Scam letter(s) from Daria Alyeninova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Mr. Billy, We represent our translation company "Bella Sigma". Our English - Russian Translation service is dedicated to providing a superior quality translation at the most affordable rate. We will, in most cases, endeavor to create a package to suit your budget.

Your lady Dasha Alyeninova used our translation service for communication with you. As you can understand she pay for translation of your letters and hers as well. Unfortunately, she has to stop corresponding with you because of her personal financial difficulties she can't pay for our service any more but she is very interested in you and wants to communicate with you. If you are interested in Dasha as much as she is and if you still want to correspond with her, we can propose you the full information as for the payment.

We are open for your suggestion.

Best regards,
Director "Bella Sigma",
Natalia Svetova.
Letter 2
Mr. Billy, Thank you for your mail. We are glad to help you with correspondence with Dasha. She is also interested in you very much. We told her about your intentions to reopen the account.

Here is information:

-translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
-scanning of one photo- 2 USD
-printed of one photo- 3 USD
-phone call translation-5 USD 10 minutes

If you interested in unlimited service the prices is:
-one month translation and printing letters
translation costs - 210 USD
-two month costs - 350 USD

How it works:

This service works like this: you e-mail a letter to your lady,then we translate and print it for her. She replies to you, we translate and print this letter. We type and send it you to your address. We will notify you if a letter is returned to us for any reason. While your account is over we will send you a balance with detailed report of your expenses. You can send the money through WESTERN UNION (the Joint-stock Company "Ukrainian Financial Group" - official representative of the Western Union.

You should write in your document: name of the receiver: Dasha Alyeninova

address: 91000,St. Titova 5

city: Krasnodon

country: Ukraine. You can use also your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You can do it on line on web site only if you are from USA or Canada. As soon as you make a payment, please, inform us with your full name, country you are from, the number of the transfer operation (MTCN) and the sum you sent. With Western Union MTCN has 10 figures. We are open for your suggestion.

Best regards,

Director "Bella Sigma",

Natalia Svetova.
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