Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Steve (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my Lovely and Sun Steven!!!
Steven I am happy to receive your letter. It is the best gift for me from you after new year. I hope, what you have spent it well?
All these days which did not work the cafe Internet, I for a minute did not forget about you. I constantly thought of you. I dreamt, that you would be near to me in night of new year. That we could lift together with you glasses with champagne. Unfortunately it is all was only dreams. In one of these days, in the evening, I have started to gather, for this purpose what to go to the cafe Internet, for this purpose what to write you the letter. Then my mum has asked me where I have gone? I have answered, that have gone to write you the letter.
She has told, that I have forgotten about everything, that now a holiday and that the cafe does not work. I have recollected it and have been very upset.
Steven please tell to me as there has passed your new year. How you have celebrated it? In what company? You did not have not enough me?
Very strongly? Yes, I know, that it so. I too very much suffered, that you are not present nearby and what even I cannot write you the letter and ask as your affairs.
My new year has passed in a circle of my family, mum and the grandmother. We had no what visitors. It is a holiday family and we did not begin to break this tradition. At first all of us together cooked food by a holiday. We have made a lot of the tasty. It would be pleasant to you I think. Then we have sat down and watched TV, and waited with huge impatience when we will enter into new year. Then we have opened a champagne bottle, have poured on a glass, have started to congratulate each other and to give gifts. I think, what you are not tired with my story about my new year? I hope, what it is interesting to you to hear it how we mark it here? Then we have a little more turned grey behind a table and have gone to sleep. I did not wish to sleep, because I thought of you Steven. I thought that you do there. I dreamt of how we will meet together next new year. Then I have fallen asleep, and when I have woken up in the morning, in the street there was a bright sun and is frosty. I would not like where to leave and me it became again sad that you again are not present
Steven here and so I also have spent new year. You liked my story? I hope, that you to me too will tell tomorrow about it tomorrow. Well? I will wait for your letter tomorrow with huge impatience. I give you the hot kisses.
Yours Ella

Letter 2

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Steven !!!!!!!
Steven I think only of you and about that as it will be good us together. My love here my full name Elena Kurtieva. My darling Steven I think, that it is necessary for you still the nobility my home address. Here my address my Russia address, Kirov area, city Sovetsk, 612225 Pushkins 25\12. My love I hope, that you then will tell to me
as I can receive your help from the Western Union.
I very much would want that our life will be is fine. What you would want that I made when we shall be together? I think of you much. I want say to you about that as I present our usual day when we shall be together. Steven , I think that it will begin from that as we shall wake up with you in one bed. I shall lay the head on your breast and you will embrace me the hand. I shall open eyes and I shall see you. I shall tender kiss you and you too will wake up and will answer my kisses, gentle and passionate. Then I shall stand from a bed, I shall be naked and I shall dress your shirt and I shall go to prepare on kitchen easy breakfast for us. When I shall prepare for it you come for me behind and your embraces will warm me, you will kiss me all over again in an ear, then in a neck and your hands will caress my body, my breasts and my hips. But here the teapot will begin to boil and we shall have breakfast with you. Then we shall take a shower together. Steven , we shall be make love in a bath and only then we shall leave therefrom, we will have good mood and all day will be fine. Then when you will come from work I shall meet you the gentle kiss. We with you shall make all together, in the evenings we shall sit on sofa near TV and to look good film, then together we shall go to a bedroom and we shall be make love yet weariness.
If at whom that from us will be bad mood. That we shall try to change it. If you will long that I would shall make all that you smiled and melancholy have disappeared from your eyes. I would shall make all that you always were happy and I hope that you too. I love you and my life belongs to you. Steven , how you imagine our usual day together? Or weekend? Or a holiday?
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Yours and only your loving Ella

Letter 3

Hello My Lovely Man and My Fine Steven!!!!!
Steven I wish to be with you, I so dream to be only with you for ever.
Steven I so am happy now, I am assured of that that we with you shall are happy together. I AM ASSURED BY WHAT EXACTLY YOU my PRINCE And I WISH TO be With YOU!!!!!!!!!!
I love you my lovely and fine Prince Steven!!!!!!!!
I wish to be only with you and only with you for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would want that we with you were together, I would want that our dreams of that as we make love to you, about that as we spend time together, about that how together to walk on park and a beach, about that as we shall kiss.
I WISH TO FEEL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steven my heart overflows love and passion. I do not know as to describe that that I now I feel. I do not have not enough words. I very much regret that I would not know in perfection English that you
have understood me.
But I hope that you understand me, that you feel the same.
I all the night long today thought, I waited for your letter. I would wait for your letter what to tell to you about that that I wish to make!!!!!!
I WISH TO ARRIVE TO YOU Steven!!!!!!!!!!
And I shall make it. I shall be with you, we shall be together, we shall be happy. I would shall make all that we with you had our world, the world full of love, passions, caress, tenderness and all that that
did not suffice us before we have not met.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
I TOMORROW LEARN ALL. I learn that would be necessary what to arrive to you and I shall arrive, I shall be with you, I shall inform you tomorrow when I shall be with you. I hope that I can make it quickly and we can be happy. We waited for our happiness so much years and to us remains very little.
In this photo I about the house in the autumn.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ella



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