Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Daniel (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi my new friend Daniel!

Today I received your first letter. I am very glad it to see from you.
I have a desire will better get acquainted with you, and to learn about you as much as possible.
I ask you that wrote to me, it is as much as possible letters.
And in the letters told about themselves and about the life more.
As I wish you to ask, that you have sent me even one photo.
I wish to see your person and your appearance. I shall send you the photos.
Now I to you shall a little tell about myself that you knew who I such.
My name Olga, my surname Zikova.
Now to me of full 26 years. I was born on October, 28th, 1981.
I was born in small city which refers to Kirov.
My city is in the center of Russia. It very small, therefore is not present it on a card.
Till now I live in this city. Also I do not gather yet where to leave.
My city very beautiful, especially in the winter it is fine.
I live together with the father in a two-room apartment in the center of the city.
I do not have either brothers, or sisters. I one daughter in family.
To me very painfully to speak, but I do not have mum. It has died.
I do not have computer of the house! I should write to you letters from the Internet of cafe.
I work in children's city hospital.
My trade the children's doctor. I already for a long time have grown fond of children.
Here therefore I have chosen this trade. And now every day I help children.
But I while do not have children. But I wish to have the child.
I at all do not know, how many I wish to give birth to children.
But one I know precisely! I love children!
For all life I did not meet any man which I could grow fond.
During already many time I even do not have friend.
I could not find in my city to myself worthy the man.
But often happens, that men try to look after me.
But I refuse to all of them at once. Because they do not like me.
Now I have decided to try to find the the man in the Internet.
To me my girlfriend has advised it to make. I have decided to try.
During free time from work I like to read romantic books.
To which it is written about love. As I like to read ridiculous books.
Sometimes houses I listen to music which calms me.
Happens, that I with girlfriends I go to theatre, cinema or a museum.
At me many good girlfriends, with the majority from which I work in hospital.
Very much I like to go in for sports. Sports help me to be the healthy person.
By means of sports I support the figure in the good form.
For a week I happen 4 times in a sports hall, I am engaged in fitness.
When there is a good weather, we with friends like to be on the nature.
And now I wish to set to you some the questions.
Also I want, that you have answered them fairly:
Why you have decided to find the love in the Internet?
At you it has not turned out to find to itself the beloved in the city?
How many you of time search to itself for the girl on the Internet?
You correspond with girls from Russia or with other girls?
It is important to me to know: how old are you, in what city you live, as your full name.
And I want, that you have in detail written all about yourselves.
Now I finish the first letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you.
If you write to me the answer I with pleasure shall write to you the following letter.
In which again I shall try to tell about myself and about the life.
By the way I wish to know:
On what sites you have still your structures?
I wish to look them as I shall see there your photos.
Write to me please these sites if they in general at you are.

Your new friend Olga!



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