Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Rozhentsova to Carsten (Germany)

Letter 1

Hi as you? I think that at you all simply wonderfully, it seems that so all simply to have the person and to write to it constantly letters, thanks you for so fine photos, I think that you can write to me constantly and to send your photos, you would know now as to me hardly to write to you this letter only because all this very seriously would be desirable to know you as it is possible better. As you already know that I was born in city cheboksary, it are very remarkable city, my mum and the grandmother and the daddy all of them have been given birth here. I since the childhood grew here and all time studied now in searches of work well at me there is certainly a place where I earn additionally at present, I carry newspapers. This work certainly not so good but is pleasant to me that now I can wish with it is necessary as that to earn money what to live.. In fact you understand me. It would be desirable to have as many children seem you of me understand that that there has come that term when the family is time to get and real attitudes between which person really love. Thanks that you have written to me all about yourselves, I think that I shall learn you under your letters, it so is wonderful. Carsten I as can speak you much about myself, but it seems to me that in it is not present what care only because all this at all so, I think that all of you could understand me only because all that I shall write to you only the truth, I am very serious to this I concern and on this I the truth want to have which person it is possible to grow fond here really. I think that we shortly could understand each other, but as all this seems to you that letters so simply only will get acquainted but when we could see each other in a real life then we could learn each other very well, it seems to me what not to me to you it to speak, because you the man you should understand it.. . Write to me send your new photos, it will be very pleasant to receive from you your new letters so it is pleasant when I write to you and you answer me, at me still such when was not, I am simply happy. Carsten I am in the Internet of cafe, and I not so quickly write letters to you, well I understand all and I wait from you for your attention to me... Tanya
Letter 2

DEAR Carsten thanks you for the letter, me so is pleasant to receive from you it! Your photo is simply wonderful me so pleasantly to see it, all this time I thought of you, you certainly for me very nice, nevertheless understand me correctly that I write all this for you and is very serious. Carsten certainly I as shall shortly send you my photos, I think that to you will be pleasant to see it. I all sit and I think as all this pleasantly when we each other write letters and we learn each other a little, I can inform at once to you that that my character very good not looking on anything, but I do not know we could meet for example in a place each other because you to me it is very pleasant, you trust in love at first sight? I now at all do not know as you it is possible to name because I would like to name you my dear, but we still each other not so well know. I as would like that you understood me and as it is possible well because as you already know that for me it is necessary to have only very serious attitudes.. I Shall wait from you for the answer, I want to set to you many questions... Please write to me as soon as possible... Yours Tanya
Letter 3

Dear my thanks you for the letter I am simply happy that you have written to me, road when I to you shall travel I with you I shall remain very for a long time, how many you want. All only for the sake of you you understand me now I love all that that you write to me. It so is wonderful to communicate and love with you you as soon as possible in a real life. Understand me correctly I want I want you and to be with you. Send to me your new photo? You have it. I in my free time am engaged only in sports I shall pinch behind my health. And you? Write to me soon I shall be glad. Yours Tanya
Letter 4

My full details:
name: Tatyana Rozhentsova.
The country Russia.
city Cheboksary
street Petrova 32-40.
Dear Carsten
thanks you for the letter I am simply happy to see your new letter, I would like you to inform that I am glad that you understand me concerning everything, I today went and learned all concerning my travel to you so you can not experience when I have come to agency, I have met there my familiar and she has told that will help me with my documents very quickly, now it is necessary to solve a problem concerning money. All my full travel will cost 951 euro. you can to send it through the western union, my familiar the agent has told that I can receive from you this sum of money through the western union, only because it is very convenient and easy. This full travel, to this travel enters the ticket from cheboksary up to Moscow, and from Moscow to you in. Also the passport for travel abroad and the visa. All this will be there and back, the visa will is given as it seems to me for 3 weeks. Carsten road I still when in my life was not abroad, would would be desirable me that you met me at the airport and smiled to me. It will be simply wonderful. You could leave to me your full name, and your exact address? It is very important for me. You can see my full data in my letter. It would be pleasant for me to see you as soon as possible because you the truth very strongly like me. Carsten now you can know that in agency all my documents will to be done not so for a long time as soon as you to me send this sum of money and in some days approximately 4-5 days all documents will be ready, so you can not experience, I am simply happy that I have met there my familiar and that that she has agreed to help me with it. You understand me? Dear I thought of you all this time I think that all this our destiny well I do not know, but I have realized all that that I thought of you, and now you can know that you to me very much and very strongly like, all will be wonderful, we can learn each other in a real life, you probably with me will be agree that that having written each other it does not give many letters much, because when people look each other in the face they learn each other more.
Understand me correctly. My most gentle kisses for you.
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