Scam letter(s) from Marina Guseva to Robert (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hi Dear, I’m happy to hear again from you. Thank you for you letter. I like to know more about you and I do think, that we have much in common with you. Especially I should say about our interests in life. As well as you I’m interested in beginning of new relationship which will bring to marriage and building happy family with stable emotional sound atmosphere. I’m looking for good, honest, trustworthy, strong and kind gentleman who will be the only good match for me. I think I’ll be a good, faithful and passionate wife for a man like this and he’ll be happy to come back home and realize that no matter what day it will be his wife and son will be waiting for him and sharing as well as good thing as bad and taking care of him. I suppose that friendship is the best base of good relationship and I hope that my future soulmate will be both trustworthy friend and loving husband. I want to find a person whom I can say about things that worry me and I want that he shares my interests as well as I share his. I think it's a great idea to learn something new about each other and I think it would be nice to know more about our cultures and countries and especially cities where we live. I'd like to tell something about my city and it's history. As you remember I live in Sevastopol and thanks to its location Sevastopol has a great history. It starts from the settlement of Ancient Greek here. We still have ruins of ancient Greek colony Chersoneses. Later, we had Romans, Goths, and many other tribes and nations. But the modern history of Sevastopol is connected to the Navy Base of Russia first and now we have two Navy Bases here, one of Russia and the other one of Ukraine. Our area was popular not only with Russian tsar family but also with British,
Do you know something about Ukraine? Do you think it's a big culture difference between our countries? Have you ever been there? If yes what do you think differ from your country? I think it's really interesting to learn something new and especially about place where your friend live. I'd like to tell you that I like to walk with my son in the park. I like to tell him that it's really great when person want to join with the nature. He is very smart boy and he likes to learn something new. I'm proud of him:) My son’s name is Radmir and my mother and I like to call him Radmirushka. He is very smart boy and I tell it not only because I’m his mother. He can read and write and I sh
I'm waiting for your reply Marina P.S.: I think it would be nice to send you some pictures of city where I live I believe you would like them.
Letter 2
Hi Dear, I’m glad to receive a letter from you and know a lot of about you. Thank you for your funny story. It was nice to read it. I do like reading your letter and, of course, I’m going to answer back your letter because I think that our correspondence not only interesting for both of us but it might be a good start for serious and nice relationship. If you don’t mind I’ll try to tell you about myself. Let start! I was marred but now I’m divorced. I have a son. He is the most important person in my life. He is 6 and I’ll try to spend as much time as I can with him because I want him to be smart and good person. My son’s name is Radmir and my mother and I like to call him Radmirushka. He is very smart boy and I tell it not only because I’m his mother. He can read and write and I should say that he adores reading. Usually when we are going to bookstore he chooses the biggest book of fairytales and then asks me to buy it. As soon as he gets a new book it takes him two or three days to read it all and then he reread it again. as for your question about other children, frankly speaking, I don't think about know at first I think it would be nice to find my soulmate and then who knows...Don't you think? I’m a bookkeeper and I like my job. And you? Would you like to tell something about you and your life? As for my hobbies, I should say that I have them a lot as well as you: ) I like dancing theatre, shooting, driving, walking, picnics, dancing, swimming and I’m dreaming of learning how to go on horseback and make my own unique perfume. And you? Do you like traveling? Have you ever been in Ukraine? I think we have much in common with you. I’m searching for a good respectable decent person and I’m interested in relationship that if everything will be good may be a good beginning of marriage. I feel to be ready to meet my half as well as to love and to be loved.

I’m looking for love, care and support and I’m ready to offer the same. I always behave toward person as well as he would behave toward me. As for talking about myself, I should tell you that I’m kind, romantic, cheerful, sensitive, trustworthy and favorable. I can say that I’m careful, passionate and sentimental. I want to tell you that I’m interested in our correspondence and I’m waiting for your reply. Sincerely,
Marina P.S: As for your other question I would like to answer them later. I should think about it because you know, I'm true woman with thoughts and desires and now the only thing that I do want is to find my soulmate. I want to be loved and to love. That's all.
Letter 3
Hi dear, Today it’s so nice day. You know, here this summer is very hot but today it looks like rain and it’s a little bit funny but everyone has a great desire that it would be raining. You can not imagine but during the all summer we had only 3 rains. Besides, What is weather in your country? Is it hot?
What is your best season? And why? This week we will have a holiday and so I will have more spare time and my brother and I decided to spend these weekends together with our families. He found some nice place for camping so we will leave in the evening of 23rd of August and come back in the evening of 26th of August. The thing is that 24th of August is our Independence Day. Usually I spend this day in Sevastopol but this time I want to spend it in the other way. I hope that I find the person with whom I will spend Independence Day next year
I’m not sure weather I would have possibility to write you more this week but I try to do my best to drop you some lines but if not don’t worry I will write you more next week. Hope to hear from you soon Have a nice day Marina
Letter 4

Hi Dear, Sorry for the delay but here it was holiday and only today I have the possibility to write to you so now it’s nice to hear from you and I hope that in near future I will hear your voice. I think that next week will be best for me because as you now my son is going to go to school at first time so now I’m pretty busy with him getting ready him to school. You know I have really nice and funny weekends and I will tell you later more about them. I think it would be nice to write to you today but I’m not sure weather I will have some spare time after my work. I hope you are well. How did you spend you weekends? Have a nice day Marina
Letter 5
Hi My Dear, Let me start the letter to you with beautiful lines: A ray of the sun wakes up flowers in buds,
because of the warmth a flower blossoms.
We are nobody until we are loved,
We are nobody, if we do not love. If a bee had not buzz sonorously,
honeycombs would have been empty.
If a mother had not hold a child,
there would not be beauty in the world. Without love The Earth would be strange for us,
Without love life-term would be too long for us.
But it is shining with the bright light,
and we know that Love is God. It is him who wakes up flowers in buds,
because of His warmth a flower blossoms.
We are nobody, if we do not love. Darling, I want you to know that these are my favorite lines which represent the meaning of life and reflect my sole. I really would like to read them to you personally in reality because listening to my pronunciation and intonation you could understand my sole much better but it is impossible yet. I am glad to inform you that I was born in a very good and tightly-knit family. My parents have been married for a long time already. Despite all the difficulties, they have never thought about divorce. And it is a lot due to my father's merits as he has always been devoted to my mother and family in his thoughts and actions. Certainly I wanted my family to be the same. Because of my upbringing it was very difficult for me to make a decision on divorce: it was not only to make a decision, it meant to destroy all my dreams and conception of marriage. It war very-very hard for me to go through this. But the divorce was necessary because to live with a man who beats a woman is impossible. I hope that you like my English because I pay an interpreter and this girl translates my letters very well. In future I would like her to be my tutor in English. I would like to talk with you over the phone, but I am afraid that my English is not very good and I am not sure that I am ready to speak to you without an interpreter. When you call me, I will be so excited that I will not be able to understand you and speak; especially if there are a lot of people around me or I am working I will be shy and ashamed for my poor English. That is why I would like our first conversation to be with the help of an interpreter. What do you think about this? I’m sorry that I didn’t have enough time to write to you each day but I hope you understand me. I’m Mum and for me it’s so important and exciting that my son goes to school. This is his first time and I can not wait the moment when we both will go. I wish you were here to see him. He is so quite and looks like a small gentleman and I’m proud of him. I’ll try to make picture with him so that then I will be able to send these pictures to you. I believe you will like them. I should say that I do happy that everything is ready for his school and I think it’s better to tell you more about our traditions here. I’m not sure that traditions are the same so The 1st September is our holiday of Knowledge. It’s day when school begins and usually it looks like big holiday because a lot of pupils go to school with flowers. I think it’s better to see it some day. It looks beautiful. You can not imagine what everybody feels at this day. Some children who are going to school at first time are very exciting, others pupils are happy to meet their classmates after long holidays, some elder person like me are very proud of their children or grand children the other one just recollect in their mind time when they went to school. It’s really nice and I think it would be really nice if you would here close to me and my son. What is tradition in your country? Do you like the time when you were pupil? Wishing you well and waiting for you reply. Sincerely,
Letter 6
Hi Darling Robert, You can not imagine how happy I’m that we are correspond with each other. I want that you know that I feel excellent. I get up with feeling that I have already had a good friend who’s interested in me and needs me. And as well I want to tell you that everything around me change. The sun begins shinning brightly, the wind blows soft and warm, and the air what I can tell you about it…I want to breathe the air like this. And all these things happen not because of spring comes but I want to love and to be loved. I know that you want to know more about myself. Darling, I think that you can asking me what ever you want and I find a good opportunity for you to do it. I arrange everything with interpreter and ask my boss that I'll come back home early then usually. It will be better for me to speak with you on Friday (7 September) 7:00 p.m. Ukrainian time. I’m waiting for hear your voice, my Darling. And I’m waiting for your reply to know that you are going to call me at appointed time.
Wishing you well and have a good day. Sincerely,
Marina P.S.: I’m on-line so, please, answer as quickly as possible.
Letter 7
Hi Dear, I'm sure we will have a good conversation. Please, don't be late with your call, ok? Don't forget that I write you Ukrainian time it means that you should find out the time difference otherwise you will call in the wrong time and I might be at work. So please, check it out and the send me e-mail with all details I'm waiting for hearing your voice. Phone number is +380 692 546598 waiting for your reply I'm on-line now so write as soon as possible Marina P.S.: Please, tell me your cell phone that I'm able to send you text message just in case something happens
Letter 8
My Dear, It's too pity for me that I didn't hear your voice. You can not imagine how I wanted to speak with you. You know that I like you and that I've chosen you from a lot of men and as result of my serious intention to you I ask you don't break my heart and think of me seriously. As well I don't want to waste your and my time and I hope that we have the same ideas concerning this point and we won't have a long correspondence with each other because there is no sense for us. Let me ask you My Dear, How quickly you can come to meet me in flash. Look at me, hear my voice, feel me at the whole 100 % and not only at 20% as it happen now. Dear, it will be more easier if you come in city where I live because as you know I have a son and it will be easier to leave him with my parents and so I can spend all my time with you. Besides, It's really warm and nice weather here in the city where I live. It will help us. I hope you will agree with me, My Dear, and you will want the same. Waiting for your reply Marina
Letter 9
Hi Darling, How are you? As for me, I don’t know what to say the thing is that frankly speaking it’s very funny story from one hand and from another – sad. Today my day started very strange because we both, my son and I didn’t heard the alarm clock. As Radmir found out later we didn’t have any possibilities to hear it because poor small batteries were so tired and sleepy that their energy was not enough for it. So we were late a little bit to have our breakfast and other usual things in common order. We were in hurry…quickly …quickly…the result of that was very funny when I picked my son up to school I found out that my umbrella didn’t want to work. The thing is that it didn’t open…but I badly needed any umbrella otherwise I would get soaked to the skin…What normal person would like to get soaked to the skin…So I found the way how to open it and keep it in such position that the umbrella would cover and protect me. What do you think happen next…You can not imagine…? It was a thunderstorm and it rained to beat the band…I was running to the bus station to take my bus to work and there I realized another thing about my clumsy umbrella. It kept the open position but won’t like to close…hmmm…our small bus (usually we call them ‘shuttle’…it’s Mercedes-Benz minibus)…it’s minibus and so it’s not meant for passenger with the open umbrella… So everybody who saw me in minibus advised me “very very politely” to close it because in fact it blocked the way of passengers. I did try to explain them that umbrella didn’t close but one very impatient passenger try to help me and he did. With a generous majestic smile he hold me my poor clumsy umbrella which after so rude treatment died hero’s death, namely, it felt apart in my hands…so when I came at work I look as if I decided to swim but forget to ‘undress’… What has happened next I think you realize…everybody gave me a piece of advice in any topic you can imagine and when My boss (Now I think that she is more smart then usual?) proposed to give me another umbrella and to take a taxi and to have a day off…everybody was so sad that they didn’t get soaked to the skin and didn’t have broken umbrella. Of course, I understand them. It’s Friday, it’s the end of workweek. The weekends are at hand. Who knew that it turned out for the best? Have a nice day Marina P.S.: Please, don't think that i didn't read you letter. I did and as for your question about trip I think it would be beter to discuss over the phone our future date because I think we have too many things to ask and tell thenit's possible to do it by letters. I'll choose the day and then tell you.
Letter 10
Hi dear, How are you? I’m fine and I can say you that I even miss you and it might sound strange but I was waiting for your letter. And now it’s really nice to drop you several lines just to say you that I miss you. What is the weather there? Here it’s very strange weather it’s rainy weather but I hope that within one week it would change to more pleasant weather? What did you do on weekend? As for us, Radmir today is the happiest child in the world because my brother and I decide to buy roller-skates for him. It was one of his dreams and you can not imagine how happy he was but it was very funny to see how he tries to make the first steps at home. Frankly speaking, for him it’s not so easy and I’m worry too much because I think it’s dangerous he might fall down and I’m afraid of his back. I hope that everything will be fine. It’s not really good that the weather is not so good to go to the park and to help my son to practice in skating. Hope to hear from you soon Marina

Letter 11
Darling, I want to thank you for the big change in my life. Now each day of my life has a sense. I'm waiting for your letter and when I find out that you sent me something it brings me smile and my soul is filled by happiness. Darling, thank you that you bring happiness in my life. I know that it might sound strange because we correspond with you for a short period but when I receive your letter each time I feel the same. I feel happy. Thank you darling!!!

I'm completely agree that when you feel you have someone that cares for you it is easy to give that caring back. As I told you before: 'I always behave toward person as well as he would behave toward me.' Darling, I'm ready to do everything for you and I believe that you would do the same for me. Love is a strange thing.
It is a flower so delicate
that a touch will bruise it,
and so strong that nothing
will stop it's growth.

Think how often we miss love
in a life-time- by a wrong gesture-
by an unspoken word,
by not keeping silent at the right time.

We lose it by the interference of other people;
by a lack of money or opportunity; by a quarrel over a trifle;
by not expressing it most, when we feel it in our hearts;
by distance and time between us; and yet...
we can not live without it. I like you and all that things that you wrote about yourself but I'd like to know more about you and you private life. What do you like and what do you dislike? I mean not food but something else. I think it would be really nice to speak with you over the phone next week and this week I will arrange everything with my interpreter and then I inform you about the date and time. This Friday and weekends I will spend at my brother’s home because we decided to make a party there and I think Radmir will like to stay there. He likes his uncle. And what is about you? What is your plan for these weekends? Hope to hear from you but I’ll probably answer your next letter next week…I will try to answer as soon as possible Have a nice day Marina Waiting for your reply Marina P.S.: It might sound strange but I’m missing you, My Darling
Letter 12
Hi dear, Thank you!!! Thank you very much for all your letters that we send to each other right now. They make us to feel closer and not to mention a big distance between us. Of course I know and realize that it’s better to speak with each other and to hear each other’s voices but I’d like to do it with the help of interpreter. I spoke with my interpreter and she said that this and next week she would be out of city and would come back only after 4th of October. So I decided that it would be better to arrange our phone conversation at 5th or 6th October. What is more comfortable for you, My dear? I’ll be waiting for your reply…. Darling, I should remind you that because of my interpreter will be out of city I wouldn’t be able to send you letters as usual but I would try to send you a small note just inform you that I’m ok. Hope to hear from you soon… Have a nice day Marina
Letter 13
hi, I work i use computer what tell you need you kiss you Marina
Letter 14
My Darling Robert, You can not imagine what I had felt when my interpreter was out of city. At first I felt mute and unhappy. Thank you that now I have a habit to go to the Internet cafe to read your beautiful letters for me.
Of course, we both realize that it’s important that we learn each other much more about each other through letters and phone conversations. And I think it would be better to speak with each other next week. I will try to organize all these things and I will inform you soon. It’s so nice that we have so much in common and we like the same things I do like all those things that you wrote in your letter and I can say you that I have so fantastic feelings about you but at the same time I feel shy to say about them. You know these feelings are so nice and special and I can say that frankly speaking I feel them at first time in my live. I’ve never had the same before. And I want to thank you that you are and for new form of feeling you. I’m like a butterfly flying beautiful flowers breathing the fantastic heady aroma. When I think about you and our future date my head began to swim. But at the same time I’m afraid that you forgot about me and about my excuse that my interpreter was out of the city. Robert,I’m not sure how to do it but I’ll find out and do it in near future the thing is that I would like to delete my profile from web site, and what is about you? I’m so serious about you and I have a question that I would like to ask you. Are you serious about me? Darling, I’m waiting for your reply? Have a nice day Marina P.S.: Besides, today is Radmir’s birthday. I made for him good party at school and this evening we are going to my family’s home to celebrate his birthday with all our relatives. I’m not sure when my letter will find you but I hope you wouldn’t forget that 9October is Radmir’s Birthday.
These pictures were made this winter and Radmir now looks elder.
Letter 15
Hi My Dear, My Darling Robert, I still feel bad and last night I had a fever. I consult doctor and he gave me some medicine to take and as well he gave me an advice to have a rest and that I shouldn’t forget that the relaxation had the same high importance as a good health diet. So we both shouldn’t forget about his advice and I’m pretty sure that we will follow his advice. Darling, I hope you are fine and you have a good weekend? Have a nice day Your Marina
Letter 16
Robert, I’m fine but I’m pretty sure that if you were here in such cold evening with me I would feel better. I should say you that on Sunday it was hurricane and when we woke up the first thing that we saw outside was a big fallen tree. The wind is very strong even now and sometimes we have a problem with electricity. But don’t worry everything is ok. I just miss you. hope to hear from you soon what ia about our date? have a nice day Marina
Letter 17
Hi My Darling, I hope you are well. I’m fine and I’m happy because at last I moved to my new rent apartment. Local phones don’t work still after hurricane but land lady promised me that it would work, It looks not so nice as previous one but it’s more close to my son’s school. I hope that some day we both as a family will have big and cozy house. Besides, can you say me more about place where you live? Can you send some pictures. I know that it’s probably question for future but I’d like to know if we decide to move and live in your country does Radmir have his own room? What is about dog. Radmir adores dogs but unfortunately we can not afford dog or any pet because we don’t have our own apartment. I hope that in near future we will do everything to make our date possible and will find the right way to make arrange this date. I believe that our date would change our lives. You mentioned Poland, but I think that Prague will be more conveniaent for me. What do you think? Hope to hear from you soon Marina
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