Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Vincent (France)
Letter 1

Hello Vincent! I am very glad to receive your letter. It seemed to me, that my idea looks like adventure, but your letter proves, that it not my imaginations, that you are real and I am interesting to you. It is my first time in the Internet. Probably, I should tell about myself more. My fullname is Svetlana, but you can name me Sveta, it is the same. I was born on December, 25, 1978 in the city Yoshkar-Ola, this year I shall be 27 years. My home town Yoshkar-Ola That Yoshkar-Ola ist the capitol of Mari-El in Western Russia, with a population of nearly 300’000 people, located 850 km East of Moscow in the Volga Bassin. Nice environment with woods and lakes. I have finished Mari State University on speciality the social worker. Now, I work as the manager on social and public relations. I help people which there is no work, I help them to find work and support them, that they have not despaired in life and did not become beggars. On a sort of activity I frequently communicate with people. They are different, are clever, cheerful, benevolent, and it happens and on the contrary, but it is not terrible. I find the work useful to people. I very much like to help people. I very much love a domestic cosiness, I like to cook much. I love cleanliness and the order in the house. I love pets, but unfortunately I do not have their at house. I very much like sports, I was engaged in ball dances. Now I go in fitness and a sundeck. I like to be in good shape, I think, that the woman should look well that the beloved could be proud of her. In Russia the majority of men pay attention only to appearance and my private world worries them a little. Only sex is interesting to the majority of them, but I not such girl. My dreams of family, the husband and children especially are not interesting to them. It seems to me, that the woman can feel herself happy and pleased, only in family where there is hotly favourite and loving husband, children, cosy house and may be a cat and a dog. And how you see an ideal relations between the man and the woman? You would like to have the family? Children? I very much would like to learn more about you, your life, as you spend free time, dream about. I send to you my photo, I hope, that you like it, you next letter will prove this. I would like to receive your photos also. I with pleasure shall answer all your questions. I shall wait for your next letter with impatience, Sveta.
Letter 2

Hello Vincent! It is madly pleasant for me to receive from you letter. I with impatience wait from your answer. Yes you are right it a little funny that my birthday in Christmas. I would like to ask you so much, about your interests, work, friends, parents. I understand, that the similar information interests also to you. I have decided, that in this letter I should write more about myself and my city, that you have better learned me. I was born and have grown in Yoshkar-Ola. My father has died, when I was 2 years and I practically do not remember him. I always was not on itself when at school I have been asked about my father and I did not know what to answer. I was brought up by mum, she is simply wonderful woman, attentive, gentle and sensitive. I have asked her sanction to start to search for my half in abroad. She has told to me, that I should be happy and has given her the blessing. May be my is prince you? My mum works as the teacher of dances. She has learned me to dance and I have grown fond of dances. May be we can begin to spin in a waltz with you someday. What do you think? You like to dance? I like pop and classical music both, and you? I would like to tell you about my city. My city is more than 400 years, it was formed by Ivan Grozny. First it was a city - fortress on the river, and have named as Imperial city, but such cities across Russia has been constructed much, and have decided to rename into the city of Tsarevokokshajsk. So it referred untill 1917. Later our city have renamed into Yoshkar-Ola, that in translation meabs the Red city. My city though also ancient, is more senior than Saint Petersburg, but smaller. It is surrounded with woods and lakes, here very beautiful nature. In the summer I frequently leave city, to walk in a wood, or to sunbathe at lake. I very much love the nature and fresh air. And you love the nature? In the winter it is more difficultly to get out of city, and it is cold, therefore during the winter period I prefer pool and a sundeck. Can you tell me, about city in which you live? About sights? My dear I am very glad our meeting and to our dialogue. I with impatience wait for your answer. Your new friend Sveta.
Letter 3

Hello my friend Vincent. I am glad to receive your letter again. It is very pleasant for me to learn more about you and your life. I did not think never where I shall live in the future. But I know precisely that I I shall live near to the love. And me will be all the same in what country. The main thing that I would find love. I want to love and be loved. I want To have happy family. I very much would want to become your friend and I want, that our friendship has developed into something more serious and gentle, in the true feelings. Can we be friends? I want to speak with you about all. I would like to ask you a question. I heard, that western women, aspire to career like men and it seems strange to me. I do not speak, that they are not right. Everyone has the right to the point of view, but it is deeply convinced, I think tha the woman can be realized completely in family only, and it is her main applicability. Women work at us of course, and aspire to construct theirs careers, but mainly because of increase of the salary. To this them compel circumstances, they have to think and care of children, if the man can not make it. For me and other Russian women it is dire necessity, instead of pleasure, career is not the purpose of all life. For me the happy family always was on the first place. I am ready to sit at home and to bring up children, but also I am ready to work for the blessing of the family. Can you tell me, how you see what applicability for the woman, what for you the ideal wife means? What you would want to see in family. I like to dream. And you? I never was abroad, I leave from my native city very seldom, but in dreams I have travelled the half-world. I want to learn more about you. I want to be your best friend. Let while it is friends on correspondence probably then these feelings will develop in something other, more the best. I hope so. It is very a pity, but it is time to finish, I write to you from the Internet of cafe, I can not be late, because here very for a long time. Then I shall go to bed I shall think about you. With impatience I shall wait for your letter, your new friend Sveta.
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