Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Steve (USA)
Letter 1
Hello My New Friend Steven!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. Steven I thought of that you will write to me or will not write and looked forward your letter. And I am glad when have received it. I the first time get acquainted on the Internet, I looked on profile which to me a distance at a site of acquaintances both have seen you. Also has decided to write to you. I hope that you have understood my first message.
Steven, my name is Natalya. To me of 27 years, I was never married. At me normal character, I live in mum in apartment. My village is called Lum. It in the Kirov area. Except mum, the grandmother and the girlfriend I was not present close people. The father I never saw also mother speaks of nothing about it.
Steven as whom you work? I nurse in our hospital. I love the work. I do not know what to tell about myself. Steven you can tell about yourself more? I wish to know much about you. Why you have solved gets acquainted in the Internet? What do you search in the girl? What
character at you? How you like to have a rest?
I with pleasure will answer your questions. Ask also I will tell about itself. I simply do not know what to tell. What it is interesting to you? Steven I hope that you will write to me tomorrow. I send you a photo on which I am at a flower in favourite park.
I hope that tomorrow I will come in the Internet of cafe and I will receive your letter and your new photo. You will send them to me? I will wait you letter on my e mail Your new girlfriend Natalya
Letter 2
Hello Steven!!!!!!!
How your day? What did you do today? I hope, that you feel well and at you all is normal. I waited all the day long for your letter and right after work today have come to the cafe Internet what to receive your letter.
Steven I send you the photo, on which I in favourite park at a fountain. It is pleasant to you washing a photo? I hope what yes. At me today it is a lot of questions to you. I want serious relations and at once I wish to warn you. I do not wish to play game and if you wish to play simply with me, or communicate with me for the sake of a photo that I, I think that to us is necessary to stop our dialogue. I wish to learn you more and better. I too will not hide from you anything and I will inform everything, that you ask.
Steven, I hope, that I do not need to describe myself in detail, you saw me on a photo. I will send them to you often, that you could learn is better me. My growth 175 sm (5 ' 7), weight 54 kg (120lbs). A breast, a waist and hips accordingly 89 - 64 - 92. I hope, that you will inform me also on yourself. Because I cannot see it on a photo.
I search for the man with whom to me it will be good. Which will be happy, if I is with it which I can make happy. I want, what we with it would be always together and were happy, Steven, you can be such man?
How you think? What should I do that is pleasant to you? It is very
interesting to me to learn it.
I hope, that I will receive your photo tomorrow and the new letter with answers to my questions.
I already with impatience wait for your letter.
I wait.....
Yours faithfully and sincerely Natalya
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