Romance scam letter(s) from Ksenia Kovbasyuk to Billy (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my Billy.
Today, when I open my eyes it was raining.
You know, I'm in bad mood. Yesterday I paid my education, and went to the work. My manager told me that my wages will be set in two month.
My shop (supermarket) has any problem. The day before tax department visit our supermarket. And my direction solves this problem, that's why, my darling I'll be without money a few month.
And I think that we have to stop our corresponds :( , I don't want it.
But it is the only thing to do!
I'm afraid to lose you. My translating firm don't give me a credit.
I don't know what to do but may be you could help me to pay service of translating firm? When I'll receive my wages, I can pay it independently. But I can't do it now that's why I make a request to help me, if you may!!!

And if you decide to help me we can to continue our corresponds.
I'm waiting impatiently for your answer.
I wish you Happy New Year!!!

Your Ksu with a lot of kisses.
P.S.:You are the best that happened and I have in my life.
Letter 2
Hello my sweet Billy.
thank you that you are still with me, I want to ask you sorry again and again for putting you at such situation, just understand I don't want to lose you I really need you very much, before you I felt so bad, but with the advent of you everything has changed, please don't go..ok?
I've lend a little money at my friend to be able to write you this letter, because I don't want to stop our communication, I'm sure we have a lot of good things together in our future..
Billy for translation of each letter I pay $5 and for printing or scaning photo $2. Also this translating firm, which I use provide unlimited services on month, i's cost pretty nice ($200). Unlimited month of translating services means that we will be able to write to each other unlimited amount of letters whole months and to send to each other unlimited amount of photos..Please decide yourself what is more convenient for you..
My angel, I've tried to know the best way.. and people said that the more quicker tfor transfering is Western Union System or MoneyGram System.. Oh, my, I feel terrible to speak about it, because I ask you about it, please forgive me..
Probably you will need some information about me..
My full name is Kseniya Kovbasyuk.
My address is Ukraine,Zaporozhye, Sovetskaya St. 4/9
Please don't leave me..
yours Ksu
Created: 2008-01-11    Last updated: 2008-01-11    Views: 417
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