Scam Letter(s) from Laura Bradley to Mark (USA)

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Letter 1

hey Dear,
thanks alot for ur message well i just wanna say hello to u, i really like the way u sound , u sound so nice, truthful but i am not sure may be u re a honest guy or not. but am looking for a nice, honest, trustworthy & lovely guy. someone that can advice me & that can take care of my things for me bcos no 1 is perfect. i work harder to make my self an indepedent lady & i work b4 i could gather some things i call my own. my hobbies re swimming , dancing & listen to music though i dont know how to dance much but i like dancing even if goes off the beat. dont mind me about my accent i got that from uk when i was attending model school for 6 months. As for africa here, is boring here though if u talk of adventure u can come to africa but been a developing region things doesnt go the way it suppose to be. am very broke here now bcos my tought didnt work the way i think it will go, no american banks here to cash my check & am out of cash i tought i can see american banks here where i will be able to cash check , well i will be ok soon. babe tell me more about u , i really wanna know more about u email me back i will talk to u soon

Letter 2

Hello Dear,
How are u today & how was your day i think i will need in your help in this aspect. re u honest and trustworthy? if u know u re honest u can email me back with ur mailing address so that my check will be sent to u and u will help me cash it in a bank, i really need your help i have called most banks here & i was told they dont cash American check here & no american banks here , & i need cash badly so i wouldnt mind if u can help pls promise me that u wont run away with my money bcos if u do it gonna affect me & i will be stuck here. I need to pay my hotel bills and get my ticket to come back home as soon as possible.

Email me back now with ur mailing address & the check will be sent to u after cashing it u will send the cash to me via western union money transfer which is the only medieum that money could be send here. I would have send it to my parent but my mama is dead. my cousin in nyc is street boy he can run away with my money, i dont trust him. am sure u will use this room to proof to me how honest u are.
Note: am trusting u because i think u are honest so, i still have my faith in u.

I would really appreciate this, and im looking forward to meeting u as soon as i return from this trip. Im sorry if this come to u as a surprise,but i have no choice , it is just bcos am broke & i have called most banks here but they dont cash american checks i guess is bcos of very long distance (13 hours journey by air) , i know u gonna make me happy & am sure that u wont run away with my money or will u run away with my money? Do have a great day.
Kind regards,

Letter 3

ey baby the package can not be sent to a p.o box that is the reason why i ask for u home address baby pls help me i love u

Letter 4

Hey dear,
how are u doing today? i really want to appreciate alot hun for ur love and care over bring me back to state hun, u have done something that no one have do in my life dear, i promise u that i will not let u down and i will always be there for u bcos u have show me that u will not let me down u are a shoulder to me hun, i will love u for the rest of my life, i promise u that i will be there for u come rain and sun my love but my hand are tie now i dont know what to do bcos i wish to send check immediately to u but i dont have any money with me now dear, pls i dont know if u can lend me 300$ to get my check send to u when u get my check cash u will deduct ur money and send me back the balance hun, i swear that am really down now dear......
pls mail me back i will be here waiting to hear back from u love......

Letter 5

hey dear, i swear that i will do anything that u want from me bcos i love u with all my heart and u have stolen my heart dear, am not a poor girl or gold digger is bcos things could not work according to my plans dear, that is why am asking for ur help pls promise me that u will help me out ,pls get the money send to me hun, i dont like doing this hun, but u stand out that is why i am asking for ur help me hun, pls dont let me down.... pls help me and get the money send to James and he will help me and get the moeny pickup dear....

here is the info to get the money send to me dear.......

James peter
45 kimgoma street,
wuse zone1,
abuja nigeria 23409.
test for

pls mail me back with the reference no# to get the money pickup thanks alot for been dear for me dear.....



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