Scam letter(s) from Olga to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend!!! I am very glad, that you have written to me. To tell the truth, I did not expect, that you will answer me. I think, that and that to you all this simply has already bothered such person as you each day write letters very many girls. Know, I have strange hobby for the girl: I very much like to look sports. I on it have not enough time, but I like, when someone competes. Whether if you ask I I know some sportsmen in these or those sports I likely shall not recollect any, though from Russian sportsmen, I know almost all. I like to read books and to look films. It distracts from daily has put, which sooner or later begin to bother, tire, but in due course to them simply get used and already them do not notice. You begin to live these daily affairs and when they are not present, at all do not know than to engage. Here is how time in such time I watch TV or I read books. Other interests at me are not present. I love animals, a nature and mum. She for me the closest person for whom I am ready on all. I never nothing shall make without the consent of my mum. I think to me it is necessary to tell to you about the work. I work in Law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. Easier speaking, I work in militia. I protect calmness of citizens of our country and the law for me above all. I have finished Medical University in the native city of Kazan in which I live now with mum. We live with mum in an one-room apartment. As they say at us in Russia: in narrowness yes not in insult. On a speciality, I the diplomaed expert in the field of neurosurgery. I from the childhood dreamed to help people. Neurosurgeons earn the big money. But I, after university could not find to myself work on a speciality. And the mother's schoolmate has offered me to work in militia on what I with pleasure has agreed. Money were very necessary for us. Especially, it too the help to people. It is very complex work. I the operative, work in a department of murders. I frequently should open very complex crimes. I think, that you likely now will cease to me to write, having learned as whom I work. Many do not love me because of my work. I do not know why, you see I bring only kindly. Your new friend olya.
Letter 2

Hello my Charles. Today fine day, I at all do not know why. Weather same, as well as yesterday even is little bit worse. In streets all also is a lot of people which require a shelter and practically have no any means of subsistence. Is not present at me there was no huge pleasure. It also did not happen at my relatives. To me was not lucky in a lottery, the sun which today even is not present in the sky has not smiled to me. But my mood not looking on anything is fine. Nothing will eclipse my today's mood. It is very difficult for me to explain why I so it is happy. I think in it you are guilty and only you. In dream I saw your person, you embraced me and caressed. You have told me, that want, that we were together. And after that my dream began to pass from a reality. But now my reality is similar to dream and it is all due to you. I want to thank you for that now occurs to me. Whether I do not know you love me and as you will react to my letter. Probably you at all do not want to me to answer. I do not know, that with me then will be. But today I am happy. And I suspect, that I love you.
Write to me mine Charles. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours Olga.
ps: I have arrived study as the neurosurgeon in 1995.
Also has finished university 2001.I did not work as the neurosurgeon.
I became the militiaman to 2002. I do not have form, because I a detective.
And they do not carry the form to not find out themselves.
I began to work in a department of murders at once as began to work in militia.
We in city have hotels. If you want I can reserve to you number.
It will be pleasant for me to visit with you England.
You want to receive a copy of my diploma? What for it to you?
Letter 3

With the big interest read your letter.
At me all is good.
I love travels, but I am never farther than Russia left.
I did not tell about the girlfriends? At me not so it is a lot of them, but they in all understand me. When it is difficult for me they Support me. I can will share with them the impressions to tell him about the secret dreams. My city is a small, green, decent small town in which there are cultures, o?aaoee, monuments and neeuioo?u. But he *****, since in him many the industrial enterprises, factories.
It is interesting, how your children? Where study? What you do at leisure?
As you already know.
I the sensual, attractive, decent girl with remarkable sense of humour and gentle disposition.
In leisure I like to go, go in theatres and cinema to visit exhibitions, art galleries. From sports - I take a great interest in navigation. At leisure like to read magazines, books which are interesting to me. I also embroider and well I am going, am especial to me walks on fresh air, rest far from ***** city air like.
The man which I would like to see near to myself should be with sense of humour, tactful in dialogue with people, fairly clever and to not be trite. It seems to me that except for external beauty of a body of the person, his internal beauty of his spiritual world is important also. I not in perfection own the English language, however if you understand me, are capable to dialogue.
The marriage should be based on respect, mutual understanding, and undoubtedly like.
I would like to learn about your interests, outlooks on life, and what attitudes you would like.
I wait for your answer.
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