Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to William (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my wonderful boyfriend, honey, your letter is super as always..i feel so much love and care from your letters, baby....i adore you, my love. honey, unfortunately i do not have a driving licence because i have never driven a car, they are too expensive here, baby!!!
Letter 2
My love,
thanks for your question. I have been to the airport and I received all the necessary information about my coming to you. My love, I was told that the ticket from Kharkov to Oslo costs 884.88$ by Lufthansa airlines. I was told that these are very good airlines and they are very safe and comfortable. So, this is conceretely about travelling.
and as far as I have never been abroad, I was told that I need the following documents. I need the international passport, a travelling visa, a medical insurance, a document from work. The international passport costs. If to make a passport in a month, it will cost 250$. if to make it in two weeks, it will cost 350$. if to make it in a week, it will cost 450$. The travelling visa costs 200$. A medical insurance costs 100$. thanks God a paper form work is for free. Honey, I am just shocked with the prices. Baby, what do you think about what I have written and about the information which I managed to receive? I am shocked. I am honestly shocked with the prices. My love, I have been saving money but to tell you how much I saved, you will be laughing if to compare with the prices. I saved 200$. For me it was a very big sum already. but now i see that it's nothing. I am so frustrated, my love, that I cannot pay for myself. It's awful, my money will be enough for visa only. I am shocked, baby. My love, I don't even know what to do? i want to be with you very much and i am dreaming about it for such a long time already. baby, can I rely on you in helping me to get to you? i just do not see a way out. My salary is too low. I receive 400$ per month. Yesterday's night I was watching an amazing movie…it appealed to the deep and profound a great interest in me. I was so astonished that I even decided to write you about it. I still don't remember the tittle, but the content was about a man-doctor who lost his wife while she was on her mission of being a doctor in jungles. When she died he had the though that she was alive and lots of things were proving it, but nobody believed him. Until he decided to travel to the place where she died to see her dead body with his own eyes and to calm down. He traveled a lot an overcame lots of difficulties on his way but finally found people who knew her and one old woman said: I knew your wife. She came to our village to die. We couldn't save her body, but we saved her soul….he didn't understand her, she caught this, took his hand and went ahead o the small cozy house…she opened the door…they came in…and man saw a baby….small beautiful child lying in the house and smiling…(doctor's wife was pregnant when she went on her mission and when the bus crashed she was able to survive but anyway died while giving birth to her child…). Honey, I was astonished with these words…we couldn't save her body but saved her soul… I truly believe that our kids are a part of our soul, especially when they are babies…all our positive energy and all our positive emotions we give to our kids and then they grow up kind and tender… Darling, I would love to be a good mother, I know that when a woman is pregnant she has to control everything she is doing, because in spite of a thing that baby is not born yet, he is inside of his mother and feels every tear…every second of happiness…I know so many things about pregnancy and babies, I would love to have my own baby soon. And I will be very happy to see you in the role of my husband and baby's Dad. I've been thinking a lot about proposing you this, I feel that we will be happy together and baby will only strengthen our union! I am forever only your
And i will be with you for my whole life
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