Scam letter(s) from Varvara Afonova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my tender knight Billy! How are you getting on? I feel so good, there is some inspiration and excitement in you feel it?
I cannot think of you, our togetherness and meeting...
I see that you are careful, tender and sensitive.
I feel that you and I would be very comparable for each other, we know the dreams and we know what is reality.

We must work over our love, to develop them, to find out some ways of our closeness together. It's necessary for us.
I visited the travel company in my town and asked there what documents I need to come to your country, what is the best and secure way to organize it, how much it will cost. They told me to come abroad I should take an international passport and open a tourist visa.
it's not problem for me, darling Billy.

the travel company will make my paper work fast, good and without problem.
The clients needn't go to the embassy, because, the travel company, has a strong connection with the embassy stuff in Kiev. They collect my inside papers and a specialist will go to Kiev for register.
Before to get the visa, I have to make a health insurance.
I shall look into airfares. Later I'll say you, darling. Please, tell me, what is a nearest airport in your city, where can I fly?

The travel company can do it for 2 weeks and the service will cost $554 USD including for passport - $147 USD, for visa - $215 USD and the health insurance is $192 USD). The tourist visa will allow me to stay in another country for three months. If I start doing my paperwork right now.
Sweetheart Billy, do you help me with payment of my documents?
Will you be able to support me financial?

My feelings, I can get when see you and your soul, feel heartbeats faster.
Every woman dreams about a coffee in bed, loving husband, tenderness, care, caressing, attention.
I hope on your understanding, support and care. I am very glad that I shall in your life soon!

More kisses to you
from your fairy lady, Varya
Letter 2
sweetheart Billy,
It's a serious step in my life as a relocation to another country.
I want to build the relations, to be close to my love, to start a family, to marry. My family isn't against of my moving to abroad for marriage and my coming to your country. I believe in your serious intentions and decency, honesty to me. So they agree with me. Unfortunately, they can't help me financial, so I ask you about it and want to believe in your support and help to me very much. My parents want that I would be happy in marriage with my loving man. Share my wishes and feelings, darling. You know, I want very much to see you in your country, to feel a spirit of living, I wrote you about my goals in my first letter. I ask you to support me, to help me. When we'll be together heat a caress, tenderness each other.
It's so wonderful and exited for both. i think that our meeting is starting for new stage of us, our lives together...

I have never been to abroad, I understand, you can allow yourself to travel in different of cities, nooks and places of the world and i can't do it. We'll meet at my home place, of course, in future, i promise you.

Thank you very much for your promise to help me with money.
There is a bank next to my work and I went there to ask them if it is possible to get money there. I was told either that Western Union was a secure way of money transfer and I'd get money easy there. You should know my full name and address to send me money and I give it to you:

Varvara Afonova
Kutuzov street, 30
Volynskaya oblast
my Tel: +380 95 142 51 33

i am waiting for your letter eagerly
your loving Varya
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