Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Fominykh to Alan (Scotland)
Letter 1
Hello Alan!
It is very a shame to me before you and if you to take offence at me and to cease to write to me I shall not become angry about you.
Many troubles have gushed recently, that it is terrible to me to write to you, suddenly you to throw me for ever.
I at all do not know I that to start.
At me any strip of bad luck a black strip in my life.
Yesterday my apartment have plundered also I has remained without money to residing.
Someone knew, that I recently to receive the salary and all my money have been stolen.
Except for it things of owners of an apartment have been stolen.
As I to live in the rented apartment and all home appliances not mine,
Now it is necessary for me to indemnify to the owner of an apartment.
But the most important, that it is necessary for me to pay on Monday a rent for an apartment.
I do not have money even on a meal.
Yesterday I to borrow money at familiar, but nobody the help to me.
To me gave a trifle that I to lag behind.
And consequently I to ask for you the help in money and I hope, that you to not throw me in difficult time, as all others.
Please to send me 300 $ but if there is at you an opportunity have gone more.
Money send through the western union for name Irina Maltseva.
Once again I want to apologize before you for my tactlessness, but I do not have other decision.
And I hope, that you to understand my situation and the help to me.
I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Elena
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