Scam letter(s) from Julia to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1

I am glad, that you have written to me. It is pleasant for me, that you have become interested in me I would like to learn more about you, your hobbies, to see your photos, to learn about you work, to learn about your city. What you want from the woman?
And now I want to tell to you a little about myself.
I live in Russia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk is in Siberia. I work as the nurse in hospital, I like my work To me 26 years. I think, that that moment when it is time to me to find my second half. I live in the city since my birth. I work in a polyclinic. I like to help to people, cares of them, to look at them when they recover on my eyes, lives are pleased. I like my work. We live with mum together, in 10 floor house on 5 floor.
We still have small house near to city where we put vegetables. My most favourite vegetables are cucumbers and tomatoes, I like to cook from them for tasty salad. And in general I like to cook: for mum, friends, visitors.
I like sport, I like to run on stadium in a court yard. I try to visit sports hall where I am engaged in fitness. Because of constant movement at me practically does not remain to time for. In my life I am cheerful, romantic girl. With me seldom it happens boringly. Frequently my mood is influenced with weather. Sun weather renders on me beneficial influence, I would like to be pleased and enjoy my life, it adds to me good energy. I love summer very much, to enjoy this at times. In summer we with my friends try to go to the nature: to bathe, sunbathe. We go to a wood behind berries, mushrooms. And in the winter we make walks on a wood, there it is very beautiful also to me would be desirable to be with the beloved man who would warm my heart.
I have many friends. They respect me for my fidelity, kindness. In difficult situations I trust them, and they can always help me. Once I was on hunting, it was not pleasant to me. It is a pity to me of these defenceless animals who are killed with people just for the **** of it.
Recently I go to rates of English, it would be desirable to write and speak better in this interesting language. Still I like the French language, but too difficult.
In relations between man and woman I like, when man - leader. I want to feel his power.
I think, that relations between the man and the woman should be under construction on trust.
As well as any girl I want to meet the man of dream which would like, appreciated me. These are my dreams and I would like to hope, that they will come true.
I am seriously adjusted for creation of pair. As I want, that my relations with the man have developed in a real meeting in the future.
Write to me, and I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
I shall hope for the further dialogue, yours faithfully.
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