Scam Letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to Tony (USA)

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Letter 1

Tony i have tried for u and it wont get past that.why do u argue when i tell u she isnt taking pic.You can forget about me.

Letter 2

Here are pics i took in the shower. I didnt ask you to send western union online,i asked you to go to any agent or money gram near you.

Just pick a western union or money gram form and fill it payable to

Juwon Emmanuel
16 Bola Ade Ave
Lagos State

Letter 3

Ok i will take your words and will wait for you when u have completed the payment .I am waiting for you and i will write back at that time.
Send western union of $1800 to Jessica Lormax 45 rue women hostel,Victoria Island,Lagos Lagos state.u.

I am waiting.



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