful day.
Your bride.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Alfredo How are you?
I hope that all all well. I am very happy, that all our tests behind and I soon shall with you.
I very much worried before that how to pass interview.
It is a very serious stage.
To me set very many questions on different themes.
Me have asked the purpose of my arrival in America. I has told, that I meal to favourite man with With which I have got acquainted on the Internet.
I have told by him about our relations and even has shown them some letters as the proof. They were very pleased with my answer.
Then they checked my documents and did (made) for me medical survey.
Still service of safety checked all my family on presence of a previous conviction.
My love I has passed complete check and with honour has sustained this test.
To me have told that on Monday they will prepare all documents and I can fly to you to USA.
As they have warned me about that it is necessary to buy the roundtrip tickets.
When I have heard it, I could not speak and from my eyes tears have run.
All my life is one big failure and now when I thought that my happiness very much Close, All my dreams have charged extra fall.
When I laid at myself in a room I have tried to take myself in hands and soberly to look On this problem. I interpellated in agency what learn (find out) about that that I can to do (make.) They have started To apologize and have told That it not their fault as their primary goal consists in the help of reception of the visa.
As they have offered me new Flight there and back as I can not receive tickets on this any more. I send you the information on it. 01:05 PM Depart Moscow(SVO)
10:58 PM Arrival Dallas(DFW)
Sat 10-Dec Air France 2145
Air France 304
Delta Air Lines 1201 RETURN: 02:40 PM Depart Dallas(DFW)
03:15 PM Arrival Moscow(SVO)
Thu 9-Mar Air France 8775
Air France 8701
Air France 1944 Full cost of all these tickets will make 1779,06 $
I was very much upset with that that it is the big sum. I asked in agency That they would find other flight but they have told that this cheapest that they can offer me.
My honey please be not disappointed in me, I do (make) all that I can also never I want to lose you. I have 883 $ with money which you sent me for tickets. what to pay roundtrip tickets it is necessary for me 896 $ USD, I called to the parents and they are very much grieved. They also Do not know That by him to do (make.) My daddy has told that can not help me.
I ask your help and I do not know as you will react to it.
If we shall make this that I can fly on december, 10. And on december, 10.
I as thought of that much that to us to do (make) further.
After I come to you we shall exchange one ticket for money and lose nothing from it.
Now this sum is necessary for me.
I love you more and more and it is necessary for us to overcome last step be together for ever!!!
I love you more life! For ever yours Nadejda.
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