Scam letter(s) from Tola Childress to Nathaniel (USA)

Letter 1
Oh, Its just that I've been living for like a week at At home now without any food at home and no personal care to use and that was the reason why I asked if you could assist me out. I still said anything you would feel that'll be ok by you. Not making out any demand here.
Letter 2
I understand fully where you're trying to go to. Well I dont know what to say about this just that I believed you could assist me out but really I dont think its going to cause you any heartache. I know we're trying to start up a relationship and it shouldnt be getting involved with money but i believed with the explainations you should understand the situation i am. Really I should be asking you this but i dont just know what else to do. Its all good I'm still here.
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