Scam letter(s) from Natalia Kozhemyako to Jukka (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello again my sweet Jocke! I was waiting for a letter from you with impatience actually. Maybe you can't believe in that but it's true. I hope that your interest in me is serious and sincere. Anyway, I can't hide my emotions that I'm happy to hear from you today. The days last time are so grey and unhappy, but now I'm getting a hope on a brighter future... can you bring it into my life, dear? Thanks for retelling something about yourself but I'm more than sure that there is still much to discover in your soul book right? Will you allow me to explore it? At first, it's my turn to retell about myself, right? :) So, I'm a simple girl as I've already told. The reason I'm in the Internet looking for my husband is also simple. After many unsuccessful tries in real life I've become desperate in finding my husband... and I heard that many people were lucky to find their second halves through the Internet... that's why I decided to try it as well. My full name is Natasha Kozhemyako and I was born on the 26th of August in 1981 in Ukraine in Lugansk's region in the city of Markovka. Here I spent all my childhood. It's not a highly developed city... more like a village closer to town by its development. Then when I had to attend school my family moved to Lugansk. Since that time we settled here. I finished National University of Taras Shevchenko and became a designer of interiors... though I never had this job :) It's just my speciality... and I devoted it to my greatest passion!! To flowers!!! I became a florist :) the salary is few.. but I love my job! really! During years my life changed many times. My parents had a nice business together which was giving quite much money into our family budget and the life was wonderful. I didn't refuse my any desire and demanding. So I travelled a lot around the world. But most of all I liked to be in Rome... it was a fabulous time and I have many photos from there. So, my life was like a fairy tale. But then... a terrible thing happened. At parent's business they had problems with tax inspection... then some other governmental procedures... and they got into debts... and then had to sell everything... actually our family lost everything and left as a poor family :( It's a lucky chance that father wasn't put into prison. I lost my boyfriend because of endless depressions.... though I have some photos left. I didn't actually know what the love is... and now, being one on one with life as it is I'm able to taste this marvelous feeling, which must be so fantastic, so pure, so life inspiring. I'm waiting for a man who could make such a present for me at last. Honey, if you are interested to know more about me, you are always welcome to ask any question you have. I will answer them with pleasure. If you will reply, I can retell more about my family, my hobbies and my job. And for now... accept hundreds of kisses and hugs, and don't forget about me, dear. As a response, write about your life as much as you want. I need to know you better too, right? I've attached two photos. Hope you like them. :) Write soon please, I'll miss without your letters. XOXOXOXO Yours Natashenka
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