Scam Letter(s) from Kenny Bukky to Grant (Canada)

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Letter 1

It's Nice hearing again from u,How are u doing How is ur day going with u Hope u are having a nice day,I am newly to this online relationship,,I am a Christian and i put my faith in God above all other things.I hate to talk about this but i have to let you know have both gone through alot in my past,U really look so hadsome and nice looking in the picx of urs that u did send to me,I am the only daughter of my parents,I was born on the 9th August 1978 i am black my ethnicity is african descent black christian non-smoker non drinker single,I have no kids cause i haven't been married before but been in a serious relationship in my past,My eyes is Black Hair is Blonde/ height: 5' 6"(167cm) weight:126 pounds( 54.0 kg) my body style Average fit,I Grew up in Texas but left back to Nigerian in West African Region after the sudden death of my late Father,My Mum is not here in the same state with me where i am here in Lagos Nigeria,she has been transfered to another state for Missionary Occupation.It's was when i got back to the former house were we were staying that i was been told my Mother isn't staying there any more,So i had to make a quick public advert to know where my Mum was staying,Through the Public Advert i made looking for my Mum,Luckily for me my Uncle's wife was watching the Tv when the Annoucement was been made on Air that i have just arrived back from the states,That i have been looking for my Mum,So my Uncle came down to pick me up at the Nearest Church that i was staying,Through My Uncle i got my Mum's email address,So i contacted her to let her know that i am back from the Texas,And i told her the day i arrived and she told me to come see her,I went there for about three to four times,But that city she was a a very small town and very far a way from me,Which made me made up my mind that i will rather stay with my Uncle in the City of Lagos here in Nigeria than her place cause they were lacking social amenities there and many more,Me and my mum do contact each other through email ever since i am unable to go check her to know my present condition and hers,During the period that my Uncle came to pick me up at where i was staying in the church he treated me so nice like her own daughter the very first time i was staying with him,after a period of time he started showing intrest in me,He wanted to have intersexuall course with me but i refused his request,I never did allow that happened in between us,He told me he was helping me out since i am single that he doesn't want me to remain single again,I rejected his request telling him doing that is an abormination in the present of Man and God.I told him i will never commit adultery and sin against God's will,Cause i didn't allow that happened he started maltreating me,I could have told his wife to be aware of what was happeneing in between us,But i never wanted to break his maltrimonial marriage that has been together,so i left his place,I went back to the Church that i was staying when i first arrived and explained everything that happened that made me return to seek for their favour,they agreed to help me out with where i am staying now and they did gave me a Job as a cleaner in one of the Charity home around,And i told my Mum i wasn't staying with my Uncle any more and i told her what happened that made me left his place,when i did reported what was going on to her she did adviced and sent me some few funds so i could use in getting some few things i will be need in the small aparment that is been given to me by the Church where i now staying alone now,I am tired of staying lonely and looking for the man who will make me feel safe complete and comfortable in arms and would like to know if u have ever tried along distance relationship and would like to know the girl which u tried that with,I have really been through a lot in my past,I am looking for a man i can trust,I Will like to relocate with the man i can trust with all my heart and fall in love with,I work as cleaner in a charity home here in Nigeria,My education level is high school and would like to study more my personality traits are,Friendly Kind,Intellectual,Sensitive nurturing Loving,Romantic,Self Confident,Serious, Responsible.Humble and Decent My favorite activities are Cooking,Entertaining,Home Improvement,Decorating,Playing and Listening to Music like,R&b,Gospel,Blues,Jazz,Reggae,Classical Music and Rock&Roll,like Playing Pool,Golf,Watching Movies,Tv,Shows,Political Trails,Go Charity Events,Musuem Centres,And Traveling Weekend Trips,I have really been through a lot in my past,since this incident had happened life seems very miserable to me and Life has thought mum many things. Now i am trying to relocate to find my soulmate.I didn't hope i was going to find my soulmate on the dating site but just when i thought i should quit then you came with a sincerity word.I hope you are an honest man because the most important characteristics to me are compatibility and friendship.I'd like to find someone who's open, honest and easy going. A sense of humour is a big plus.I am looking for a honest,loving caring,open minded loyal,kind hearted,considerate,understanding,polite,decent,humble,trust worthy and downearth to every one inlife and generous laugh with any one to make people happy and lifely that will not be double dating a soul mate so he won't cheat on me,I am not a lady that is after riches,nor wealth i am wanting a True Love and to be treated the same way i will be treating my Man.I would like to hear again from u soonest Take Care



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