Scam letter(s) from Olga Dolgevera to Anthony (UK)

Letter 1
Hello dearest Tony! How are you doing? How have you spent your weekend? I hope everything alright!?

I have spent this weekend well too. Saturday's evening I have spent with my workmate. We made a picnic at park and it was very funny. The weather was great and it is Indian summer here (do you know what is it- Indian summer?). Sunday I have spent with my daughter and my mom and we walked all day.

I want to tell you something more about my family too. As I wrote to you in my first letter, in my family there are 4 person. This is my mum, my brother, me and my daughter now. I spoke that my daddy has passed away and it was the real shock for all of us. He was completely healthy and he has never complained of his health, but the reason of his death was heart attack. It is 5 years already since then he is not with us. It was difficult for all of us without him during first time. At his life he was very cheerful, sociable and kind person and we had miss him very much. And of course it was very difficult from the financial side. But, as the saying goes, the time treats any wound, physical or sincere...

My mother's name is Maria. My mother is the most dear person for me and she is my best friend! She is 56 years old now. She is out of work now (pension off) and the most of her life she worked as the doctor in hospital. Her main task now is to help in education of my daughter.:-)
I am very grateful her for this.

My brother's name is Sergey. He is 27 years old. He is married and he lives with his wife in other part of our city. They have no children still, but I hope that the replenishment of our family will be soon!

Now you know a little bit more about my family! Though I have forget to tell you about one more member of our family. She is our dog and her name Zhulya. I love pets very much and my friend has suggested me to take this dog, but during first time my mum was not delighted from it. But in due course she has got used to this dog and now they are the big friends!

Now I can tell with certainty, that you know a little bit more about my family. There may be someday you can meet all of them!

I have attached some pictures to this letter: me with my brother, me with my daughter and me with my dog. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my mum in digital variant and can't send you any pictures of her...:-(

I shall finish this letter and I shall wait your following letter with impatience!

Yours Olga.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Tony!

It's really very nice idea to meet you in person. I shall be very glad to meet you and I think that it would be more better than correspondence. It would give us more common representation about each other and alive dialogue. This is the best understanding. I am thinking about our meeting and it is very interesting to me to come to your country. I have never been to outside of Russia, but certainly most important for me it to meet you!!!

But Tony, yesterday I am for the sake of interest have found out the cost for the trip to your country and I can tell that I have been a little shocked. Of course I knew that it will be expensive, but I didn't think that it will so expensive. And of course I had a plans for our meeting. But after I have found out the cost for the trip I don't know what I can do? I don't know how you will estimate it, but I am very depressed with that. I want to meet you and be honesty it was one of my biggest desires. But now I think that it stay just a dream and my illusion. I really didn't think that I can find such person as you and I really started to make some plans for ours meeting and future, but now I don't know what I can do at all?

But certainly it not a barrier for our letters and we can continue our correspondence and who knows may be we will find a way to meet!

Yours Olga.
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