Scam letter(s) from Rita Desmond to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello how are you today? I’m glad to hear back from you. Let me tell you little about me. There are so many time wasters on these sites; I have decided to write you a detailed message about my personality and myself. The reason for this is to ensure that you know I am genuine, honest and hopefully looking for a genuine relationship with a real person. How am I single? - I have no idea at all. However, I am very comfortable with my skin and I have a great personality. I am a firm believer in chemistry and only you can decide if you would like to get to know me. Material aspects but also personality trends should not judge this chemistry. I have made myself smile when I have written this and I bet you know exactly what I am meaning. What will I settle for? - I am looking for the real thing but we all need friends and buddies. I am a happy single but yes there are lonely times. I am a firm believer that being happy single is better than being unhappily attached. I really do enjoy my independence but hate sleeping and waking alone. I like to wake up to see someone I love by my side, I love my bed but hate not having the cuddles and nudges in the back while fighting for the quilt. I love keeping my house always tidy and hate a mess. What I am trying to say is I won't jump in with two feet but I am looking for a male friend to share laughs, good times, bad times, hugs, kisses and passion. I hate wishing my life away and wasting time. That means I am ready for the friendship now with the view to build the relationship for the future. If the relationship takes one day or ten years to develop so be it. At least we would both be having a great time in the getting to know process. Sorry if that sounds desperate I am just being 100% honest.
Hope to read from you soon. And send some of your resent pictures in your next e-mail.

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