Scam letter(s) from Ann Micheals to Bert (Sweden)

Letter 1
My Love

i am so glued to you that my heart will belong to u forever!!i amonly thinking about you always.i love you and want to be with you for real.Honey bert there is nothing that can stop me loving you.u are my sunshine and dream come thru.i love you and can do anything to make you happy love the phone i am using at home is a table phone,we can only talk in the nite my love with the phone its a welcome thing and i love it.when i get home today i will use it and flash you ok ?so that u can see the number and call back my love.i love you and can do anything for us my love.i can,t wait to be with you real soon my love .i love you and want yuou close to me now. and now ...

waiting and waiting....

From Your Love

Ann micheals
Letter 2
Hello my love

i am doing ok.i misssed you so much love yes i have a very busy day at work,due to xmas season alot of customers are coming in and going out.i think its good for every workers here and the management.i really miss you so much.everytime i am thinking of how to meet you in person.i love you and can do anything my love.Honey i know in my heart that you re not going anywhere.i know you are mine and nothing will take you away from me.i know you are right beside me but i can,t see you real but i strongly believe that one day we will see each other for real and make unending love to each other.i love you bert.i love everything in you.the way you do things,i love you for who you are,honey i can,t wait to be with you ,cuz i know one day i will start work and we will do everything together as one.train our kids in a better way together.the reason why i have not connected the messenger is,due to over work here,and power failure,we close very late at nite and taken home by office bus.i can,t wait to connect the messenger so that we can write me each other,see each other on cam.i love you my love and i can,t wait to be with you soon.u are my life and everything and my dreams come true.i will not stop loving you.i know we will have a good home,live in peace,when i am with you.,always take care of yourself for me. i will chat with you when i get the time my

From your love

Ann micheals
Letter 3
My love Bert,

i wewere attacked by arm robbers on my way to Warri.i was ***** and i was taken to a ritual man who ask them to leave me so that i can continue my journey.Bert i know how much pain you will observe when you are waiting fo me.i am weak.i am weak for walking alone in the nite at bush,Honey bert i thank God for his help towords me.Without God help by now,i am no more in the land of living.i misssed you so much and nothing will stop us each other.....take care ofd youirself for me ,i am still in agbo now.someone took me and sheltered me,cloth me.pls be STRONG FOR ME.until i recovered.i missed you.

From Your Love

Ann micheals
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