Scam letter(s) from Olga to Jerald (USA)

Letter 1
I am very glad to your letter.
I want to inform about me directly a little.
I live in Cheboksary
My mum, the daddy and I arrived to this city 5 years ago from Omsk city.
The daddy has taken natural gas. In this city to this promised good money, and we arrived here.
But refusal was, and it has been lost during explosion of gas 3 years ago
My mum and I have remained one - my works of mum as shopassistant in shop
My nationality - Russian. I - 26 years of age. My weight - 53 kg.
My height - 175 centimeters.
My favourite pink color. I love flowers: tulips, roses.
My game of a hobby in volleyball.
I do not know what to write to you. I - so anxiety. I write to the person
In the Internet for the first time.
Well, I shall continue, as I spoke, earlier I am a lonely girl.
I had only one guy the last year.
But it did not love me, the floor is required only.
I did not allow this a floor, and we have left.
I think, that the woman should wait for prince and to be to this the true wife.
Thus she{it} should have a floor only with his{its} beloved.
We have not, it is a lot of people in our city and all from them - natives the north.
All from them like to smoke and drink. If not it they count women silly
Also do not respect women.
I do not love it. And I do not see here the worthy person.
My girlfriend notified to me to find the unique person in the Internet.
She{It} heard, which in the Internet is possible{probable} to get acquainted with the interesting person.
I very much am interested, and I want to know you better.
Please write about you: about your life, about work, about your hobbies.
I shall wait for your letter to write.
Your friend Olga from Russia
Letter 2
Hello my dear!
How you? How - weather in you?
I promised to write more frequently, and I do{make} it.
Well, I shall continue to speak about me directly.
Most of all I to like to eat with a fried chicken and Pelmenis.
Pelmenis - a national dish of the Russian meat.
My favourite dessert - chocolate ice-cream.
My favourite singer - the Madonna. My favourite song is frozen.
My loved{liked;favourite} perfum - " Spring flowers ".
From seasons I love all.
I to love winter of it is possible{probable} to ski,
Throw each other a snow,
To skate and in winter very pure{clean} air.
I to similar I am thrown behind of that that flowering colors.
Air is filled with aroma of spring colors.
Leaves on trees - appear. And spring - time of love.
I love summer also..., however you understand, why it is possible to love summer:-))
It is warm, navigating, sunburn at coast,
New vegetables and fruit....
I love autumn for its{her} beauty!!! Leaves on trees are painted in various colors.
All around are similar to a picture of the big artist.
Wood reminds a huge work of art.
As you see me to love all seasons.
I want to be absolutely sincere with you and consequently I speak you only the truth.
I do not want it between us there were secrets. Please be also with me fair.
I hope, that you loved my photos. I shall send them more in the biggest degree {degree}.
I have no any chamber and consequently it is limited in an opportunity to do{make} many photos.
I to correspond{meet} in the Internet only with you
And in general I for the first time to write to the person in the Internet.
I am pleased, which our correspondence {conformity} continues. I want to study you as it probably is better.
Please write to me in the biggest degree {degree}. I shall try to answer all your questions.
Your Olga from Russia.
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