Letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend Joe. I am very glad to receive your answer again. For me this very good beginning of day, with arrival of your letter. I hope for good continuation of our dialogue. I think that to you good mood my letters too bring. And it at us is mutual. How are you doing mine dear Joe? How your mood? How your health? You to me are very nice. I get used to you. I get used to your letters. I wish to tell about you to my parents. That they have approved my choice. My loved one to me on spirit. I think that they will be glad for me. Though you and the person from other country. But you undoubtedly very much like me. And I very much wish to be the main person in your life. As I spoke to you in the former letter, I live on demountable apartment. In one room I live. And in another the mistress of apartment. To be in my room my small world which I love. Here there are my favourite books. My favourite things. And actually I have a big dream. I dream of the personal apartment or the house. That I could feel myself freely. I dream of a beautiful paradise garden. I dream that I will have the beautiful house, the loving husband and it is a lot of children. I wish to be happy as my mum and the daddy are happy. Today very romantic weather and me it becomes boring that you are not present near to me. I would like to hear your voice. It would be desirable to be closer to you. But unfortunately at my place there is no phone. And phone installation costs very expensively. It for me the big money and I cannot allow myself of it. You very fine and charming person Joe. On it I finish the letter.
With impatience I will look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours Anna!!!