Scam letter(s) from Natalia Dorohina to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Billy!!!

I am very glad to see your letter!! MY DEAR I it is glad that you will to try to do all for our meeting!!! My dear today I with am new went to travel agency before its closing for the night. I have learnt that it is necessary to start to do documents now, that is at present money for documents is necessary to me. I spoke that documents will be 550USD, my dear you should know that documents are necessary to me without fail. And them it is necessary it is necessary to start to do right now. MY DEAR I think that you will not have difficulties in sending of money to me. As I very much worrying in this occasion. My dear I ask you to send money without everyone not trust to me. As we should trust each other. And to love as. My dear I very much love you. Also I wish to arrive more likely to you!!! My dear road I am glad that you wish to arrive to me, but I very much do not want it. As I very much am afraid of that that you iioeoaou criminals here can. It you think that you very brave, I am very glad that you can to stand for me and for you niiiai. My dear at us in Russia very dangerous criminals which can **** the person for any money. At us on the Russian news that Russian criminals iioeoaee not for a long time showed the Australian citizen that is the tourist. They scoffed it and asked many money for the repayment. My dear you understand it. I perfectly understand you, I understand that you the organised tourist and know all about tourism. But mine ai?aie I very much would not want that you have arrived to me as I very much love you and I am afraid for you!!! My dear for us it will be better if I arrive to you. As it will be much better for both of us. My dear I very much wish to see your country and to visit you!!! MY DEAR I very much would want that you waited for me at the airport. Then have gently kissed me, and have taken away in the house. And then we long made love!!! My dear it is very romantic!!! I wish to be with you!!! And I wish to arrive to you!!! MY DEAR I send you the a photo intim as you and asked. MY DEAR I ask you to send money very soon as it is necessary to do documents necessarily!!! My dear now I need to go!! I will wait for the letter!! Very strongly I kiss all your body!!! Your bride NAtasha!!!
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Billy!!!!
My love I already spoke that I found out from travel agenct that it is necessary for us to do that we were together. My love now for us the most important it to begin documents. After we shall pay for documents, it will start to be made. My love on it 2-3 weeks is required. After there will be all it is known about documents we can to buy the ticket!!! Now the most important it to begin documents. My love in given the moment to begin documents to me it is necessary 550 USD . After I shall pay this money to travel agency and to sign the contract, they will begin all documents. My love the earlier we shall pay, the more quickly they will start to make all documents. All depends on us my dear! My love in travel agency to me also have told as better to send money. My love travel agent has told that the most convenient and fast way is the Western Union. My love you know this bank??? Western Union it is bank which transfers money this money. To send money to you it is necessary to know my full data.
My love this is my full info:
Dorohina Natalya Valerevna
City: Orenburg
index: 460000
Address: Syktyvkar, street May Day, the house. 62
My love it is my full data. I hope that you can find out about the Western Union. It is very popular bank. My love you only imagine that very soon we shall together. My love I dreamt about us today at night. I saw us with you together in a city late evening. We went on city, keeping for hands. We were in beautiful places, then we came into cosy restaurant. We had supper. After that we send home. You have put beautiful music, we danced. Then you have taken me on the hands and has carried away in a bedroom. We had perfect night... Morning I have prepared coffee for you and has brought it to you in bed. I have woken up and has understood, that it dream only, became sad to me. I to want to have all this in real life, my love! Ok my love I should finish my letter now. I with impatience shall wait your letter tomorrow. I want that you always knew that I love you very very much!!! your's loving Natasha.
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