Scam Letter(s) from Irina Shyotkina to Richard (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Richard,

I am so glad to hear from you and you proved me that you have very serious and real intentions towards me because you didn't hesitate to leave me your reply. Frankly speaking i liked you from the first sight and I hope this feeling will grow into the stronger one some day. Don't you think so?

"I am not alone any more! I am so happy!" - I thought when I got your letter and this feeling warmed me from hair-tips to finger-tips and it was so pleasure for me that I felt my body shined like a sun and my soul sang the most wonderful, beautiful and romantic songs of the world...

So as for my personal data:

Full name: Irina.
Date of birth: January,6 1975
Age: 32
Weight: 52 kg
Height: 168 cm
Hair: brown
Eyes: grey
Education: High
Job: librarian
Residence: Troitsk, Lugansk region
Hobby: reading
Likes: communication, cooking, exotic cuisine, dancing.
Dislikes: dishonesty, drunk people, spicy food.
Favorite color: purple
Favorite actors: Brad Pitt, Angelina Joli, Quentin Tarantino.
Favorite movies: dramas, comedies, erotics.

My dear friend, I want you to know that the reason of my applying to Internet was bad experience in the past during relations with men, who hurt me, behaved very rude and ungrateful, but of course not all of them are of such kind nevertheless the most are(unfortunately)! So I hope that we will stay in connection to see if we match or no as we must be sure. Now I want to ask you about your streaks, likes and dislikes, favorite things to do and everything that you want to tell me, I will listen to your words with great attention! For now I wish you all the best and looking forward to you soonest reply.


Letter 2

Dear Richard,

Good morning! How are you? Is the sun shining, sending a ray of warmth to everyone? Thank you for the e-mail. Your response put a huge smile on my face. I am very serious here, and I hope you are also. I want a husband who is mature, and knows what they want in life. I don't want some one to write letters to. I hope you feel the same way. Perhaps you are the man I am looking for, and I will be more than happy to invest what ever time is necessary to get to know you well. I look forward to getting mail from you, as it gives me a little more information about you, a handsome and intelligent man who lives so far away. I can understand how difficult it would be for a person to leave their homeland, moving to a new country, not knowing anyone, etc.
Nevertheless I want to do that if I fall in love with a right person!

You asked more about my hobbies? I am very fond of cooking. I do love being in the kitchen for hours and making new dishes which seem to be everlasting. I prefer national cuisine but also I try to prepare different meals from other cookeries. As a proverb of our country says: "The way to the heart of man lies through the stomach." So I cook enough tasty. I enjoy candlelight dinners, walks, watching sunsets, and if I had a chance I would like traveling. Why do sunsets look different when you are in a different area of the world? I also like to dance, and you?

You know I want you to know that I do not speak English at all and I have not such a chance to learn it because courses of foreign languages are very expansive. But I hope one day we will solve this problem, darling. For the moment I use to come to Translating Firm and get letters there. They do very nice work to my mind. I was recommended to use this Firm by my girlfriend who left for Italy not so long ago after having met her second half of the life who lives in Italy and they came to the decision to get married so I made up my mind and decided to try! Why not?! I am sure that I will find my love in the nearest future or I have already?

What needs to happen to keep the fire of love burning? I could write to you for hours on that topic. To make a relationship work, it needs constant attention. I believe in romance, making candle light dinners with soft music. Opening a drawer and finding a surprise gift from my beloved. Putting notes and poems in the house. If you get to know me, you will find a romantic and caring woman, looking for that special some one to love and be spoiled.

I hope I answered all of your questions. If I missed any, please ask them again. I would like to know what makes you really happy. What makes you angry?

Wishing you all the best.

Letter 3

Hello my darling Richard,

How have you been doing? I missed you so much and I was really glad to get your letter with wonderful photo!

You know, I have not had relations with a man for a long time and I do wish to fall in strong arms and be cherished all over my body. So I want to share with you my thoughts about how I see us being together in the soonest future, I hope!!!

I know what you want, and tonight.... I'm going to make it happen. You're in the next room watching TV, I go out and sit next to you. I lean over and kiss you. We get up and go into the bedroom. You go to kiss me but I push you back, onto the bed. Slowly I straddle your ankles and slide myself up, while looking seductively into each others eyes. I kiss you deep and long. You love it when I take the lead. I kiss you again, while sliding my hands up your shirt and stroking your stomach, up and over your chest, she I pull away, and take off your shirt, then my own. I kiss your neck and work my way down your chest to your navel. Then, when you think I'm going to release your cock, I take my bra off and slowly rub my breasts up against your chest. I take off your jeans and boxers. I rub my hands up from your ankles, along your legs and inside of your thighs. I kiss around your navel and run my tongue down your snail trail. The tease has made you very hard, you want me but you enjoy the tease. I begin to kiss your cock and finger your balls. Gently I suck the head of your cock and run my tongue along the underside. I can feel myself getting very wet I get up and take off the rest of my clothes. I straddle you and slowly slide myself onto you, I lean down and kiss you deep and long. You stroke my stomach and up and play with my breasts. I slowly start moving up and down, you know you're close but you want to come with me. You stroke my shoulders and down my back. You hold my butt, helping me thrust while kissing my neck. I feel like I'm getting close. You know I get weak when I cum, so you switch places with me and start thrusting harder and faster and its not long before we cum, we turn, laying on our sides, you're still inside me, holding each other savoring the intense pleasure. We kiss, close our eyes and fall asleep. I am here to meet my soul mate, I want to find a serious man to love him and be his wife...You know I am a one man woman and I feel that my goal in this life is to be a good wife. I am a woman who will love her husband with all her heart and soul... So I think you understand that my intentions are more than serious and I hope you are looking for the same...Who knows may be we have found each other... As for my personal qualities so I am many sided, easy going person, I like to cook very much, when I have free time I spend it with my friends and of course I try to pay much attention to my parents. I like reading books and watching TV, I enjoy cozy family evenings with my parents a lot, but dream of having my own :) I need it and to create a strong family is my main goal now! Hope to hear your own thoughts about it very soon, please write me!! A serious honest man with kind heart who wants to love and be loved... And appearance is not much important for me, first of all I value man's soul, I believe that money is not as important as love. I want to be with a man who will appreciate first of all my inner beauty, who will be able to love me as much as I will love him... I need a partner in life, and it does not matter where he will be from because I am ready to go everywhere for my love!! I want my husband to be kind, respectful, with a nice sense of humor and rich inner world. I will do anything for the man of my dream!


Letter 4

Dear Sir,

We want to let You know that Irina is using services of translation and Internet of our Translating Company. As it is charged services, She needs to fill up Her account, because it has come to the end and She doesn't have the opportunity to write letter to You. She wants You to know that She is still interested in You and in your further communication.

If You want to have further correspondence with Her we can send You the needed information about our services and prices which are rather available. If You are not interested in the Lady please be confidential about the given information from Irina.

Best wishes. We are open for all of Your suggestions.

Principal of TC "Amfitrita"
Kirill Babenko.

Letter 5

Dear Sir,

Thank You for the letter. We are very glad that you want to continue correspondence with Lady Irina. In order to fill up your account you should know following information:

1. Money can be transferred with the use of international systems of transfers such as: Western Union, MoneyGram. Using these services will save up your time and let your Lady to restore communication with you in a faster way. To make this transaction You should go to the nearest office of Western Union and fill in the form using necessary information:
Receiver: Irina Shyotkina
Address: Pobedy avenue, Troitsk, Luganska, 91018 Ukraine

After making transfer you are to send the letter to the e-mail of Irina following information: Money Transfer Control Number consisting of 10 digits if Western Union is used and 8 digits if MoneyGram; exact amount of money sent to the Lady; full name of the sender and the country where from the money is sent.

2. Here is our price list.

- one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD;
- two months "unlimited translation" - 270 USD;
- three months "unlimited translation" - 390 USD:
- six months "unlimited translation" - 750 USD;
"Unlimited translation" includes boundless amount of letters which you send to your Lady and receive from her during the period of time you would like to choose.

- one month "unlimited correspondence" - 200 USD;
- two months "unlimited correspondence" - 350 USD;
- three months "unlimited correspondence" - 500 USD;
- six months "unlimited correspondence" - 900 USD;
"Unlimited correspondence" includes boundless amount of letters with photos which you send to your Lady and receive from her during the period of time you would like to chose.

Also you can pay for our services paying for every letter separately.

-translation and printing one letter - 5 USD
(translator service - 2 USD; Internet service - 1 USD; printing a letter - 1 USD; taxes and other payments - 1 USD);

-scanning one photo - 2 USD;
-printing one photo - 3 USD;

3. Our guaranties: decency, confidence, accuracy and thoroughness.

Thank You for the cooperation.

TC "Amfitrita".



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