Scam letter(s) from Olga Shatunova to Al (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear, I wish you good Christmas, it is a pity only, that we not together, I have lost hope, I need to pay the credit, the penalty, I do not know what to do?please help me do not leave me, I shall not consult without you ((I do not know, what such, actually my documents good, I know, it for certain, it can be simple you have decided to me to revenge for those deceits, yes I has guessed ((((Of you it very much not beautifully, me to not extinguish with the credit itself, moreover and these penalties ((((((With me more money will leave on lawyers (((you understand me??? I went to agency and I speak, what my visa a fake, and they speak me, you have not left anywhere as you can assert it, understand my accusations are not proved ((((That I shall tell, it speaks my beloved with America, it sounds not so cleverly ((((((I simply in despair, rescue my life, my father now without consciousness, for me this greater shock (((((((((Tell I I can expect from you the help, or all this???? Answer me, what for you so with me have acted?because of your mistrust you lose me (((you behave as the weak person, on your place this business of a principle, I would check up, simply decency of the person))) And you as I see simply me have brought, you that that have not lost, and is necessary to pay to me 2300 $ the penalty, can tell where I shall take such money, I the truth did not think, what so to happen, why you so with me have acted?all of you spoke spoke, and that did not do where were your actions, you only constantly accused me in lie, all this on what you are capable??????????? Never I shall forgive to you, what you so with me have acted? I cannot pay the penalty, can though here I can hope for your help, answer me?????? All our attitudes were only revenge, for an old deceit, I wait for your answer, Olga
Letter 2
Greetings my dear I my visa in the order) is ready to arrive to you) I only need to be helped with tickets, but you why that do not help me, what to me to do?????I do not know, tell to me as you have noted Christmas, all was good, I miss on you, but it is very hard for me from - for the daddy, it to be without consciousness, I pay much, because have not arrived to you, and that mine the daddy dies if it will die I shall not go through this awful event ((((((((((Please rescue me, at me is not present the favourite person beside, I want to cry to it in a shirt, that it of me has regretted and has caressed, can then I not so shall strongly experience)) Please help me, I rise before you on knees, I beg you do not throw me in such heavy situation, in fact you my prince, you cannot so with me to act.....Tell you to me will help we shall meet till January, 11??? I wait for your answer, I love you Olga!!!
Letter 3
Hi my dear, I am very glad to receive from you the letter, how from you affairs??? At me unfortunately all very much my father at death and I cannot to it than help, the credit to me any more do not give I shall not pay off yet with it, and still if I to you shall not come that to me it is necessary to pay the penalty, I do not know as with it to consult, it is simply awful, it is a pity, what you now not beside (((It is simply awful to me at all to whom to cry, me nobody can regret, I in fact the woman, I fragile and gentle, when happensble a difficult situation, the woman always to become defenceless, you agree with me??? Dear so I would arrive, only I do not know as, at me all is simply awful (((
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!100000000kissssss
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