Scam letter(s) from Elena Guslyarova to Steven (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Steven!
I am glad that you have written to me. How are you doing?
As you have already understood it - Elena.
But I would like to apologize for a delay of my answer. I have been occupied on work and could not write.
At last at me the free time has appeared, and I at once have decided to write to you.
I work as the senior seller in small firm. The name of firm in which I work - " Products From the Tree "
Firm in which I work, is engaged in manufacturing of wooden doors and window frames.
I love my work, but unfortunately the free time is not enough.
But I want to tell to you why I have decided to write to you, the man from other country.
I read article in one newspaper.
In article told about one Russian girl who has got acquainted with the man from other country.
She has got acquainted with the man from other country with the help of the Internet on a site of acquaintances.
The girl left to the man in other country and they married. Now she is happy does not want to come back to Russia.
Considering my unsuccessful experience with Russian men, i have decided to write to the man from English-speaking country.
Because I studied the English language at school and then in institute. I well speak in English.
I write to you letters independently, without the help of the dictionary and I do not use the translator.
I understand that have imperfectly studied the English language and i admit mistakes.
But I hope that you understand my letters?
As I for earlier want to apologize to you if some words or phrases will not be clear for you.
You probably ask me why I have written to you? I shall sincerely answer you, I saw your questionnaire, original profile and you have liked me.
At you Original profile not similar to others and on this I have written to you.
I for the first time have written the letter through the Internet and I worry.
Now I shall write to you about myself.
As I already wrote, my name is Elena and me of 33 years.
My growth of 5,6 foots, weight - 136,5 pounds.
My birthday on May, 18, 1975. On a sign on the zodiac I a Taurus.
I when was not for the husband and I have no children.
I love children, but unfortunately I would not find the man with which could create family and give birth to children.
When you were born and where? Tell to me about itself and your hobbies. As I have the daddy and mum.
In family I the most younger. I have senior sister and she for the husband.
I was born and I live in city Vidnoe. My city is very expensive to me and I love the city.
You sometime heard about city Vidnoe?
Vidnoe - one of cities where a lot of attention is traditional is given questions of education, cultures and public health services.
The city is surrounded with picturesque large forests and reservoirs. The river Pahra here proceeds.
In area many architectural monuments carrying a valuable, historical heritage.
My favourite season of year - spring and summer. My favourite color - green.
Green color reminds me spring and summer, color green, is color of the nature and spring.
I very sensitive, thoughtful and romantic.
In opinion of my friends, I sociable, cheerful, sympathetic and vigorous.
As I open to injury and very kind. In people I appreciate senses of humour, kindness and sincerity.
My friend, I want as to tell that I have no computer and I use the Internet of cafe, to write to you the letter.
On this forgive me for earlier if I not at once shall answer your letters.
To the letter I put the photo, and I very much hope, that she is pleasant to you.
On it I shall finish the letter, and I wait with impatience of your letter and a photo.
Your friend Elena.
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