Scam letter(s) from Kristina Bibikova to Rob (Australia)

Letter 1
Rob ,here is shortly about me:I am Kristina and I live in Tashkent,Uzbekistan..I am18 years old!; I don't have a father because my parents divorced when I was 3 years old!; what else? i am the russian models manager...below is the link with theirphotos(don't forget you will also need the loginand password that are also enclosed)! not all of them of course. I am looking for a sponsor or investor who could help promote them to Europe or elsewhere..He could come over here and meet me and them in real and then we can start talkings! As for my personal preferences ..well,for me a man's age,looks,proffesion or locationdoesn't play a key role! his honesty,inner beauty and ability o support me when/if I am introuble are more important! As for my goals..I hope someday I can meet a man who would become my husband, my guru, my friend, my lover and maybe a little my father! if this sounds funnyfor you don't laugh!
Letter 2
he told me his own remarks about our cooperation:why do we need toregister a company ,then pay taxes ,look for new models,find anappropriate building for the office,recruit the staff if i already havea model agency (,whose head-manager is also wiling tocooperate with us and give us any girl we need ...i talked to him andwe agreed to grand him 30% of the we'd have the other 70%..they already have the office,the base of girls..and plus they constantly recruit new models...i think Johnnie is somewhat right...kind of smart *** :)what do you think..?from your side you will be searching for new job opportunities for the girls ..either it is modeling or adult work...from my side i will choose the appropriate girls for the job..we won't have to pay no taxes,no office rent,no staff salary,etc. in this case
Letter 3
1-its head manager is Johnnie's close friend
2-yesterday i went to the firm and had been given some helpful info.afer we register the company we will need to go to "Uzbektourism" and get a licence from them since we will be doing some tourist service..that kind of service needs to be licenced here...
so all we must do is to pay them and hand nessessary documents..
today i have already gathered all of them...aren't i a good girl?
3-4-Tashkent has not so many attraction for the public..mostly Bukhara and Samarkand have it...many foreign tourist visit these cities and they are really beautiful...check them out on-line.
we have night-life...there are about 15-20 nightn clubs here...
5- SUM..1 dollar-1,250 sums
6- i have about 10 girls who can do such a job...
p.s. Johnnie has given me another idea...
Uzbekistan is the third cotton country in the world ...
the goverment will not allow us to export cotton..BUT it will allow us to export ,let's say tricot(stockinet,hosiery)..
it is in the great demand abroad...since it is 100% cotton,no additives..
if you could find a potencial customer for this it would be a great business i think...
and the firm told me for newly opened company that does cotton business cotton is sold out or discount price...
what do you think?
oops..if you need my personal information for WU remittance,here we go:
Bibikova Kristina,Tashkent
passport- CA2053081
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