Letter(s) from Olga to Marek (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello Marek !

To me it is pleasant that you have answered me that message which I to you have left on a site of acquaintances.
You seem to me very interesting and on it I have paid attention
On you. I shall try to tell to you as much as possible about myself. I as very much would like
To learn better and you, in fact it to allow us with you more freely
To communicate with each other! Please write about itself more in detail. On mine
Sight so it is possible to learn the person better. You agree with me?
Now I wish to tell about myself that you could understand my sight on
Things, my interests and hobbies. I think, that it and will be my the first
Step on a way to you.
I the simple and usual Russian girl In my opinion, me would be much easier to tell to you about myself if
I did not do it for the first time. I shall make all that in my forces,
That you could understand me, I well know English
Language but all I ask to excuse me if you will find a mistake as I now worry a little in my letter.
Anyway, you can always ask, if suddenly what not
Have understood in my letter.
Well, I shall continue the story about myself. 175 sm growth, in weight 57 kg, me 32 years, was born on March, 10th, 1975 in an atmosphere of the zodiac - a fish and
These years I have lived all in native city Chistopol, where I and
Was born. It very much and very beautiful city, not absolutely old, but on
My sight especial. My city to be not so far from city
Kazan. I never was married. I do not have children, but me
Very much it would be desirable to have the child, probably even a little, but I think,
That it is not necessary to hasten with it, in fact all over again I should be defined and
To find the place in a life. Basically I adhere free
Way of life and on it I have no bad habits. I do not smoke and not
I take alcohol as I think - that it very much is injurious to health, And furthermore female.
From food, I prefer "To Russian kitchen " also I know set of culinary abilities. On it I
Very much I like to prepare itself. I have higher education.
Has finished university but I do not work by a trade. I work as the seller.
I am lonely, But all I the cheerful and cheerful person. I try to take from
Lives all and at me all turns out. I enjoy each moment
The lonely life and all difficulties of a life I try to overcome with
Smile. I very much hope, that we we shall find much the general and
Interesting, I as hope, on mutual understanding and trust with yours
The parties. I as wish to know all about you, I wish to know about your last
Lives, hobbies and habits, about that - that to you most of all
To like and that to you it would be desirable to learn still.
As it is very interesting to me why you have decided to have acquaintance to the girl from Russia.
What you has interested in me?
With this letter I send you the photo and I shall wait with
Impatience your answer.


Letter 2

Hello my friend Marek !

I am glad that I have interested you and you have answered my letter.
To me it is pleasant, that you have not rejected my letter and have written to me!
I am close and with greater interest I read your letters, in fact
I wish to learn you better and as much as possible about you.
In turn I promise to write to you about myself - as much as possible, in fact so you can learn and study me better.
I always appreciated courage, nobleness, responsiveness, attentiveness in men, the openness and skill always to be the defender of the lady.
In my opinion, two persons possessing understanding and trust each other - will be always very happy also them the light future and greater love expects.
I think, what exactly the mutual understanding and trust - are a basis of serious attitudes between people.
You with me agree?
Now, I hope you understand, that attitudes between people mean for me.
That I wish to find in this life. What is necessary to me the man.
Now I shall tell a little about myself and about my daily life.
I the only child in family.
We live with mum as in my early childhood, my father has left us. It has died when to me there were 7 years.
Me brought up and mum grew up. It was very heavy to it to define one my place in a life, but all it has brought up the good daughter, for what I am very grateful to it.
We perfectly get on with mum with each other and we can speak about everything and we solve all questions together, as to my father with mum certainly it very strongly does not suffice us but probably such destiny means.
With it it is necessary to be measured simply.
At me kind heart is a quality of the person in me my mum has brought up.
Mum for me unique support and a support. Since small years I have started to go in for sports is my hobby and a hobby.
In 8 years I have started to be engaged swiming. Now I give to the free time to employment by aerobics. For me it is very important to behave in the sports form.
You prefer what kind of sports most of all?
I very much hope, that very boring my letter will not seem to you, in fact I want that we have learned each other better...
I very much hope, that you understand me.
I am very glad, that I can have correspondence with you. I think that we shall not stop on this letter and we shall communicate further.
I hope, that you have understood, that an overall objective of my life is to find that only thing, my second part me with which I can go through all difficulties of a life. Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to grow up them, to surround with care, to present them the happy childhood, I so to dream of it!!! I think, that you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine, I in a shower hope, that sometime our hearts will meet.

Marek, now I am compelled to finish the letter.
Write to me soon, in fact I wait each your letter with impatience.

Your Olga .

Letter 3

Hello dear friend Marek !

I am very happy to receive from you the letter again.
I wish to tell to you, that I waited for it all the day long and very much was afraid, that you will not write to me.
When I have seen the letter from you in the mail box - emotions have overflown my heart and I was very much and is very glad, in fact your letters for me mean much.
With each letter, we it is become on a step is more close to each other and it is is better understood and we learn each other.I very much hope, that you test too the feeling, as I Today very good day, as after work I have hastened in the Internet-cafe to write to you, in fact I seriously concern to it.
Today all put I thought of you and all my ideas have been sent on your letter.
I very much hope, that you appreciate it.
Tonight I am going to go to sports a hall - to borrow in aerobics, and in general, in the evenings I am free.
In sports a hall I go three times to a week, on Tuesday, on Wednesday and on Friday.
It arranges me and very much it is pleasant to me.

Marek , tell to me please about the house.
You accept your house?
I think, that it is very important to have a cosiness and harmony in the house, in fact the house is first of all a daily life and it is very important to store heat and a cosiness in the house.
As we with mum very much love visitors, in fact friends and people close to me - I help to go through loneliness.
Now I have solved, that it is necessary for me to arrange urgently private life while I still young, for this purpose at me am all chances as I dream of it most of all. I have one not a modest question to you.
How many you earn? And whether you want, aspires to something to greater, or your life arranges you?

On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait the answer with impatience.

Your Olga.

Letter 4

Hello dear Marek !

I shall be possible to name you so? I already for a long time did not speak such words to anybody.
I was more and more and began to be convinced more, that I have already attachment to you and already I wait your letters with impatience.
We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live.
I earlier too have trusted in the person, and it has deceived me. I to want to tell to you about it.
I have been madly in love with the person, and it only pretended, that loves me.
Actually it scoffed at my feelings. Was such, that it appointed to me meetings, promised to come to me, I waited for it, and it did not appear. I sometimes cried, because it did not come in the evening, at us in city in the evening not so easy, and I worried for him. And it, the bad person, came in day or through two and spoke, that he had affairs and that it loves me. And then I have learned through his friends, that at this time it had a good time with what that maidens.
It did not like to work, it frequently borrowed from me money, promised to give, but never repaid.
And I forgave it because liked. I even hid it from mum. Has passed some time, and I have seen it in the street with other woman. They kissed. I did not remember, how have come home. I cried all the night long.
I had depression very for a long time. I began to work much, and began to forget this villain.
After that case I have decided, that I shall never deceive in love people, I shall never scoff and play feelings of other people, and I to decide, that all this not for me.
I shall not bear still such moment in a life. I any more will not entrust to Russian men.
I to not want so to risk and break more to myself a life.
I to want to be simply happy and to live as the normal person.
After that I to decide to address in service of acquaintances and I to find you, and we to write each other.
And it very much to like me. I to want to be happy with the man and to lead with it all life.
This person should be more senior than me that it could learn me and my future children.
I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think, that this most important and, certainly, big love and care of me and our future family. I shall try to make the man happy.
But without his help, without his love and understanding it will make difficultly.
I once again to want to test such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it. Therefore I to write to you.
I to think, that you to understand my words. I to want to learn your opinion on all this.
It seems to me, that with each letter between us there is something the greater, than friendship.
We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? I think, that our souls approach.
But while I one also search the partner in life. I want to continue with you attitudes, and I to trust, that all can be very good. I wish you good mood!!! I shall wait about impatience your letter, and to miss on you!!!

Your Olga.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Marek !
I am very glad to write to you today.
Now I feel happiness and is warm, in fact I am always very glad to your letters.
Your letters bring to me good mood and confidence that nevertheless you think of me.
It is very important for me and necessary most of all.

Today at me completely free day and I am going to devote this time to you. I very much appreciate your attention which you give me when write letters for me.
I feel, that we with you become more close to each other and already we start to understand each other better.
I think, that it is very good, in fact learning you I learn a life on new.
I like to read your letters on some times and to think above each your word.
You understand my letters?
I very much hope for it, in fact I write to you letters itself and I do not use the translator as I want free dialogue with you.

Mine lovely Marek tell to me as has passed your today's
Day. I want to ask you as you have usually a rest, than are engaged in
Free time. I want to know about you as much as possible.
Tell to me that you do when to you sadly that pleases you in
Lives most of all.

When to me sadly I like to look at stars, they unusually beautiful, their shine forces me to forget about all
Troubles, it is wonderful balm for my soul, I am simple I can not
To transfer words all these feelings. You understand me Marek ?
I hope you understand my ideas and feelings at present.

Now I shall finish the letter and I want to devote myself this day - to domestic affairs.

I wait from you the following letter with impatience and I hope for a fast reply.

Your Olga