Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Chepaykina to Klaus (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Georgi! I am very glad (I want to tell you this again) to receive your letter. I waited very much that you will write me, and I glad so much to see your words!
It is interesting for me to learn more about you. I have told my girlfriend (I wrote you that my friend acquainted through the Internet with the person from France) about our communication and she was very glad for me that I acquainted with you. She asked me to say Hello from her to you! Dear Georgi before to begin serious relations we should find out well Each other well?
It is very interesting for me to read your e-mails, from them we have a chance to know more about each other, and I beginning to know more about you and your life. Certainly, you want to learn a point of our correspondence, about its sense, do you? I want to inform you that when I saw your profile, it liked me more than profiles of the other men.
I hope that we will have serious relations and I want you to know that I am very serious about us. I have a great hope that at all will be good for us!
I work as the secretary at school. I have finished technical school by a profession - the secretary. I help to write reports, I type the text on a typewriter, and I hang up the schedule of lessons. It is approximately about 1000 children at our school, I like my work, certainly not all duties. For example, the most important, that we have a bad financing from our government for schools and this is reflected in our salary in general. But our collective copes with all.
I want to tell to you also about my parents. I live together with mum and my grandmother, my grandmother absolutely old, she is 75 years, and my mum 48. We live in a two-roomed apartment. My mum works as the teacher of Russian and the literature at school. She is a very kind woman like all mums, I think. My grandmother on pension, she worked as the milkmaid in collective farm, but 5 years ago she arrived to city because it is very difficult to live along in a village because she has an ill leg, therefore it is necessary to look after her.
I want to inform you also that I talked with my relatives about my acquaintance with You through the Internet, they approved it because they care of my future life. My parents wish me a happy life and wish me to find my second half, mine person.
I had a father, but he died when I were 8 years, he served in Afghanistan and he had many wounds, and eight years ago he's heart has stopped.
He was very good, kind person and he loved me very much.
I have cousin also, his name is Ruslan, he works as the security guard in bank, he always protects us, helps always, and he has a wife and a child, who is just 3 years.
It is all that I can tell about my family. I do not mean that I have nothing to say about my family more, I can tell how we like to spend our holidays and how we spend our time in the garden in a village. If it will be interesting for you, I shall tell about it.
Please, tell me about your parents too, just about your family.
During ours weekend, in my free time, we, my girlfriends and I walk in our city, we like to sit in cafe with a cup of tea. I love my girlfriends very much, especial my Best girlfriend Evgenia. She is like a real sister for me! By the way, Evgenia works at our school as the teacher. I want to tell you also that Evgenia and Jean live in Kirov now. Evgenia visited at the last year Jean at France, Jean asked Evgenia that she should visited him after that, When they have understood that they cannot live without each other. I remember, how happy Evgenia was at that time. They lived during 2 months in France. And then they arrived in Kirov, easier speaking, Evgenia asked Jean to visit her relatives because she misses them very much, and she would like to see Mum and daddy on some time, and they arrived from France in Kirov.
They are very happy together, they love very much each other, and I envy Evgenia and Jean a little. We are meeting together, walking, we spending a free time together. We are good friends!!!
I want to tell you also, that I never been outside Russia, I never visited other countries, but I would like to travel once, it would be so romantic, I think. Well, Georgi, I should finish my letter to you, I hope, that we shall continue our correspondence, also that you will write me much more about yourself and I shall try to tell you more concerning me as far as it is possible in the future letters. I want to ask you About many things, and I hope that you will understand my questions and answers. I want to know more about your country.
I hope to receive your letter soon. Please, take warm greetings from my family and from my friends Evgenia and Jean!!!
I shall look forward to hearing from you Georgi.
If you have photos, send me all which you have (smile), certainly if you have an opportunity.
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