Scam letter(s) from Albina Artemieva to Stephen (England)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Steve!!! I can't belive that we'll be together soon! Only 10 days left! I'm so excited about this. Today I went to the railway station buy ticket to Kiev. But there I was shocked! There are no tickets to Kiev till 16.02.08 I cried just in front of the ticket office. It was terrible!!! But one woman told me to call to the airport, and may be there is a possibility to arrive to Kiev by plane. I called and found out that there are only a few tickets from Rovno (which is nearest airport)to Kiev. I need to go to to Rovno by bus, than take plane. I had some money which my parents gave me for Christmas and I wanted to spend them for train ticket, but it's not enough for plane. I know, now you started thinking that I'm like other girls from the Internet, and you are disappointed in me. But I can do nothing. I'm not very rich, because I'm a student, but I'm honest with you. Can you help me? Kiss you, Albina.
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