Letter(s) from Ellen Johnson to Greg (USA)

Letter 1

hello babe
i have been missing u soo much and know that my love for u is very pure and strong, huney i never thought i could have such feelins for any one in ma life until i met u and babe do all that u can to get us together as early as possible cus huney i know and can see that there is the true love for ourselves and huney we have to follow our hearts to make that a reality and babe pls dont let any thing come between us cus i dont know what will happen to me again if this relationship fails .........i know that i truely love u and i do that with all ma heart, mind and sould and all that is within me. Take good care of urself and babe in what ever u do know that there is someone here who is always thinking aba u and hvave ur inteterest at heart. I love u once again and will always love u all the days of ma heart. Bye Rinda

Letter 2

Huney this is the info for the flight details

Reference bumber ZN2XVQ
light number: BA0078
From: Accra
To: Heathrow (London)
Depart: 16 Dec 2007 23:30
Arrive: 17 Dec 2007 06:40
Class: World Traveller Plus
Operated by: British Airways

Flight number: BA0113
From: Heathrow (London) Terminal 4
To: John F Kennedy (New York)
Depart: 17 Dec 2007 15:05
Arrive: 17 Dec 2007 17:55
Class: World Traveller
Operated by: British Airways

Huney i love u and i know i will be with u very soon ok, take care and i alwaya have u in mind and babe i will talk with u on phone befor i leave ok, i Love u