Scam letter(s) from Irina Kolyagina to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Gary, I hope that you are doing great and having a wonderful day. If you seriously interested in building strong and clear relations with an honest woman so let me start now telling you about myself. My name is Irina. I was born on the 13th of January, 1978 (now I am 29) in Ukrainian town Kupyansk, it's Kharkov region. I am blonde with blue eyes. My weight is 56 kg and height is 170 cm. I have rather slender figure and I like to be fit. That's why I start every morning with doing exercises. I work as a nanny in a kindergarten and of course I love my work. Sometimes it is difficult as I need to have much of patience with kids but I have enough of it. I am calm and very easy-going. People say that it is very easy to communicate with me. I have both parents and I live together with them in our small apartment. I don't have any sisters or brothers. I like pets very much but unfortunately I don't have my own. I had a cat when I was a child but my pet passed away and since I don't have one as I get attached to the pets very much and it is very difficult to lose them. My mom says that I take everything very much close to my heart but I can't feel in other way, I am such kind of person. My favorite flowers are tulips and my favorite color is pink. Speaking about my spare time I want to say that I like to read very much. I like to read detectives and romantic stories. My favorite author is Arthur Conan Doyle and I adore his stories about Sherlock Holmes. I like also like to watch historical programs on TV. I am very romantic and I enjoy reading adventure books and watching adventure films. I dream about visiting foreign countries however I have never been abroad and I don't speak English. If I find my man I will do my best to learn it and to follow him everywhere he asks. I am faithful. I am very good cook, my favorite meals are vareniki, golubtsu, pan cakes and of course Ukrainian borsch. I don't have kids and I have never been married. I had serious relations in the past but they didn't work out. We didn't have much comprehension from the beginning and that's why we separated. I am looking for someone special to spend the rest of my life with, and I want that person to love me for the rest of our lifes. I am tired of being alone. A friend of mine used the Internet to find someone. She found and they are very happy together. So I thought it would be a good place to look. I want someone to love me for me, and will be happy with me, as I will be with him. I have had my heart broken before and I know life is full of heartaches, but once I would love for it never to happen, and to just be happy with that special person. I hope you would want to be in a relationship with a caring, loving woman, because that is what I am. I don't want to be in a relationship, where everything feels all wrong because it wouldn't be fair to either of us and if we can have some sort of connection with one another and get to know each other better, and hopefully we will be right for each other. Please no games and no lies. I hope very much that you have the same dreams and thoughts with me. If it is so we can probably have a happy future together. Let's try our destiny. I will be waiting for your letter and hope to get it soon. Sincerely yours,
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