Scam letter(s) from Franca Jallow to Bo (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello Dear,
I am in search for my life partner, soulmate, some one to share thesame heart, i really need a real man in my life who could be loving and caring, when i just came across your profile, i am writting you to get my attention, if we will love to share in the joy of our smile together,in fact i want to get to know you.... if we could surely make an angel with broken wings go an extra mile.
I will be glad if we get to know each other and become friends.You never know we could become the next success story on here.You could be my romeo and i your juliet.
i will like if we can be friends for now and see what God have for us in the nearest future. This is my email addres pls write directly to my email box so that i can send u my picture and tell u more about myself as i will like to see some more of your photos and know more about you. Phone Number to reach me 00233-249 393 766,
Thanks i look forword to hear from u very soon.
hope to meet you soon
My Best Regard
Letter 2
Hi Romeo,

Wow ... Darling you are really handsome and i love your picture.. darling is your name bosse

I am very happy and glad when i received your letter, i am your juliet name Franca Jallow.I am single.Never Married....I dont have any kids.I really wanna settle down and have a family of my own...I will be 28 this year and dear i feel age is just number when it comes to a true relationship, i dont think the outer mosty beauty that matters, and what matters is the inner most beauty, the true feelings and understanding, passionate love we can give our selfs ... well is okay we can start has best of friends...... and this my pictures i am sending you because my heart feel i like you.....

Here is a few things that makes me happy.....Let's see.. I love to travel. I've been to different places. .. Weekend trips are fun too.I like going to the beach and I wouldn't mind going to LA for a weekend I'm really down for whatever...My aim is to find a Trustworthy man, honest,handsome and my heart must confirm it....I would like to find out more about you I am really serious, which i really wanna get to know you and meet you someday soonest,

I really feel I need one who will be special to my heart, that we both always love and care about our feelings, if really there could be one single out there to be special to once heart, i have really been into a relationship before were i got an heart break and i was hurted in my heart, thats is really why i want to be in a true relationship that i will not be chected on or be hurt in my heart because,[ I THINK I AM JELOUS] i am not really confortable when it comes to that ... hope please i dont scare you, but this is how my heart feels. .. i want to know ........ know more about you .......

I grew up in Accra Ghana But I do feel Lonely when I travel..I just wanna stop travelling and settle down...Life can be so lonely.I just want someone Honest who willl be there for me so we can share the things of life together..I can Like what U want..I will be humble to U...Just please be free and let me know anything.. there is another thing that make me unhappy when i think of it, but i dont like just thinking of it, ..... if you care i talk about it in my next letter ... because i really want us to know more and every thing about our self to see what God hold us in the nearest Future. ..

I don't smoke but drink occationally non acoholic wine. I Love Kids so much.I look forward to having some if possible from you.I am honest person......

I also really enjoy being outside. Walking, biking,golf, sporting events, amusement parks, going to the pool, camping and stuff like that plus too..I try to stay very active.I am single and with the way you talk,I dont want to search any further, and baby i really want to tell you this that is not the outer beauty alone that matters in a woman, the inner most part matters alot, true heart and feelings ..

I feel glad to hear from you.Pls keep it coming..Cant wait to read from you again.
Best Regards.
Letter 3
Hi Dearest,

Good morning my romeo and sunshine, its loving to find your letter, reading your letter convince me you are real for me, thanks darling for your compliments ....

Darling thank you i know your full name Bo so will i be Mrs Franca,wow... it looks lovely darling, lol.... Darling hope Jenna and johan are doing very fine and great my best regard to them, i hope to meet with them soonest someday .... darling i am very happy today is fantastic, honey hope to visit the village you stay and to meet with you, i surely know you would love to have me on you arms ... . to see the sun shinning from the clear blue sky and hear the birds singing, and we could go for a romantic walk holding our hands together walking in the forest...

Honey hope some day we could travel to see the world together with your juliet even to see the moon .... honey it will really be intresting and loving to be with you ..

Honey to be sincerel with you i think i am falling in love with you, and i feel i do love you too... honey what do you say about your smoking habit, honey please understand i dont mean to make you unhappy, but i want you to understand is not even good for your health, but i am happy you are honest and sincerel with me, thats how you stole my heart because any other man could tell me a lie that they dont smoke because they know i dont like it, and they will not tell me the truth, Honey for making me know this i diffinately know you will not tell me a lie and i want we both to be 100percent honest with our selfs because is with honesty and understanding we could both build a beautiful home that we both and the kids will live happily together forever .... I love you honey but promise me you will try to stop the habit of smoking, darling please try your best and you will see more of your beauty and how hand some you will look for me, my pride is when my true love is in good health and happy doing well and always in a good and loving mood....

Honey thank you for your promise that since we have found our selfs, you will not search any more has i promise you from my heart i will no longer search any more because i have found my Love and forever love,

I love you the King of my heart..... yours Juliet Franca
Letter 4

Hi My Lovely Husband,

Honey i have been thinking all about you druing the day, i was trying to sleep tonight i was thinking about you my love, how are you doing, have you taking your dinner, are you watching TV, or went out for a walk, who helped you prepare your warm water for your bath this evening i could not read or write bacause no connection on the laptop and i was worried thinking about you before i fell into sleep and i dreamt of you when sleeping, i saw you kissing me, holding me and making me screen passionately and i woke up and saw it was a dream, i was not too happy it was a dream, and i went to pick up the laptop and i saw your loving letter, honey you bought my whole heart with your love for me......

Honey i cant wait to come over to be with you, live together with you, and we spend the night to feel our body close to our selfs ... and wake up happpily in the morning, seeing the morning sunraise ..... taking care of our self and planing the day together. ....

Honey again and again i read your letter and you make me feel loved and miss you kissing my red lips passionately. .... Darling i love you with every beat of my heart,

My love Sweet Dreams tonight, i feel sleepy now and going back to bed i miss touching you next to me on bed, i wish you a nice and blessed day tomorrow. ..

I love you honey from the bottom of my heart the king of my soul,
Urs Franca
Letter 5
Yours Forever Love the Queen oF Your Heart, Mrs Franca
Letter 6
Hi my love and sunshine..

Honey i am always feeling good and smile on my face when reading my husband letter, honey i really see we are thinking about our selfs all day, and cant wait to feel our selfs passionately in reality, to take shower together with my husband with candles light drinking wine, after that we go to bed and you make my dream come true. ... i love you honey....kiss

Honey thank you for the teddy **** and flower you sent me i love it,

Honey i cant wait to be hug into the home, darling one question i to ask? but i feel and hope it will not be a problem, honey how do you think jenna and johan will feel when we get married and i am pregant for you hope they will accept my children has they own brothers and sisters, i would always love them both and take good and loving care of them has my own children please honey send me johans and jennas picture, really they are my children too, and when i am coming over i will bring them a surprise present......... Honey i cant wait seeing you huging and kissing me at the airport when i arrive..

Honey i see we both have giving our heart to each other and i cant do with out you my love, we share thesame heart, feelings and part of each other, when reading your letter i feel a part of my body is there far across the ocean and spaces between us,

Honey i cant wait to get to your arms to see my self excited, the first night of our meeting thou i will be very tired, i dont just know how that day will look like, i try to imagine, but i know that day will be my happiest day and i will feel your passionate kissing .....

Honey i am thinking about you all through the day and dont know what you might be doing during the day, okay guess at work, what time are you normarly back from work honey.....

My love i miss you, seeing your handsome face and you touching me, kissing me before going out in the morning, i love you darling the king of my heart .... Your loving Wife..
Letter 7
Wow ... My Love and darling husband,

I most confess to you that Johan look so handsome and Jenna look so beautiful, wow honey i really love to meet with them both, they already grown up honey so i dont think we will have any problem because i love them equally how you are dear to my heart,honey i most tell you i love jenna and johan and will love both of them to be brother and sister to my loving kids for you and cant wait to be together so we could live so happily please honey say me well and my best regard to johan and jenna, I am really missing you all,

Honey Do you want to know why I have stood by you - one word LOVE, hard to define, hard to live without. However much I love you though, I cannot cope with the pain of missing to touch you, feel you, kiss you anymore, I don't deserve to be in this pain, I want to feel love returned, really know that I am loved!! like you said we are not just waiting for something good, we are waiting for some thing fantastic .....

One thing honey dont be angree about it, but it worries me and i feel concern about it, hope you did not smoke much today, i feel about it because when kissing me i will not like to persive the cigerate .... not only that i dont like it, is not good for you my lovely husband, i understand is difficult to stop honey please just try????? make a decition stoping it... is okay i dont want to see you feel bad???

You know when i am with you i will always be by your side an your handbag i am happy you arrive early from work so i can always feel your love and company, ... thou i know my responsibility has your wife in the home. ...

I love you honey, you are my, you are my life.I can not lose you.You are the one that makes me want to wake up the next day.Without you I am nothing,without you i should'nt live.I'm working like crazy to be with you my love,so i can hold you ,kiss you, i wanna show you how much you mean to me, and cant wait that wonderfull morning we wake up from our passionate kiss...

Honey i will scan new of my pictures for you, okay darling i rander prefer to snap new special pictures for you my Love.. .. Thou you will receive it has a surprise, i love surprises ..

Honey sweet dreams to night
Your Wife
Letter 8
Hi My Sweet heart Romeo,

I am doing little good today, i have been ill since morning,

Honey your letter made me feel okay what would it be with out a loving husband like you by my side, Honey i feel very happy you have told Johan and Jenna of me, it make me feel i am missing to meet my precious family, Honey is okay you dont tell them my day of arrival because the first day i want us to really be alone with each other. ...

Honey you are the second man in my life and i got an heart break in my first relationship, i dont want to think much about it to remember what as happen in the past, i am happy i have found my love and ever love..... i cant wait to show you how precoius and special you are to my heart my love.....

Honey??? you mean you normaly smoke up to 7-8 cigarettes every day, no honey is too much hope you will keep to your promise and limit it then Stop it finaly my love...

Honey i feel deep inside my heart that you are the special man i have long to meet to be my loving husband to spend the rest of my life with, to care for him has my loving husband .... Honey there is something you have not ask about me my Love which i feel much Concern about, My Perents, you have not ask of them love ? because i want to tell my mummy about my husband and i know she will love you has her inlaw and be very happy..

Honey i see you are always thinking about me has i do and can not wait to hug you and kiss you. ....

Oh honey i really see you dearmt of me, i really want our dream come true very soonest i will be sleeping next to you and ever will i be your love and respet you has my loving and ever husband!!!! i will love you to tell me this dream on our first night alone in the room.

My love Sweet dreams tonight my husband and greetings to Jenna and Johan, i miss you all... Your Queen
Letter 9
Hi My loving Romeo,

I am doing good today only miss some one in the house to talk to and take good care of me, i am not really in a good condition, and mummy travel to banjul Gambia, and will stay up to 3weeks before she will be back home,

Honey i am really missing you this weekend spending good and nice time with you, honey hope very soonest i will remain with you to spend all time with you. ... honey your letter is the only thing that bring joy to my heart since no body around me to talk to or play with...

I am so happy you arrive from work earlier today and i am wishing you the very best of the weekend but not smoking much honey, sure i know when you are relaxing in the wood you will be smoking... well i miss preparing your dinner before your arrival from you little distance walk....

Honey i feel loved and hope we hold on to our both promise not to break or hurt each others heart, until you take me to the alter to make my vows to you has my forever loving husband we both share thesame heart....

Its okay dont be little sad or think you were selfish about my family you did care about, i am the only child daddy and mummy had, this is my mum i sent you are picture, and i will not talk much about daddy maybe because it makes me and mummy sad, we have lost daddy 4years ago, and we have been passing through difficulties, mummy spending all she got and her savings going to court with my daddy business partner and uncle who they both coleted together to clam what daddy left behind, the partner clam to be the direct owner of the company at the beinging when they both started, it was a very long issue, what mummy was able to rehalise she paid the bank heavy debt daddy was holding the bank, well is okay because mummys Rev Father told mum to leave every thing to God, honey this is family personal issues but i feel i cant just keep it hiding from my husband. .. i still believe my future is so bright. i dont want to cry i think is okay and dont even talk more!!!!!

Mummy will be so happy about you in my life because she really need the very best for me, and she normal cancel me that i should keep my self and be descent, that the time will come for me to have a loving and honest handsome man, that will love me and ever cherish me has his lovely wife.. Honey when i am thinking of you i do feel mummy saying is becoming true.. she will be very happy when she is aware of you...

Honey i miss you tonight, i got your picture printed and is next to me on bed, lonely it keeps me and i feel you, thinking of Johan and Jenna makes me happy. .. i wish them both a nice weekend ...

Honey i do fall into sleep from your though on bed alone Kiss
Your Wife
Letter 10
Hi My Lovely Romeo

Honey when reading your letter i can not wait longer to be with you my love, you show to me your love and care for me, i feel with out you the world is empty honey you are {1}one out of a million men, my heart is full of love for you, the king of my heart...

Honey yes mummy is still young because she was beautiful i think? that she got married early and gave birth to me early, when mum is in banjul i do reach are by phone but for about a week now i have not been able to reach her by phone.

Honey am feeling so lonely it should have been so nice if i were with you now, so we did`nt have to feel lonely, i really hope our meeting will be soon honey??

okay Honey i see i will always walk with you to the forest, and i will love to go with you to the resturant, your wish is always my command for you are my husband and i promise to always be sumisive to you honey, but honey i will always love to prepare your dinner, break fast, is my duty has your wife...... thou we could go to the resturant to have good time, some times......

Honey, i do really feel i am loved by you and promise not to break your heart or do any thing else you dislike. ... yes ofcourse honey the day we get married will be the best day of our life....

Honey, really we both feel so lonely last night and today another night, honey when am i going to be with you, okay i will be checking it out how my coming over soonest will be, to be with my lovely husband, the beat of my heart, Honey, hope i check about my coming this new week??? .. i miss you alot, jenna, johan, i feel inside my heart i am missing to join my happy family. ..

Honey, i hope you are having a wonderful weekend, i miss you, talk to you later tonight. .

Your Queen

Letter 11
Ekpan Medical Hospital
21 Osu Accra, Ghana.
Tell: 00233 - 249 393 766

Dear Sir,

Your attention is needed urgently,

I am contacting you urgently in regard of our pateint been rush to the Clinic yesterday evenig at 7.45pm,

She is in a very criditcal condition at the moment, From the test we made she is ill of Malaria, Typhoid and she had Apendix which she was not aware and have not been for medical attention before hittig her to this extend, that she need to go under an opreation in the next 48hours...

We could not reach the phone number we got from her and it was not a local number but international. ..

We got your contact on her has her husband, and we need your urgent respone, she has been giving firstaid treatment and she is seeping now in the female ward, room Number 5, bed Number 8...

I will be sending you the medical report via email immidaitely. .. and you call the Hospital.

Yours in service
Doctor Larry Johnson.
Letter 12
Dear Mr Bo,

The Name of our Petient is Miss Franca Jallow, and she is really in a very bed condition at the moment, and we are scared for how long this has been affecting her and she did not go ontime for check up and she need this operation at once, Appendix can burst and it is very dangerous that she can lost her life? we did not pray for that, we pray for a suscessful operation immidately be tomorrow has soon the bills is clear from the account office. i attach the Medical Report to you and wait your urgent respone by very early morning so she can go in for theater before noon tomorrow. Yours in service,
Doctor Larry Johnson.
Letter 13
Dear Mr Bo,

Its kindly to read from you, but i was shock and hurt to hear you saying you dont trust doctors so for what, and why will it be a reason for my contacting you, so important and very very urgent, When there is a petient right in the ward no body now by are, she need to go in for operation in the next less than 24hours, dont you care for human feelings my brother bertilsson, for the sake of human feelings the hospital receive her and we gave her urgent emargency treatment, and she need to go into the thearter urgently??? which with the bills not paid immidiately she cant be operated and we dont pray any thing happen to her, it should not be our responsiblity for any thing to happen to her, we will need to dischange such petients immidaitely so we dont have any problem or blames...Dont you know this is Appendix and if it burst we dont think she can survive it????????? i dont really know how this person is to you that you dont have feelings for her!!!
Your urgent respones is needed, so she can go in for the operation immidately to save her life.
Best Regards
Doctor L.Johnson
N.b, you should pay to the accountant office, so we get the receipt for operation approval.
You can make payment via Western Union
Accountant Name : Miss Beck Kelly.
Letter 14
Dear Mr Bo,

I read your letter and it was not pleasing, well i do understand your reasons, but really why i use that word not my responsible, it is because the finace to pay her bills is not yet cleared by her people and the deley, and i dont want any thing to happen to her,that is the reason why, and i did not know when i use that word because i am very very worried i most tell you my dear, really if you need picture of our petient that means we need photo man to go to the ward to snap her this picture, i sent a nurse to the town to get me one urgently and they have close , so i think it will be done very early tomorrow morning but what borders me now is how fast the photo man can get it print out so it can be scan to you and you are aware this girl need to go into the thearter for operations immidately...

I am really sorry if i wrong you in my last letter, only i was worried for her immidiate treatment so please i hope you understand my dear and dont use that word on me any more, i am really sorry over your fathers death..

I urgently wait to read from you.

Doctor L..Johnson
Letter 15
Okay my dear,

Sincerely i have mercy for her and have feelings for her, i am not suppose to say this but i just have to, first our hospital is one of the most best and standard hospital in Accra, i was posted from South-Africa three years ago, And i am a specialist in Appendix operation.

I was just able to invite a photo man who agreed to take the snapping express and urgently he went to the lap to get the picture printed, i am by the right Doctor Larry Johnson and by the left our female metron, you see every body feels for Franca in the state and condition and pains she is passing through at the moment, we have agreed to carry out the operation in the next 2hours time, The nurse will be preparing her for threater, so we can carry out the operation immediately, some times we normal take the pictures if you mind we will and send it to you immediately has soon after the operation...

Dear Bo,actually we have stoped this kind of service before the payment, but now we are forced to for humanity sake and your promise, we will await the bills cleared tomorrow morning first thing so we can rander the best of our service and she can come back in good health very soonest.

I hope we get good news... also had her in prayers tonight..

Best Regard
Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 16
Dear Bo,

I am very busy at the moment about going into the threater, and i hope the photo man will be able to make it better this time, i think is from the cemera and you know your love is very peal at the moment, this i am doing all is to make sure i see she can come back in good health and i hope and pray God that we have a successful operation, you are really a caring man i see, and is good and lovely we trust our selfs, and i believe Franca loves you so much too, i wish you both a very happy and sucessful marriage life...

I reach you has soon and pray God with Good news ..

Your friend Doctor L.Johnson ..

N.B, Dear please make sure the bills is clear by morning, hope you understand this is the hospital fund.
Letter 17
Good Day Dear Bo,

I would have writting you ever since yesterday night or more early this morning both i could not because i was so busy and my atention was needed, it was not really very easy because the Appendix has almost burst before we went in for the operation, and i had to be very carefull during the operation and with the situation of how the appendix has been i had other doctors with me in the threater, His good you know her present condition, she lose so much blood that she need 2pan of blood immidately and from the test we made she is 0+, i will reach you has soon,you really have to cam down because she will be safe and okay, i know how dear she is to you, Thanks to God that the Operation was later sucessful. .... we need to buy her blood immidately. ... i wait to hear from you. .

Oh one more thing, hope you have cleared the bills and i need the information in your next letter with due respect sir so the accountant can go receive the money, and she make the receipt so we can get her blood immidately . ..

Yours Friend
Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 18

I just came into the office now to find your letter, i will be attending to some petients in the male ward and i cant leave Franca that way so i have to pay from my own money now so they can get her blood which there is no body to donate her so i have to pay form my own money immidiately now so they get her 0+ been stored in the lab immidately, and i keep you posted with all details praying to God good news, and your love will be safe and fine back to good health, i await you when you back home tonight and we can not wet for that, is the most reason why i have to use from my own money so the she get the blood immidaitely, i do hope you understand all my effort and my best concern i am rendering in service. ..

Your Friend Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 19
Hi My Friend,

Its good to hear from you and i hope i will be in your wedding, really i will make sure i attend, so keep me inform before the date so i can make arrangment for it... she have been giving the Blood this afternoon, hoping and waiting her immidiate recovery very soonest...

I see you have not use western union before, really to enable the accountant collect the money for the bills, you will need to send the information you use in sending the money so she can collect the money, this is the information she need at the bank, via western unoin office..

1, the mtcn number,
2, your address you use in sending the money,
3, the question and answer you use in sending the money???

This is the information miss Beck Kelly will use in colleting the money, so i await to get this information immidiately,

I really see you have not being able to take some good food ever since you got this bad news. .. well my dear bertilson i see your much concern for your love, i really wish you a very happy and sucessful married life...

I await to read from you immidiately. ..
Your Friend Doctor L.Johnson.
Letter 20
My Dear, I just finish reading your letter and saw that you did not use any question and answer when sending the money, you did not full it in the form giviing to you, and the mtcn number you sent me i checked it online to track it if it can be collected when the accountant go to the bank, and i saw it is not avaliable for pick up and i was disapointed but i think it is because you have not use this transfer before and is your first time, so i will want you to track it your self to see via this link
so i will want you to go to the western union office first thing tomorrow morning before going to office to verify it, and let the person you pay through to give you the right information for the receiver to collect the money, and tell her you track it online and it was not avaliable for pick up, what it going on, and show her the document in which you use for the payment, i really need to read from you very urgently in the morning when you are back from the western union office, and see the tracking your self... Your love Franca is still very very peal and weak and treatment have been giving to her this evening, and you see we are still having problem with the bills been paid, you can make a photocopy of the document you use in paying the money tonight so when you are back from the western union office in the morning i wait to have the correct mtcn number that shows the money is avaliable for pick up... My best regard
Your friend Doctor L.Johnson.
Letter 21
Good Morning My Dear,

I have not read from you this morning and i want to inform you that i was told that some times you are not able to track online to see if the money is been paid, but when you arrive the bank the money i there and you can be paid, so Miss Beck is on her way to the bank, via western unoin now to pick up the bills..

We are giving Franca urgent treatment which you know, and she is responing to treatment from her tempreture this morning after my attending to her...

I await to read from you and i will keep you inform if the acountant is able to pick up the money from the western unoin, i was only abit worried when i check online to track and was not able, i understand sometimes is the internet links...

My best regard
Your Friend Doctor L.Johnson.
Letter 22
Hi Dear Bo, This is very very urgent and important, Miss Beck is just from the bank via western union and the money was not transfered, so she was not able to pick up the money, i urgently wait for your respones, and i believe you should go to the western office so you let them aware that the receiver was not able to pick up the money and why was it not transfered, i await to get the correct mtcn number and you can track to see if is really transfered... I await to hear from you very urgently my dear.. Yours Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 23
Hello my dear, Its is really very disapointing about not reading from you up still this time of the day, you are aware that this money is not transfered, and the accountant was told you have not done the transfer and i trustin you, which you understand how much concern and care the hospital has randered to you, and this is not done this way, we carried out thetreatment from how kind you sound and the confident we had for you. .... . and i need to read from you urgently having the correct mtcnnumber, sure i believe you should have gone to the office you made the transfer, since they had not been able to make the transfer you should collect the money and go to another western union office to make the transfer and tell them you will track and see, and you can equally tell them the experince you first got and you have to track and see after getting the new correct mtcn number before sending the information across and you can check your sender document you fisrt use still to check the correct mtcn number, i urgently wait to read from you.. Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 24
Hi My Dear,

I want you to understand that the bills belong to the hospital and it is the hospital fund, and since morning the bills has not been paid, this made me very worried. ... and franca need very urgent attend due to her state, this is the more reason the bills need to be cleared, so she can have her proper treatment so we see are in good health very soonest,

It is okay i hope Kelly beck will be able to pick up the money tomorrow morning and i will inform you when is been recieve..

I will say you well to your love franca when she is abit okay, and i feel she will be very happy to hear from you, thou she really need rest and care at the moment.. but hopefully she will be okay very soonest and be heal...

My Best Regard
Your Friend Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 25
Hello Mr Bo,

It is too bad of you to have not sent the money, after all service rendered with out payment to Franca your love.

It was so disapointing that Miss Beck is back from the Ghana Post Company Oxford Street Osu Accra. and she was told by the lady who is equally an acountant that there is no money transfered with such mtcn number and information, we are very disapointed in you..

If what you say is right that you did the transfer with this correct mtcn number and the information you gave is right i want you to ckeck again to confirm the mtcn number now then if is thesame and you say correct then you have to collect the money back today from the western union and then you resend it, via ECOBANK GHANA LTD, MILE 7, ACCRA GHANA, were the money can be picked up.

Hope you are doing good today, Franca was so happy to her from you and she said to me to tell you she loves you so much and thanks for saving her life and she hope to get well better soonest so she can reach you.

Dear we urgently wait to hear from you so the bills can be cleared today, why is this been deley, we dont really want to start feeling bad...

Your Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 26

The money was not transfered? if it was transfered beck would have been able to pick up the money and miss beck was told when ever money is send through the western union, you can pick it up any were within the city and she told the acountant she meet today to check there computer system if the money was paid to another office and she was told there is no money transfered with that information to any western union here.

Dear you are aware the bills is surpose to be paid before treatment, now look at what is happening and you doing, we wait to get the new number and right information to pick up the money, you have to collect the money go to another union office to make the transfer and we wait for you immidiately..

Doctor L.Johnson
Letter 27
Hi My Lovely Husband,

Honey i have been very sick and ill that i just finish appendix operation, honey thank you alot for your love and care for me your love, honey you make me really feel loved and will be a mother to your kids....

Honey i cant be writting much because i am in a very critical condition the hospital, i was told more today about your much concern, care and love for me honey, honey i am ill now and the doctor and nurses that has been by me all through i have been in this condition, the hospital officials are very angry and upset with me because of my bills that is not yet paid, honey i was inform on how since about 3days after my operation they have not been able to receive the hospital bills and they were at the western union you said you paid to and the acountant in the western union check and did not pay that there is no money sent with the information you gave, Honey please for my sake honey please do pay the bills honey so they can complete my proper treatment so i get well very soonest and we plan my immidiate coming over to join you my love at home to show you how much i love you. .. my sweet heart and Romeo Husband i miss you and love you with every beat of my heart..

Your wife Franca N.B,
Letter 28

I now see you are not being sincerel with me, because no one have pick up the money and it is only Beck that can pick up the money and it was not paid to her, so you did not send this money, western union is safe and reliable... i am been disappointed in you, because i was even told when money is send via western union you can pick it up in any western union bank... and if you need a specific bank i think you ask first so we can give you a reliable bank we trust, you are the first person to send money via western union that did not appear online to confirm it first before going for the pick up, and that is the most reason why western union body made it that way, that when you send money via western union you track to see that the money is available for pick up and transfered from the office you made the transfer?? so by the time you surmit your information to the bank they cant and never will tell you it is not transfered because you make them aware you have track and seen it, so no body can act supid, and when the accountant at the bank at the post said the money was not transfer ed, beck could not say any thing because she did not see it online to confirm before going to the bank???? so you see???? right from the day you sent the information and i did not see it available for pick up i knew this is what will result, i knew you were only trying to play game not on me but your self... i think i did not treat you bad so why are you treating us this way after all our service.... and the trust i had for you...

I am real disappointed in you, i most say,i did not expect this from you... and i mean what i am saying no one pick up the money and the money was not transfer ed is that okay by you, western union is only one body, and when ever money is sent via western union the first thing is to track and see if really you made the transfer, it was done for you, i have made contact to Sweden and this is not true you say................... i am really really disappointed in you..

If this transfer was made there will be no reason to tell you that it is not pick up my dear...

How come did this happen, never ???????? never no one collected the money and the money was not transfered because if it was, when the information was typed into the computer in the western union office it would have showed the money is available for payment...

And this is the first time i see a money is been transfered via western union and it did not appear in the western online for tracking and that is what the officer will use for payment ...
this all you saying is not true and the hospital bills is not yet paid..... you better call 00233 249 393 766 i await to speak to you, i most say i am really disappointed in you... i had trust and confident in you but you failed the trust i have for you..

Doctor L.Johnson.
Letter 29
I now really believe and know who you really are, you are just a fasle lier, money you did not send you said you did, i only regret carrying on treatment with out the hospital bills been paid and due to such act is the most reason we dont accept to render such service with out the bills been cleared... you did you not send the money and if you did, it would have appear online be my friend in sweden i have ask him to confirm it and he told me thesame after going to the western union to ask ..

And western union is one body. .. and when money is sent from sweden is shows online, i dont need to be talking to such a lier like you

i am really disapointed in you, and i only have pitty on your Franca.....
Letter 30
Honey the phone number i gave you in our first meeting, is thesame to the hospital because, that is were mummy said i should go to receive her calls, since she registered at the hospital and is not too far from the home ever since they cut our landline phone 00233249424333 and she can drop message there for me but when i was sick i did not go to meet the doctor for treatment my self because mummy was not around, when the doctor ask me what happen that i gave you the hospital number?????? and i told him it was the hospital number mummy do drop message for me when she is not in town and when i was addmited her number in Gambia was not going through, honey so the doctor was angry and wait for me to get ill better and i was dischange yesterday evening and have not still paid the hospital bills, honey i am not dishonest to you i am telling you the truth honey and i want you to believe me honey, i really want you to understand this with me if you really love me, honey honey in a suscessful relationship there are bond to be misunderstanding and is with our love and feelings for our selfs with one understanding that we could overcome problem/or misunderstanding my love. . . . i still love you from my bottom heart, think twice for the sake of our love honey..

Your Wife Franca
Letter 31
Honey believe me because i can not tell you a lie honey, and the hospital exsit .. so honey i dont what you to feel like some thing more then this honey .... I AM TELLING THE TRUTH

Yours Franca
Letter 32
Honey you have been all in my heart/mind thinking about you my love, thinking about the love we have for our selfs, i dont know what has really tried to happen between us, i only have faith that if you are the real man of my life that i have been dreaming of in my life to forever love and cherish with all my heart has my husband, and you are all in my heart thinking of and i know you have been thinking about me my love, then you are still welcome into my heart has my love and forever love ... Honey i really hope we could have one true understanding and love for our selfs, and honey the misunderstanding we had will not repeat any more until our meeting and when we are living together honey we will not find or have problem my love ...

Yours Baby Franca
Letter 33
Hi Honey,

My Love Bo

Honey you ask me one question, that did i believe you said you send the money, i believe you my love!!! because i know if you will not do it for any body, you will do it for my sake and for the love you have for me and we both share thesame heart and feelings my love..

Honey the only thing is that Dr Larry was really disapointed in you my love, and he did the assistance for my treatment with the help of Kelly Beck .... and when they were disapointed they were angry and with the help of God that i respone to treatment i was dischange from the hospital thou i am still not better but i am afrian the bills should not be too much for my mummy to pay when she is back from travel and i know she those not have money....

Honey other hospital in accra knows about this hospital and accra is a big city and other hospital might only want to tell about their own hospital because is different Clinic and they will want if you need medical service you dont go to contact or meet another Hospital, this is the reason they will want to tell you only about theres, thats what people those honey...

My lovely Husband so how have you been, you really leave me alone, lonely after all your promised of love and care for me my love... well is okay, so what are you doing this evening, you have finish taking your evening shower and dinner, are you watching TV, i know after you have abadon me you will have gone smoking and smoking?????

I want you to take care of your self and how is Jenna and Johan doing, hope there are doing very great and wonderful, my regard to them . ..

Sweet dreams tonight Honey,
Your juliet
Letter 34
Hi Honey

Honey i have falling so much in love with you and we both attach to our selfs make me feeling you missing to be with you honey...

Honey hope i will feel better i only have to give time to the pains to get heal, honey how are you doing this evening my love, i hope you are having a nice time. ... Honey i see you did not abadon me..... i am more feeling better we are hearing from our selfs and you know how much feelings we have for our selfs honey, and the love i have for you sweetheart, honey do you really think of we getting married has we are planing honey and i come over to remain close to you so we can live together, always spend the night togther and wake up the morning kiss our selfs and planing the loving day together honey!!!!

Honey my day today i was at home, i read some books watching the pictures of some hambour and big ships, honey you know i love reading books, novels and watching best seller, one of my best is another life, is a very long home best seller. .. i am alone and thinking of you honey, i got some juices drink ....

.. so honey how was your day and how are you spending the evening ....

I love you honey!!!! kiss
Sweet dreams and dream of me tonight honey..
Your Princess Franca
Letter 35
Dear SweetHeart, Each night before I sleep your sweet voice echoes through my mind. As I rest my head on my pillow a smile seeps through my soul, knowing that you, and you alone have made me whole. Without you I would simply be surviving, but with you I am living life to the fullest. Because of your love my spirit has been rejuvenated. The simplest pleasures in life bring me so much joy that it is hard to find the words to describe them. A walk in the park becomes a reality based metaphor... it is our journey together hand in hand forever more. Even in our moods, regardless of the irritations of daily life we manage to make each other laugh. The sound of your laughter rings through my ears and touches my heart. Our banter that may seem odd to others makes us giggle to no end. The difference between you and I are very few, yet they are there. But we accept those differences, embracing them because they are part of something we love about one another. It isn't about looks, nor money but the simplicity in life that we find so attractive. Knowing we could survive anywhere as long as we were together. Love is not a job, love simply is. Unconditional love is what I offer you, and with you I receive the same. You are my heart of hearts, my soul mate, friend, lover and partner for life. I will love you forever and a day. Thank you for being there, loving me and knowing what my true heart wants. Love always, Your Franca
Letter 36
Hi My Love

Honey thanks for your loving special poem for me my love.... There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that our hearts have come to dwell together, as one. You are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my best friend. You are my one true love. The day we met was fate. Our lives intertwining was fate. You are my destiny. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today. Love is the only thing that makes life worth living. Your love.
With all my heart I am forever yours.

Sweet dreams Honey Your Baby Franca
Letter 37
Hi My Love,

Honey please i will not be able to write you much tonight, but will do by early morning my love... i want you to know your baby has read your letter this evening and i am very tired and feeling some pains, i will be going to bed now honey and i miss you..

Sweet dreams tonight Honey and i write you tomorrow honey, honey the esther is at the conner will i not go out for shopping my love, i really need to go buy some things honey, i write about it tomorrow my love. . Sweet dreams ..

Your Wife Franca
Letter 38
Honey Hi, i told you i will be writting you today because i was not able to write much yesterday honey, i was very tired and having headache.. So honey how are you doing today hope you having a wonderfull nice weekend with johan and jenna , honey i miss celebrating the easter fistival together with you and the family.. honey really i am still lonely and dont konw how the weekend and the celebration will look like for me.. and i really want to go out for shopping by next week honey.. Honey please should i go to make enquiury about how i could get my visa to come over honey to your arms..
I love you darling and i can not do with out you my love, Honey you know you mean the world to me darling..
I really miss you my love... Your wife Franca!! oh honey i wrote mummy about you and she send her regard to you honey !! and mummy said she is expecting to carry her grand
Yours ever love franca
Letter 39
Hi Honey,
Sweet heart i am feeling better tonight, an i am happy to feel you by me reading your letter this evening Honey..
Honey i see you want me and you saying you dont know if i should go for enquiury for my visa honey, honey so you dont feel for me that i am alone and want to be by you honey..
Darling is okay forget what ever Doctor larry has done is only God that knows if he got the money or not, but i am convice he cant be telling lies.... hope their bills will be cleared when mum is arouond.. honey.. Honey i dont know how i can be sending my presents to Jenna and johan.. i really love to honey.. please sweet heart say well to them both and i am wishing them a happy birthday celebration honey!!!
So sweet heart you did not say any thing about my shopping honey?
I really see you are still angry and even to me darling!!! and i feel you not?? that is the reason i really want to be with you honey.. Honey there is some thing about my girl friend i really want to tell you about wish worries her and she need forigen assistance wish could really help us both honey for our future..
Yours Wife
Letter 40
Hi Honey!
Honey i am very pleased and feel okay and relase you said you are not angry with me, sweet heart about my shopping next week i want to go buy some new things, including my female hoddies, honey you are my love and i should be free with you honey to tell you about my self, i will start seeing my mesretion period has from monday evening and do not have money to take care of this honey and it pains ..
Honey about my girl friend she knows i will be getting married very soonest to you and you are abroad so she came to related it with me that if i should ask you!! could you help her and are you trust wordy??? to it, wish i told her she should not sound that way about my husband that if he could help sure he is trust wordy and he would do it for her... before she left me in the morning we did not come to conclution about it... and she visited me today toward afternoon after my health, that she was told i was not fine... and that was how we talk about it honey... so hope fully she will be around has she said and promised on wednesday and i will tell her you said i should tell you and if she accept i would do that honey.. So honey how are you doing now this evening hope you having a nice time since the wealther is fine today... i know for sure you will have smoked alot today.. my advice to you sweetheart is to try quit and first limit it, i care for you that is why i sound this way.. because on my own thinking about my love!! i still think for his health because of my concern for you my loving husband Bo ..
I love you honey ... Your Wife
Letter 41
Hello my lovely Husband

Happy sunday my love, honey i see you did not understand what i want to buy is my female private under wares... honey!!!

Honey i did not know what your inspector is saying about this issue of Doctor larry and the hospital, because honey if you really love me then you should believe me that i can not and will never tell you a lie..... and i want you to know and understand that the hospital exist.. i really hope you understand me honey??????

Honey i see you taking about my coming over if i could borrow money??
honey from were do you want me to have the money.... My love i then really prefer your coming over first so we can meet in person and talk to our self face to face honey...

Honey i am happy you said you have limit your smoking and you no longer somking ... is the best honey and i am really happy about it my love..

Honey take good and loving care of your self this weekend my love.. i miss you honey during the weekend..

Your Wife
Letter 42
Hi my loving husband

Honey i am not angry with you my love only that i was not fine because of my mesretion and not able to buy card into the laptop so i could have connection to write you from home, i have been worried that i have to go to the public cafe to read you letter now and to write you when i saw two of your letters, honey you know is not good to go out side the home to read your letter and write you.

Honey there is some thing that worries my mind, i worry about you, and dont know if you love me has i do, sure i believe you do and you think about me all day has i do, Honey i really want to come over to join you honey.

Honey how is jenna, hope she is very fine, i am very happy you were with are on her birthday and i was not with you, hope she was not angry with me i was not able to send her any gift, i am really sorry honey please hope she understand that i am far away from her now, but sure next year i will be able to show her my love.

Honey i see you are holding the bank honey... oh honey i feel concern about it and it worries me honey, honey hope we will be able to pay the bank the loan you are holding, honey you know i dont have a bank account so i will not be able to borrow any money from the bank for my arrival to you..

So honey my shopping for the week, i told you i will be buying new under wares , you know i am even seeing my mesreture period now honey and it pains me honey please send me any assistance you could via my name.. i love you honey with every beat of my heart your love ..
Letter 43
Hi My Love
Honey hope all is alright i did not hear from you, you abandon me again, any time i need you around me and your care you are not always there for me, one thing or the other.
Your Fiancee Franca
Letter 44
Honey why are you acting this way to me, i wrote you serval letter and told you my pains and my shopping and i did not read from you and noe you tellingh me i did not write to you, you make me worried and thinking some thing i am not not sopose to think??? any way i am happy to her from you honey is easter around the conner and i want to go for shopping and dont treat me this way.

Your Fiancee franca
Letter 45
Honey this was the letter i wrote you two days ago i did not read from you before your prevoius letter.....

NB. you saw i needed money from you honey for my expenses and i did not read from you and you know it is easter and i need money, it worries me honey i am not free to ask some thing from you..

Hi my loving husband

Honey i am not angry with you my love only that i was not fine because of my mesretion and not able to buy card into the laptop so i could have connection to write you from home, i have been worried that i have to go to the public cafe to read you letter now and to write you when i saw two of your letters, honey you know is not good to go out side the home to read your letter and write you.

Honey there is some thing that worries my mind, i worry about you, and dont know if you love me has i do, sure i believe you do and you think about me all day has i do, Honey i really want to come over to join you honey.

Honey how is jenna, hope she is very fine, i am very happy you were with are on her birthday and i was not with you, hope she was not angry with me i was not able to send her any gift, i am really sorry honey please hope she understand that i am far away from her now, but sure next year i will be able to show her my love.

Honey i see you are holding the bank honey... oh honey i feel concern about it and it worries me honey, honey hope we will be able to pay the bank the loan you are holding, honey you know i dont have a bank account so i will not be able to borrow any money from the bank for my arrival to you..

So honey my shopping for the week, i told you i will be buying new under wares , you know i am even seeing my mesreture period now honey and it pains me honey please send me any assistance you could via my name.. i love you honey with every beat of my heart your love ..
Letter 46
Honey i just feel you are the one that just decided to treat me this way because you know it was easter and i told you i needed money that is why, you make me doubt your love for me that you can not take care of your woman?? I missed you. Your Woman Franca
Letter 47
My Love and Sunshine,

Honey why can you say that to me, you do really hurt my feelings to tell me all that you wrote on your letter to me honey, why will you feel that way sweetheart.

And i did not doubt you and understand with you honey and about your bad econimic, i do know that i fell in love with you and cherish you has my love and man in my life honey and not what you said.

Honey you should know i am your baby that you need to care for her and her feelings or is it because i am not living under your roof with you.

I am sorry Love

Your Fiancee Franca.
Letter 48
Hi Honey,

Honey i miss you and i am still here by you waiting to hear from you, hope all is well honey....

Your baby Franca
Letter 49
Honey i am very sorry to hear want happen to you, i really feel sorry for you, and i am happy and thank God you surivive, i hope you will get very well soon and happy you are at home and recover now.

Honey for me i am here lonely missing you things is not fine with me and only be fine when i see you by my side and i am in your arms honey.

Please take care of your self and take your medicines so be you be okay, honey how is office will you be able to go to office tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams.
Your Wife
Letter 50
Good Morning Honey,
Oh honey i am very sorry you are not able to work now and your broken arms, i am very sorry and i really need to be by your side honey, so i can take good and loving care of you honey.
Honey i do really miss you, and over here in accra you know i told you things is not easy for me and i really need some money so i can have a good life, honey i know you want me to have a good life, and i need 400euros so i can go to the market, buy food stuffs for my self and go for my shopping i told you that i need new things honey.Thank you very much honey for your love and care for me your baby.
I love you with every beat of my heart honey, honey do take care of your loving self,
Your Wife Franca
Letter 51
Hi Honey,

Honey i am sorry that you did not have a nice morning and night and you will be going to the hospital.

Honey please for the last time i want to say this dont you being larry into out matters any more because any time i asked of any thing from you, you keep saying this.

i know you dont love me and you dont care about any thing about me.. you like given me excuses.

i am very angree and not happy honey. . i am sorry i have to sound this way to you honey.

i love you. your woman Franca.
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