Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Chigileychik to Christian (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Hello Christian

I am here because I want to find my second half. I am a single woman who needs loving and carrying partner. My biggest dream is to find someone, to fall in love, get married and create a family. I think you are here for the same reason. So I want to begin correspondence with you. Who knows, may be we will fall in love with each other and we will be together forever. I want that you know that I am not playing with you and your fillings. My goal is to have happy life with my family. This is the most important thing for me right now.

So you are welcome to write me here I am waiting for your letter with impatience.


Letter 2

Good day, Christian,

I was very glad to receive your letter. Yes, you are right. Natalya and Natasha mean the same. I think that any relationship of love starts with a very good friendship.

So I would like to give you my personal information about myself. My name is Natalya. I was born on the 16 of May in 1979. I have brown eyes and blond hare as you can see in the photos. My weight is 56 kilos, height is 170 cm. I live in Slavyanoserbsk. It is Donetsk region. I live here from my birth. Now I want to tell you about my family. They remove to Gorlovka 5 years ago, because my father found a job there. He is a doctor. I think it is very good job, because doctors help people and even save the lives. I am proud of my dad. My mother is a teacher of mathematics. She works at school. I love my parents very much.

I am communicative person. My work needs this feature. I am a secretary in the firm. I am a right hand for my boss. So I am responsible and easy-going person. My work is rather hard, but I like it and try to do all without mistakes. As for my spare time I like to read, listen to music. I like different kinds of music. Also I like dancing. I go in for swimming. I am sure that it is good kind of sport for supporting my figure. I am very tender. My favourite flower is rose, and color is blue. I think it would be good for you to know that I like to cook. My friends often visit me and I cook for them different dishes. They always go out with a smile on their faces.

I want to find here my second half. I am a sensitive, gentle, faithful, passion woman. And I search for a similar man to share my life, and love. I want he give me only positive emotions every day. I will give him the same. I think you do not have to be rich or have a lot of money to have love. You must only love your partner. Appearance does not matter for me. I always look much more deeper than appearance. The heart and soul are the things more important than just appearance. If I fall in love with man I will never betray him. My goal is to create a family beloved. I have a desire to have a child with him. Male or female does not matter for me. I like children very much. I think this is the reason of our life. We give new lives for our world.

As we try to become friends I am sure I will get to know more about you with each letter. So I want to know where do you work? What is your attitude towards love? What are your hobbies? Everything about you will be nice for me.

I am looking forward to getting your letter.


Letter 3

Hello dear Christian,

It was a great pleasure to get a letter from you. Thanks, I am fine.
It was nice to get to know more about you.

You can call me Natalya and Natasha. I like two these kinds of my name. Thanks for the blue rose. You know I liked it very much.

I am trying the Internet to meet my special someone and am interested in meeting a man from another country, because they believe in a strong family and good home. I do not believe that our men hold the same values and so decided to look abroad. So I am very glad that the Internet helped me to meet you.

If you are my part I will be able to do everything to be with you. I can leave my country and come to my beloved. I want to say you that I speak only Russian. I do not know English. That's why I have to use the translation service. But I will be able to learn English. I believe that two loving people can overcome any obstacles. And the language is not problem. What do you think?

I think that the main goal is to find a real love. I do not want to live with unloved man. I know that feeling of being intense and sometime we may not have the words to explain everything that run though our mind and that great feeling that comes over us when we have that special someone that comes into our life and our feeling start to run high it make our day more brighter.

I'm search a man who have the will to participating to the construction of the family, and not passive at the margin of the life of the family. I dream about strong family and children. And I hope my dream come true very soon. Do you want to have children? How many?

I want to fell safe and my beloved man protect me from all hurt and danger. I will love him and care as long as I live upon the face of this earth. And we will be together forever. As I told I will be able to do everything to be with my partner together. I want you know that I think about you every moment. I have only good intentions for you. I try to be the best woman you have ever known. I want to have a real serious relationship. Please, don't stop to write me.

I will be waiting for your replay with impatience.


Letter 4

Hello my honey, Christian,

I like to receive your letters and know more and more about you. I am interested in you.

I agree with your opinion about children. I want to have two kids too.
I think it is enough.

I am looking for someone who will bring a smile on my face. Someone who will love me and accept me for who I am. I want to find my soul mate who will also be my best friend, a loving husband and a person that possess a loving heart that needs to be loved. I have a lot of love to give and share with someone who can receive that love and then give love in return.

I want to tell you why I do not believe men from my country. I had a serious relationship 3 years ago. I loved him very much. I try to do everything for my beloved. I gave him all my love and he gave me the same. I thought so. But later I heard that my man go to another woman. Of course I do not believe, because I do not pick gossip. I was wrong. He really betrayed me. I leave him. But life must go on. And I try to find a man who will be honest with me.

I think about you every minute, every second. I imagine our meet. You come to me and we walk around my town. In the evening we sit together, you embrace me, and we see the stars and moonlight on the dark sky. Then we go to my flat and I cook a supper for us. It is a supper with candlelight. Then you start to kiss me with tenderness, push me onto the bed and take off our clothes. At first you kiss my neck, then my breasts. You kiss me come down more and more. We make passionate and hot love. Then we will fall asleep together and wake up together too.
We liked this night.

I know we enjoy many the same things as you have outlined in your letter to me. I want to here from you soon. I want to meet you in person and my dream come true.




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