Letter(s) from Olga to Jon (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Jon,
Many thanks for your letter.Yes, I got it and pictures, thank you very much..
Jon, I really don't know the time difference between our countries.
You are not only a very handsome man, as I read from your letter you are also very intelligent and warm hearted.
I feel the same like you. But I am afraid that someone plays with my heart and feelings. I am not interested just in a good looking man,I also want to find my soul mate, the one and only. I belief in magic, and I trust in Paolo Coelho words: “ The treasure will finds you...! "I belief in the "stupid" kind of magic that somewhere my destiny waits for me.
My dear, please be sure that I am not a woman who only want a pretty face to have fun. Because I am not looking for a husband without his own meaning..
I am looking for the prince of my heart, my destiny and the one I could show him everyday how much I love him and how important he is for my life.
My ideal romantic day with my partner depending on the weather, but on a nice hot or warm day would be a day out together at the seaside having a walk a long the beach or a day at a theme park having a picnic,then later in that evening a nice romantic meal at a restaurant the home to relax in each other arms while having a nice glass of wine this would make my day complete.
Your so very beautiful and sexy.

Please wonderful man, take care on yourself and listen to your heart... and then decide what you are going to do !!!
I hope you write me back...I am still waiting for your letter...
With great respect,
Your Olga

Letter 2

Good day my dear Jon,
I want to say that I love your words, your letters very much.
You awoke feelings in my heart.
Now I would like getting to know you more and more.
I am so glad that you got interested in me. I do not know how to explain it but my thoughts about you become intense from day to day.
I feel that my dreams about my future family come true.
I hope you think the same.
I want you to know I will try to do my best to be a good woman for you. I think about you and about us every day and night.
You don’t leave my thoughts. I can’t sleep peacefully knowing that there is a man of my dreams and he lives in the other country.
Now I am sure that my dreams come true. Every day I imagine that we are together and we are on the shore of the sea. We lie on the warm sand and the warm waves touch our feet. Beautiful birds sing songs, we listen to the wash and the light breeze caresses our hair. Everything seems so fairy and mysterious. Then you tell me about your life. You were so single without me and the great thing in your life is our meeting. You tell that you have never met a woman like me and I am so happy. Then we go along the shore, hold each other's hands and look at the blue distance. There are many dolphins. The two of them swim straight to us.
Maybe they are inseparable couple of lovers.
We come into the warm water and dolphins swim around us. It seems that they feel we are the happiest people in the world.
I wish this dream would never end.
You know, I really believe, our fate, our life, our future is a great picture which we may paint together. Imagine that you and me are painters.
We will choose colors and landscape. Maybe it will be picturesque scenery but also maybe a dust storm. I hope we will make a right choice.
Thinking about you all the time.
Hugs and kisses your Olga

Letter 3

Hello, my darling,
I am very happy, to see your letter today.
John, my parents are worried about me, besides, they are a little suspicious to foreigners, but they see I'm happy and they are very glad for me too,it's my choice and they would always respect it.
I really need you in my life.
I wait for your letters and news from you, as the phenomenon something especial. I am very glad to see your letters, they warm me. I go for work, and I don't want to go there because I did not see your letter. Friends tell, that I have fallen in love, and that on me all is visible. I don't know, what's with me, I constantly think about you. If I don't receive from you news I worry very much.
You know, I want to thank your parents, I was delighted, as have understood, that you the excellent son of the parents.
I am grateful to them that they have brought up in you a very good person!
Do you remember, I told you that I have a girlfriend, who lives in USA?
Recently she and her husband came to visit her parents. And yesterday, they came to visit me too together with their little son, his name is Jack, he’s my god-son. I love him very much. Kate’s husband is Negro, and frankly speaking her parents first were minding her marriage. But now she’s happy, she found her true love and she regrets about nothing, she’s really very happy. I'm also very glad for them.
You know, I also think, that the color of skin, nationality, religion and culture difference means nothing if two people love each other. Do you agree with me?
As for me, I'm lucky with my parents, they're very nice people, they're worried about me, but they understand me and support me. I began to tell them about you, and you know, they began also like you. I really want that once you became the part of my family.
I wish you nice day and remember, there is a person who is thinking about you.
It’s me...
Your Olga.

p.s. this is my number +38093 9666 050

Letter 4

My Dearest Darling,
Thank you very much for your letter, for your nice and warm words.
My life is so empty without you, and your letters.
I hate coming home after work to an empty apartment and i often imagine seeing you sitting on the sofa when I enter my apartment and I go over to give you a big kiss and tell you how very much I missed you all day. My world begins when you are here to greet me every evening and we prepare dinner together, how wonderful it is to walk with you in the park after dinner and just to enjoy each others embraces.
I want this to be reality honey. You don't sound at all happy with your life right now either, you are tired of your job and going home and no one is waiting for you and it is a real pity to be lonely. I say let's chuck it all and start anew.
We will never have another lonely day and every day will be wonderful because we love each other and we will just enjoy doing everything together..
I will support you in everything that you do.
You know, my dear, only now I realize that our life is predestined before we are born -and I think that our meeting was supposed to happen...
I believe that each person have been predicted to do things he/she was supposed to go through...I believe that if we did not meet earlier it has happened so because we were not ready for the meeting - we had to over come some obstacles in our life that helped us to realize that we should be going in a different direction in our life.
And we have reached our aim in finding the special one -I have found the most special person for me - each day I am going through the difficulties - the main difficulty is that I don't have you near my side and I want to be with you so much...I am so looking forward to the day when we will actually meet...and I know that after this meeting we won't want to live separately...and all of our dreams and desires will become true...
Well darling i must close for now, it is almost time for me to go home and i still have some work
Hope you had a good day today. write soon.
With all my love

Letter 5

Hello,my darling !
Jon, i live about 900 klm far from Kiev and 1200 klm far from Odessa.
it's very expensive for me to fly there. Jon, I really want to meet with you the nearest airport to me is Lyghanskij.
Usually I come home at 7 o'clock, but you can call me in any day after 3 o'clock in my time.
How are you today?
I am happy, to see your answer!!!
I waited for your letter with great impatience.
You are as drink of fresh air which now so is necessary for me. It is a string which is taking place through hundred thousand of kilometers, through oceans and the seas, through the huge areas of fields and meadows.
I want, you to tell me what you think and that you feel more.
It's very important for me.
It's that, through what I can learn you and your world.
You became very necessary in my life!!!
I dream of you in the dreams, I feel, that you somewhere are very close, beside and at the same time is very far.
You, maybe, also don't suspect, but I feel, I became completely other person. Yes, yes it you have changed my life, it due to you I can tell, that I am in love.
I cannot think of anything,all my ideas are borrowed only with you.
On the one hand it is good,and with another I am frightened simply with all this situation.
And the biggest problem that between us of hundred thousand kilometers.
And it disturbs me most of all.
I believe in destiny, but on the other hand I know, that there are things which the person himself chooses.
But now I understand, that not all in our life so is easy and simple.
That didn't occur, it should take place, and anything cannot prevent this.
Even if the person will try to bypass this word destiny, it all the same will make the. I never could even suspect, that I can meet you and that my life so will turn.
I am really happy, that it happened with me. And at present my life,you take very a very important place. I do not want to lose these attitudes.
I am afraid to lose that communication, that string that connects us.
With ideas about you, I finish this letter in hope soon to see your answer.
Kiss you
Your Olga

Letter 6

Hi, my lovely Angel
I was so excited when I read your letter. Every letter of you is like a present in my life.
Jon, Lyghansk isn't very far from me, in my city there is no hotels, but in Lyghansk there is of corse hotels. I really want to meet with you very much. Lyghansk, it's the east of Ukraine.
My life is full only with thoughts of you. All my friends ask me: "Olga, what happened to you?" I answered only that a sweet angel came into my life and I am so very very very happy. Everybody want to know who is this angel who changed me?.......
I am writing this letter to confess that I am in total love with you, and I don't know what I would do without you.
My heart is yours to keep. I want us every moment we share together I could never forget.
We can't know how will be our life in future...just we must be sure that we made the correct choice...right?
We can`t change our fate never...it was our fate to meet each other and now we can`t live without each other...
Why you think the destiny gave me to you? It knew that you are the best and that you need in your life a angel...
I want to be this angel for you. Nothing in this world is not accidental.
And, I really believe,year by year when live together our love will grow until the end on our lives and our children will continue our existence from this earth and them will be so proudly of their parents....
Oh my angel, I cant wait for this moment when I close you in my arms. Today I will present my heart to you and I hope you will always care of it and never brake it.
I send you all my love and the most tender kisses to you.
Your Olga